Lumia 620 supplants Lumia 920 as the second-most popular Windows Phone

Every month we look forward to the latest data from AdDuplex. As you probably know, AdDuplex is the cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8. It allows developers to promote their apps for free among other developers. Alan Mendevelevich (@ailon) is the man behind AdDuplex and gathers data every month into very informative reports. These reports help give us a look at the Windows Phone ecosystem. Let’s check out the data from March to see which Windows Phone reigns supreme.

Lumia 520 still #1


The Nokia Lumia 520 is the most popular Windows Phone device of all time. Did you expect anything different this month? Nope. Last month the Lumia 520 had 33.0% of the marketshare for Windows Phone devices worldwide. This month it’s slightly higher! The Lumia 520 now controls 34.5% of the marketshare for worldwide devices.

That’s good news for Lumia 520 fans. One surprising little twist, or not surprising if you really think about the economics at play here, is that the Lumia 620 is now more popular than the Lumia 920. Last month the Lumia 920 was in second place with 7.4% of the marketshare, now it’s in third place at 6.5%. The Lumia 620 moved up to 6.7% to take second place as the most popular Windows Phone device.

Flagship phones like the Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 don’t really register since they’re more or less niche devices with a smaller potential at grabbing big chunks of the marketshare. The Lumia 1020 comes in as the 15th most popular Windows Phone, the Lumia 1520 as the 20th most popular and the recently released Icon is at 38th.  

Windows Phone 8 vs. Windows Phone 7.x

WP8 vs WP7x

Keep in mind, this is looking at both Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 handsets. The Lumia 710 is still actually fairly popular and comes in at sixth place with 5.2% of the marketshare. Windows Phone 7.x just won’t die. Windows Phone 8 makes up 80.9% of all Windows Phone devices, while Windows Phone 7.x controls 19.1%.



Surprise. Nokia is still king of all OEMs making Windows Phone devices and dominates the hill. They’ve moved up to cover 93.5% of all Windows Phone devices. HTC comes in with 4.3%, Samsung is at 1.3% and Huawei is at 0.8%. It’ll be very interesting to see the OEM marketshare a year from now after Microsoft takes control of Nokia and over nine new OEMs join the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Carrier breakdown in the United States


T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint customer? The next charge might give you a minor conniption. Here’s the breakdown for Windows Phone users and their carriers in the United States. AT&T accounts for 33.2%, T-Mobile is second with 25.2%, MetroPCS is third with 14.6% and Verizon is fourth at 13.4%. Most of the coveted phones end up on AT&T as exclusives here. Like the Lumia 920, the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. So you’d think majority of customers in the U.S. on Windows Phone would be on AT&T? Nope. It’s a fairly good spread and shows that AT&T isn’t as dominate as you’d think. Makes us wonder how useful these exclusive partnerships for devices really are.

Windows Phone around the world     

Now we’ll check out the most popular devices for a select number of countries. You’ll want to hit up the AdDuplex blog for the full break down.

  • India – Lumia 520 at 42.1% and Lumia 720 at 12.7%
  • Poland – Lumia 520 24.5% and Lumia 625 at 10.8%
  • France – Lumia 520 at 44.4% and Lumia 625 at 12.0%

Be sure to hit up AdDuplex for the full breakdown for March 2014.

Source: AdDuplex

Sam Sabri
  • So the 630 already launched? Alright then! #typo
  • You don't have one yet? Psh :)
  • What sad readings. Essentially:
    WP = Lumia = cheap low end phones
    WP badly need the big boys (Sammy, Sony, HTC) to commit.
  • Windows phone doesn't need the big boys since Nokia is doing fine for us. As far as the cheap thing, that describes the bulk of android market share as well.
  • Problem is Android has a different market share....
  • I am currently using a 620 as my daily driver. I don't mind using a cheaper windows phone 8 for my main phone. This does everything I want it to, does 21.1 mbps over the Rogers network, (no slouch), has back and front cameras, has NFC, and pretty soon will offer me 74MGB's on which to store apps or whatever else I want.
  • I disagree, windows phone needs anything it can get. The more market saturation the better.
  • Then why have so many android fanbois whined for a high Nokia android if they're not jealous of the high end WP Nokias? And why have Samsung and Sony expressed a commitment to a high end winfows phone?
  • Cheap doesn't mean bad.. coz look at lumia 520, and look at any other android priced around the same price off-conract. The 520 still packs a punch and looks great too.. whereas android...... Do i really have to say? Basically Cheap android phones = Probably bad. Cheap WP phones?  Awesome.. :D
  • Not true any more. The Moto G is a fantastic cheap Android device.
  • In my country the Moto G costs twice as much as Lumia 520 (~210€ vs. ~105€)
  • But there's more in the G, a lot more. the 520 works because win8 phone os is so well optimized. it's specs would not push android around well at all
  • I have both a 520 and the Moto G. They're both great for the price. The Moto G feels like a 500$ device. The lumia 520 on the other hand feels like a 50$ device.
  • I've got a 620, it does actualy feel more expensive than it is
  • +620  
  • That's why I said probably. I knew someone would mention Moto G. It is quite nice but no SD card is quite a big deal for me.. I dont' have a very nice cell reception in my area so I mostly install apps manually via SD card. It's one reason I why didn't go for a 925 instead, Well that and the price.. :P Also after wp8.1 I'll able to install apps to SD card unlike moto G. Though the screen is quite appealing, I'd stick to my 520. 
  • The exception doesn't prove the rule. But I hope it means the Moto G will draw out some fierce competition.
  • I don't think you can compare Lumia 520 to a Moto G. Can you? No. Really no.
  • Nobody finds it worrying that new devices are not selling well? Niche or not, it doesn't look all that good. Hopefully x30 series will be out soon enough to replace x20 with follow ups to these best selling devices.
  • No. That's expected. There's a much bigger market for phones that don't cost that much vs expensive phones. 
  • Relatively to cheap phones no flagship sells well. But in the case of WP there hasnt been a real flagship since the 920. Only niche highend devices. Hopefully the 930 is around the corner.
  • +930....bring it
  • Remember that you and I aren't the common consumer. While you may get wet at the size of the 1520 and I may get excited with the idea of a 41mp camera in a phone, normal people prefer to just spend 200€/300€ on a phone that is just that. A phone.
    The 1020, 1320 and 1520 aren't aimed at the normal user. They cater to a very specific niche of the market and have very little chances of growth past that.
  • Also consider that a lot of people (like me) will be skipping the new phones simply because they are locked into a contract, and don't plan to upgrade until the contract is renewed. It's not a comment on the device itself. I would love to get a Lumia Icon, but I have 1 year left on the contract that came with my 620, so I'll be waiting for whatever device is available then.
  • My first response is to say "what new devices?" I guess you're talking about the phablet range? All I can buy locally is the 625, 925, 1020, 1320. 1320 is too large, 625 is low-end, so the only ones that vaguely interest me are the 925 or 1020 and they're not new... nor do they have microSD so I'm not buying.
  • +620 concur with your logic entirely. Hoping for a smaller lumia announced soon!
  • It is amazing Samsung gave up since everyone had a Focus. Two years, all the fight they had...
  • The Samsung Omnia 7 was awesome. Sooo awesome. Now though you'd be foolish not to buy Nokia.
  • 620 ftw
  • I'm not surprised. The L620 is by far the best cheap WP device. It's miles better than the 520 and overall a better buy than the 720 and 625.
    Which is why the rumours about the 630, coming true, will make it such a disappointment and definitely not a successor to the 620. The 920 is still the WP flagship device. Because it's the only one that has the best of everything without going niche and isn't an exclusive to a carrier in one country. However it is now more difficult to find than the 620 which should also explain the rise of the 620. As for WP7 it will be around for a while I think. There are people on contracts, people on warranties and people who just won't buy another smartphone just because the OS changed which means nothing to them.
  • How is the 620 better than the 720?
  • DJCBS, I beg to differ, if only the 720 had 1 GB RAM, this thing would blast every phone out there out of the galaxy (too much hyperbole, but it's true). The design is a piece of art, the camera (Zeiss lens) is a winner for that price point, and the look & feel of the display is classic. But that 512MB RAM, sigh,...Nokia deserves a medal for making every potential winner device less appealing because of some chink. The 512MB RAM is inexcusable, I have seen many of the people who asked me for advice on smartphone buying, skip this 720, only because of the RAM.
  • if L720 had 1 gb of ram it would probably outsell L820 as well.
    the only drawback is its 512mb ram, lookwise, specwise it's far better than 520 nd 620.
  • i wish they launch successor of lumia 720 
  • I feel the 720 is better than the 620 in all ways. First of, the size.. I know different people have different opinions, but most people agree that the 3.8" screens are way out of the leauge. Only iDiots would disagree thanks to the iPhone 4, 4S.. They were good. but 3.5" screen? -_- srsly -_- ? Plus it has a SS touch.  Secondly, the camera... the 620 is no where near comparison to the 720 in terms of camera.. The 720 has the best camera for low light.. The pics are amazing on that thing... Third and most improtanly the build and battery. It has a 2000mAh of battery which gives an awesome battery backup and it has a gorgeous unibody (tho some may be unhappy with no battery changing, but i think it is okay coz most smartphones have non-user replaceable battery) .. it is the perfect phone.. even with the 512 mb ram.. It has optional wireless charging too.. I say it's the best mid-ranged phone ever !!!
  • In the UK the 920 is in every high street phone store and the 620 is in none. I looked last week. Not over the entire UK, just in my town ;-)
  • Sam, you have numerous typos in the first paragraph. Every moth we look. Alan Mendevelevich (@ailon) is the man behind AdDuplex and every data into very informative reports. 
  • High end android devices don't seem to have a problem selling in good quantities so there's a real problem with the poor sales of devices like the 1020 and other top WP devices. Can't rely on low end phones to compete with the s5's of the world, WP needs more differentiation at the high end as well to increase sales or else it will always be seen a the poor mans platform
  • High end Android devices run Android. That's why they do better. If we're being pragmatic here, you get more out of a Xperia Z2 running Android than you get out of a Lumia 920 running WP8.
    So, you have to really want to go into WP to justify the price you pay. Photo enthusiasts will get the 1020. But they spend that money for the camera. A person who isn't into photography has a hard time justifying the 600€-800€ they ask for a 1020.
  • I disagree. I was quite determined to get an Android device, but the 1020 (which was on sale) was a much better deal.
  • SD Card
    HD +
    5.something screen size
    4K video recording
    19mp camera
    Put that on a 930 and maybe better success. imho.
  • I wasn't thinking so much of the Z2 specs but of the Android ecosystem. But yes, those specs would certainly help (but a 20.7mp camera instead of just 19mp)
  • Why 4k video recording nobody has a 4k tv and there very expensive.
  • Because in first world countries big number mean better phones
  • It's called future proofing. A few years ago no one had 1080p screen either. While I believe 4k will not catch on and will be replaced by something else (like the Blu-Ray replaced the HD-DVD) it is still something that pushes forward technology. Even if almost no one will use it.
  • I'm still waiting for a waterproof Lumia. Being durable as a rock is good, but it is weak against water type pokemon.
  • Lmfao, you win sir lol you win.
  • ROFL
  • So... a 1320 with the 1520's camera?
  • Come on, if you looked at an Android chart what percent maret share do you think the HTC one would have? What position would it be in? Apple finally and thankfully proved that having loads of models isn't necessary. The main advantage that brings is shelf space and that's why Nokia had to take that route. Their current selection isn't missing anything.
  • I got my mother the 620 for Mother's Day as her first cell phone ever. It's a great little phone and I did all my research before buying it. Wanted her to have the best possible WP for her needs. :-)
  • Exactly what i did, and my Mother loves hers. Best bang for Buck Lumia going.  
  • Samsung would rule windows phone if they made a Samsung galaxy S5 With Windows phone 8.1.
  • Or nah.
  • Yep.
    If Sammy release SG5 hardware on WP 8.1 AND provide support, it will easily outsell all Nokia offering. That's not difficult...
  • With all that Nokia has done for WP8, you think samsung just walks in and drops a deuce called the s5 and bam top of the charts? Pffffffffffffffffttttttttt.. Dream on boy.. :P
  • Not a chance. Nokia apps make Windows Phone good. You'll have to wait for Nokia apps available on all handsets before any other manufacturer has a chance.
  • It may sell well but compared to Nokia its ugly. Even compared to android HTC, Sony etc, its ugly. imho of course.
  • Ugly, unprepared comment perhaps
  • I find it ugly too. I look at it as twin brother of the Band Aid - yuck, that pockmarked, hole-infested S5. Give me the S4 with the innards of the S5 any day!
  • "Twin brother of the band-aid" seems like it's your favorite descriptor; I've seen it in so many of your comments, even on articles that have nothing to do with the S5.
  • Yeah, like S4 is so much nicer...
  • definately not!! Nokia is far better than samsung!. I have used both nokia and samsung nd i personally believe that the quality that nokia provide is unmatchable! 
  • Nice to have contributed to that percentage as i had a 710 before selling, then had a 620 before selling as well lol now I'm on a 925 :-)
  • I'm surprised how popular the 620 got. I thought it was a bad phone after mines kept shutting itself off but I guess I just got a defective one. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Call me niche, but the 1020 in my hand should have a bigger piece of that pie (chart) :P
  • This is great news for WP going forward simply because MS will continue to cater for the phone that has the most market share as as the 520 has the lowest specs that'll keep the OS and new features running well for that rather than just focusing on the high end.   Out of interest, with MS saying that WP8.1 can pretty much just be dumped onto any Android handset, and on lower spec devices than it already is, what does that mean for WP7 phones? Would it be possible for a WP7 to get 8.1? Or are they too low spec?   Not saying it should happen, just interested to see if anyone else has thought along these lines. I suppose we'll know for sure in two weeks...
  • Wp7 were all single core devices so no unfortunately
  • Not that it can't happen, but it definitely won't.
  • Completely irrelevant. Search around the web and you'll find jailbroken single core Android devices that run WP8. All those devices run on the exact same hardware platform as the WP7 devices did, proving it is possible, but it's not happening (at least nothing official).
  • 620 can supplant lumia 920 for sure since that it is cheaper! !!! Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • And stills 512 users dont get free popular games like sims freeplay but we get the paid versions, and of course those runners that every child wants. :S
  • I expected 1020 to be higher because those are the only Lumias I see anymore, but it makes sense that it isn't.
  • Where is my lumia 1520 ???
  • I don't get why the 620, easily the worst wp, no fm radio and a shitty ram, and a tiny screen with no possibility for 3 tile columns and no pureview camera, actually, the worst wp camera is in the 620
  • Ahem 520 has no flash
  • Interchangeable back cover, camera with flash (handy and heck they seem to remove in l620, sad), better dpi 246dpi to 217 of l720, front facing camera, glance... And and cheap
  • Come 8.1 easy to use the action cemtrr as it has a small screen
  • lol almost, except 520, 8s and the huaweis are worse
  • I think you meant 520. Just look at the specs sheets and then compare value for money. The 620 has it all over the 520, the way better screen alone is almost worth the extra dollars.  
  • Lumia 620 have HERE Drive+ instead of Lumia 720 have only HERE Drive.
  • It sounds like flagships are generally niche and windows phone should concentrate on low and mid range phones. I still like the look of the icon though...its a good looking and amazing feeling phone.
  • Sam, is this data of phones sold in the month or is it a breakdown of all phones out there in the wild? If it is the latter it dies make sense that the 920 has fallen off as those customers who purchased a lumia 920 would be far more inclined to upgrade to one of the newer devices, 1020/1520/Icon. And people who may have been interested in buying a 920 may be more inclined to take the extra step and grab the niche device instead, whereas it is more of a leap for those on a 620 budget.
  • Yet L620 treated inferior among all Lumia devices by Nokia.....I don't understand why?
  • I think Nokia started to treat its own 620 as an inferior device when they announced 625. And I still don't like 625 in many ways.
  • But it does get Nokia Drive+ and a bunch of other cool features missing on the other low to mid-range handsets. Or did they fix that now?
  • 620 is not the best cheap WP, it's the best cheap SMARTPHONE!
  • Now 620 also has double tap to wake! So satisfied with my purchase.
  • +620..
  • 520 rocks! \o/
  • Hey guys is the Lumia 820 a better buy or the moto g? I really want to upgrade from my 520
  • Wait for the 630. It should be out in 2 weeks. Otherwise get the Moto.
  • Way better value for money than the 520, where it can be picked up for not a lot more money these days.  
  • +720 :D
  • It's not surprising, since as far as I know, Nokia has stopped shipping the 920. At least in India, it is no longer available, and salesmen tell me no more stock is expected. The 925 is also on the way out.
  • I don't understand why people buy the low end phones. I would expect the flagship phones to dominate the sales charts. They are, after all, the best Windows Phone 8 devices available. Don't people want the best devices? The price of the top tier phones isn't much more... I don't get it.
  • 920 was more than double the price of 620 when I bought it and the 920 isn't exactly more than two times better. So I got a 620. I was thinking about 820 but my friend let me have a hands on with his 620 and I was sold. Also, I am not from US and I never bought a phone on contract. It may cost me more to buy a phone but I save huge money on contract because I only pay for what I actually spend and don't have to pay back for the phone + carrier margin that's hidden in the monthly payment. Oh, and the 720 would have been my winner ... if it wasn't for the 512M RAM. Better camera and slightly larger screen couldn't justify the price difference.
  • Because a lot of people don't want to pay $700-800 for a mobile and would prefer to spend $150-300. You forget that a lot of people truly don't care about a phone that can play games and just use it to make calls, use facebook, maps and camera. BTW you can't use "on-contract" pricing as a basis for phone pricing... that's not based in reality of what the phones cost. A more expensive phone = more expensive plan. It's easy to get a $20/m plan on a $200 mobile, but not so easy on a $700 mobile (typically $50-80/m + upfront $$$)
  • I actually wasn't comparing contract pricing. To me the difference in actual price is just a couple hundred bucks. That's like one family dinner out. It's not really a big deal to me when I'm going to be using the device for a couple of years (typically) and can resell used devices (if needed) when I want a new one. Yes, the price difference might be double in some cases, but it's still not much in terms of actual cost/value. That said, I guess I wasn't considering the market broadly enough. My comment was more about me not understanding the market as a whole. If people just want a "smartphone" to use for feature phone purposes, that's their business. If cost is a major factor, however, those feature phones are truly the better value for the use case. Obviously, I realize I'm wrong about the market (the data prove that), so good for Nokia for doing the right thing.
  • I agree with you there - I will only buy top-end/flagship devices as I want the best. But I know a few people who are budget conscious and don't see why anyone would pay more than $150-200 for a phone. My father got a smartphone (android, ugh) because it was $80, but he only uses it for phonecalls and SMS. It's the same type of people that won't spend more than $300-400 on a laptop and wonder why it's slow :P
  • I noticed the Lumia 900 isn't listed at all, but the L800 is on the chart. Did no one buy the L900, or did everyone who had one trade up? I remember it being a big deal when it launched... bigger than the L800 anyway.
  • 900 wasn't popular since Microsoft already announced WP8 by then.
  • I knew a few guys who snagged one. Now that I think about it though, they all traded up when MS/Nokia announced the L900 wouldn't get WP8.
  • I use the 620 on Aio:) Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Still no Nokia Black update in Pakistan for 620. Poor performance by Nokia.
  • Just when I was switching to 720
  • My wife is happy with her 620.
  • Awesome
  • I'm happy and contented with my lime green Lumia 620. :) My next phone will be an Xperia (M2 or higher) since Lumia 620 will be my last Nokia phone. :'(
  • I still find it strange that people call the 1020 a niche device. I find that ridiculous, it does not compromise much at all in terms of thickness (I've never handed it to anyone that found it too thick) and is lighter that then 920. There must be something wrong with the marketing behind it that gives the wrong impression that the camera is the only thing that is good about it.
  • I agree. The camera enhancements are really just a bonus. Overall, the device is just as general purpose as the 920, thinner & lighter, and about the same price. The niche, to me, are the camera-specific accessories.
  • 2nd most popular windows phone, yet the last one to receive gdr3 and lumia black update...
  • The 620 is so popular and yet we were nearly the last to receive Lumia Black... lol
  • +920
  • Am I missing the 928 or is it just not on there? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I purchased the Nokia 520 for $59 from because its my first Windows Phone (other than playing with my wifes HTC Titan that she is still using)  I couldn't pass up an opportunity to try WP 8 for such a low price. heck Restock fee is $35 so for a few more bucks I have an excellent back up phone.  The 520 is a great little device. I will purchase a better Windows Phone when Nokia releases a 5" to 5.2" device. 4.5" is too small, 6" is too big... 5" is the sweet spot for me. 
  • But Samsung,sony ,htc sold millions of Android smartphones compared to nokia windowsphone, maybe nokia 6% Samsung Android phones 60, htc 20,