Analog Clock Tile

One of the neat benefits of Windows Phone 8.1 are Tiles that can update every minute, instead of the previous 30 minutes in 8.0. Don’t worry, it won’t drain your battery either. That loosening of restrictions has allowed for the release of such apps as Clock Hub and TimeMe. Now, we have a charming analog clock to add to the mix.

Analog Clock Tile is a simple app. You download it and pin to your Start screen; that’s it. Currently, only small and medium Tiles are supported, though wide Tile support is coming. What’s more, Web-ideja d.o.o., who is behind the app, wants to hear from you on suggestions. Knowing you folks, you’ll have a dozen or so to volunteer, so get at it!

Sure, clocks are redundant on Windows Phone with Glance, Lock screen and one in the system bar. But we’re not here to preach and tell you how to design your Start layout, that’s what makes Windows Phone personal. Heck, I happen to like these apps because on a Lumia 1520 you sometimes need something to offset your design choices, and these things work well for that purpose.

And yes, Analog Clock Tile is a universal app, so expect a Windows 8.1 version sometime soon, as well.

Pick up Analog Clock Tile here in the Store for free. Windows Phone 8.1 only.

Read more at the developer’s blog about the release here.

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