Adobe to Demo Flash Player 10 on WM

We already know that the next version of Internet Explorer, “6 on 6,” is pretty ho-hum except for this little tidbit: Flash Lite support. That means many flash videos will work just fine and that pleases us. Doesn't make Adobe happy enough, though, as they're planning on demoing Flash Player 10 on Windows Mobile today. That's the full flash there, kiddos. Of course, Adobe may also feel that their hand is forced -- they can't let Silverlight get the jump on 'em.

It's a testament to the power, flexibility, and openness of Windows Mobile that Adobe is able just go ahead and do this thing. That ought to be something you could take for granted, but of course if we're talking about Flash and Mobile the ongoing iPhone drama is always in the background. According to Adobe, “it is really up to Apple” to allow them to ship a Flash Player for the platform.

We'll be talking a bit more about this open vs. closed issue when it's our turn with the iPhone for the Smartphone Round Robin

WC Staff