Activision releases Call of Duty Elite app for Windows Phone 8

I’ll be straight up from the beginning, I’m more of a Halo guy. But that doesn’t mean I’m not stoked that Call of Duty fans get this official app from Activision to track their stats. Yup, that’s right. Activision has released an Elite app for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Elite is an online service that allows users track all their stats from the Call of Duty series. It launched back in mid-2011, first on the Xbox 360 and later the PlayStation. When it first launched you needed a 'premium' account to get more perks than with the basic 'free' account, but Activision has since dropped the pay model and everything is available to users. You get access to unique content, daily competitions with prizes, Elite TV, analysis, and more. It’s a useful service for Call of Duty fans, similar to the functionality that Halo Waypoint brings to the Halo games. Check the features from the description:

  • Career Summary provides deep statistics on personal play-style, so players can analyze their progress over time.
  • Visit Clan HQ for a detailed breakdown of Clan's stats, Recent Winnings, and more.
  • Enlist in Competitions for the chance to earn Clan XP and digital badges. 
  • Leagues are your gateway into Call of Duty®: Black Ops II League Play, giving you an in-depth, per-season breakdown of your division and subdivision standings.
  • Review Recent Matches to track your performance on a match-by-match basis.
  • Watch Call of Duty® Elite TV on the go or in-between games.  Get developer tips, strategy programming, custom class overviews, and more.

Call of Duty Elite for Windows Phone Screenshots

From a non-CoD player, the UI looks great and seems to play strength to both the Microsoft Design Language and the Call of Duty branding. The little time I played with the app showed it to be responsive and fast. If I get into Call of Duty I’ll definitely be using it a lot more.

I’m literally playing Halo right now as I type this, and I cannot flirt with other FPS games. So do any Call of Duty players who use Elite want to chime in and let us know if it has everything you’d want in an app? Anything missing? What do you like? Sound off below!

Elite is free for Windows Phone 8 users (sorry everybody on 7.X) and you can get it here from the Windows Phone Store, use our QR code below, or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Logo Call of Duty Elite for Windows Phone

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Thanks for the tip, Carl K!

Sam Sabri