Activision releases Call of Duty Elite app for Windows Phone 8

I’ll be straight up from the beginning, I’m more of a Halo guy. But that doesn’t mean I’m not stoked that Call of Duty fans get this official app from Activision to track their stats. Yup, that’s right. Activision has released an Elite app for Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Elite is an online service that allows users track all their stats from the Call of Duty series. It launched back in mid-2011, first on the Xbox 360 and later the PlayStation. When it first launched you needed a 'premium' account to get more perks than with the basic 'free' account, but Activision has since dropped the pay model and everything is available to users. You get access to unique content, daily competitions with prizes, Elite TV, analysis, and more. It’s a useful service for Call of Duty fans, similar to the functionality that Halo Waypoint brings to the Halo games. Check the features from the description:

  • Career Summary provides deep statistics on personal play-style, so players can analyze their progress over time.
  • Visit Clan HQ for a detailed breakdown of Clan's stats, Recent Winnings, and more.
  • Enlist in Competitions for the chance to earn Clan XP and digital badges. 
  • Leagues are your gateway into Call of Duty®: Black Ops II League Play, giving you an in-depth, per-season breakdown of your division and subdivision standings.
  • Review Recent Matches to track your performance on a match-by-match basis.
  • Watch Call of Duty® Elite TV on the go or in-between games.  Get developer tips, strategy programming, custom class overviews, and more.

Call of Duty Elite for Windows Phone Screenshots

From a non-CoD player, the UI looks great and seems to play strength to both the Microsoft Design Language and the Call of Duty branding. The little time I played with the app showed it to be responsive and fast. If I get into Call of Duty I’ll definitely be using it a lot more.

I’m literally playing Halo right now as I type this, and I cannot flirt with other FPS games. So do any Call of Duty players who use Elite want to chime in and let us know if it has everything you’d want in an app? Anything missing? What do you like? Sound off below!

Elite is free for Windows Phone 8 users (sorry everybody on 7.X) and you can get it here from the Windows Phone Store, use our QR code below, or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.

QR Logo Call of Duty Elite for Windows Phone

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Thanks for the tip, Carl K!

Sam Sabri
  • Sam this is why you're cool! I love that you took a shot at COD in the first sentence! I'm more of a halo guy myself as I call COD gaming for noobs because of its simplicity and its quite easy to pick up and play!
  • Ha, I wouldn't call it a shot per se :P Don't want to start a war in the comments. Everbody, play nice :)
  • Haha well you made it clear which was better ;)
  • Both are catered to the simple minded. 
    Both are fiction shooters
    Both are popular on consoles
    Both are pleb video games
  • +1. ;)
  • Don't make me slap you :)
  • He didn't take a shot whatsoever. Haha. he was just stating he's more of a halo guy.
  • BF3 is where it is at!!!!
  • Good job Activision, been waiting for this forever! It is missing weapon performance and challenges though.
  • So it's kind of a service like Halo Waypoint? Kind of cool, also a Halo guy, but might try this out for fun.
  • I had been bugging them to make this app way before wp8 was even announced. Now they just spit in the faces of everyone that requested the app on their dedicated forums topics.
  • Upgrade to windows phone 8, job done.
  • Agreed.
  • Some of us are still under pesky contracts with high termination fees.
  • Child care dictates otherwise, and as ariesdog posted I am still on contract. Add in the fact that Tmo has done away with subsidized phone purchases, which means I would have to pay the full 400+ for the 8x or L820.
  • How many faces do you have? :p
  • Forget those contracts just take out a new one, that's what i did, because that's the responsible thing to do. Or am i looking at this wrong. :) But seriously 7.8 is a way to appease some, i would not expect a developer to dedicate time to 7.8 and 8, 8 has to take precedence.
  • Good for the ecosystem
  • Downloading now. I'm also more of a Halo guy however I dabble in Cod every so often. The apps keep coming :-)
  • When will steam get its windows app? I am more of a CS guy. Come on valve...get it out already.
  • Jay, I hope your wish is granted, but I don't know if Valve has any interest in the mobile market.
  • Well the valve founder is more of a microsoft hater
  • Well if he prefers to be stagnant, then Gabe Newell can be that way. But it's tough to adjust to Win8. I removed the desktop icon to force myself to adjust. Long before Win8 came out, I knew some will love it and others will hate it; either way, it was way past time for a major shakeup in the OS field. Jay if you're reading this, another cool feature for the WPCentral app would be to be able for others to see who your reply is to in the app comments. If I put my reply in to someone's reply, I always put "@username:" to show whom I'm specifically replying to so no one will get confused and think I'm trolling.
  • Yep, Gabe Newell can be super cool sometimes but yeah, he may have no interest in either windows 8 or windows phone 8. Kind of odd reallly, seeing how Steam exists because of windows eco system. No Windows, No Steam right?
    About the app, yeah, that feature would be cool. I mostly browse WP Central through the app and it does not always tell who you are replying too. I will do that @username that you have suggested.
  • It's even more sad that it's now on Linux! And thank you Jay...for considering my idea.
  • Steam and Origin are game distribution engines to which the Windows 8 Microsoft store is a direct competitor.  I wonder why they hate... :-)
  • While it's good to see CoD fans get something equivalent to Halo Waypoint, I prefer Halo over CoD. Still waiting for 343i and Microsoft to update Waypoint to Halo 4 stuff! Tired of seeing my Reach Spartan on the main page.
  • Been trying to get an answer from 343 on twitter but getting no response.
  • I'm gonna be honest, I'm also a Halo guy. If only it were 7, and 8. My cousin would be stoked with his Nokia Lumia 800.
  • Finally
  • I have to admit that I am also a Halo guy. Only played MW2. But any major app release on the platform is good news!
  • Maybe this is a sign, coming soon Activision games.
  • It doesn't let you customize loadouts, and add clan info. Not sure if the IOS or android versions do, but that's what I noticed.
  • The android version does let you customise loadouts etc. So far this version doesn't really do a lot.
  • Is it me or are more and more high profile apps coming to WP?
  • I have found this too! Activision and Microsoft are partners however so MS could be making a major push for devs to get on board with WP8. It's why Windows is where it is today, software monopolisation! They've done it before, lets hope they do it again!
  • It is not just you bro. We are now in an era where windows phone is finally getting the attention it deseves. Oh yeah!!!!
  • Come on battlefield app
  • +1,000,000,000! Huge Halo and Battlefield player here! Halo has Waypoint, CoD has Elite...Battlefield should have CENCOMM (Central Command)!
  • Battlelog Companion is a decent app, buy for wp8 and you can also use the app on win8 since it is the same thing.
  • Better late than never
  • Huge COD fan here, and is that the corporate line for Halo...MW3 is by far superior to Halo imho but I'm not a big black ops fan. Very glad to see this app on WP and looking FWD to updates for challenges and loadouts. I have done nothing but sign into it yet so will come back and edit or post once I do. Btw, for anyone saying COD is easy and/or boring try getting to 20th Prestige on MW3 then try your comment again as it's not as easy as it sounds playing online.
  • Typical statement coming from a huge CoD fanboy (Trying to compare one CoD game to an entire franchise? Oh please!). I'd prove your statement wrong a bit more, but that would require going down to your level, which is something I will definitely NOT commit to. Still, the Call of Duty Elite app showing up on WP is a sign that major franchises are starting to look at WP for development. Even though I don't find much use with the application, it won't hurt to please the multitudes of CoD fans rockin' a WP8 device.
  • Huge CoD fan here too, but I would disagree about your comment about MW3. It is by far the worst of all the Call of Duty's, constant KS being called, "Lag compensation"(Yes I do get host 99% of the time, and it is an atrocious thing), and to be fair it's just a boring version of MW2.
    It replaces the original black ops as the worst CoD game in the franchise.
    I'm having a civil discussion regarding Call of Duty, is it better than other FPSes? No, are other FPSes better? In some cases, yes. I'm primarily a core gamer, so I don't like the notion that people believe core gamers don't play Call of Duty. By core gamer I mean an actual core gamer who enjoys games (if it's still vague, I own a 3DS since launch, own a Vita, 3 working 360s, a PS3 (my primary gaming platform), Wii, gaming PC(Radeon 6870, 2600k) and PSP. Will purchase a Wii U when Wind waker remake is released, looking forward to Xenoblade 2, and planning to purchase the other two next gen consoles). So core gamer here that actually likes and plays CoD strategically.
    Just wanted to get that out there.
  • @diplomat696: Honestly, the reason why I feel MW3 was screwed up was because shortly after MW2's launch, Activision deliberately fired the creators and many Infinity Ward staff followed them out. Look up Activision vs Infinity Ward or go up on Kotaku and look up Call of Duty: Legal Warfare. During the exodus of the IW staff, Activision brought in Treyarch to handle most of the game if not ALL of the Multiplayer. They screwed it up so much that I only got to Maj Gen and stopped because I got sick of it. Kotick shot his golden geese. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the app. What I mentioned is the reason I don't play CoD except MW2. No disrespect intended.
  • It'd be nice to have create-a-class like the iOS and android versions
  • Hope this is a sign that COD Zombies will come soon.
  • About a year late and its missing features... I'm starting to expect this more and more. Its more of a trend to developers in my eyes..
  • Don't complain, atleast developers are beginning to port apps to Windows Phone.
  • Update: No clan join or management, weapons and skills challenges, heat maps for previous games to show where your kills/deaths occurred on the map. Probably some others I'm missing
  • I'm not a fan of this game but it's nice to see us get a cool app that's for us gamers and I'd like to know what Xbox and WP are working on together we need more then just smart glass
  • The App is missing a couple of key features... particularly Challenges, Custom Class Editor, and Heat Maps in recent games.  For right now... it's actually the slickest design of the Mobile platforms... Ipad version aside.  I'm happy they've finally released it... can't wait until they update it with the rest of the features.
  • I would agree that it is the slickest design compared to the other platforms. Also, I don't think the other platforms provide a way to sign in using Facebook last I checked. However, this app will not grab anymore of my attention until I can customize my loadouts/classes for the game. But a great start for Activision, hope they are working on a feature update.
  • I don't care for first person shooters but this is great news.
  • Awesome, I was just thinking to myself yesterday, why isn't there a SmartGlass experience for this game yet? I meant ELITE on SmartGlass. This basically covers that, though I wish Microsoft could have convinced Activision to make it a SmartGlass experience, simply to grow that brand name. It looks cool, and I'll download it now.
  • I hope Activision decides to release it for WP7.x
  • This is awesome! Already downloaded it on my Lumia 920 and have been playing with. No more having to keep my laptop next to my xbox to see the clan ops.
  • Now if only Steam would officially release something they could wage a war on Windows Phone market!:p
  • No offense mate, but I doubt that's happening.
  • Ridiculous how long this app took to get released.  In fact, it should have been first since MS gets so many exclusives when it comes to DLCs for Xbox with Activision. 
  • Now we need EA to make an official Battlelog app for Windows Phone. 
  • Seconded. It should be called Battlefield CENTCOMM (CENTCOMM = Central Command)
  • Is this only good for XBox players? And no good to those of us who have been playing the superior PC version since the original CoD?
  • Inwish this app would allow me to log in....sigh. Cant login with my 920. Uninstall.