Adobe name-drops Windows Phone 7 for Flash 10.1 support, but when?

It's not really news that Adobe is working to bring Flash to Windows Phone. Heck, they've been promising Flash for mobile for years now and we're almost shocked we have Flash Lite at this point. We also know that Adobe have abandoned plans for Windows Mobile and instead are working on Windows Phone 7 release.

With that we're not too surprised to see Adobe name-dropping Windows Phone 7 support for Flash 10.1 (opens in new tab)--the real question is when?

So will Flash 10.1 come with Windows Phone 7 out the gate? We're not holding our breath. But here's another idea why Adobe is now putting the above writing on their site: this is just Adobe continuing the public-spat with Apple by showing all the other mobile OSs that will be supporting Flash at some point. So they threw WP7 up there to pad their supporter list, not to infer a release date.

Hey, we're all for Flash 10.1 on Windows Phone 7, but until we see more proof that its inclusion is more than jsut 'in the works', we won't get too excited. Still, we suppose an 'official' endorsement from Adobe at this point is better than nothing.

[via ReporTech; Thanks, Tal, for the tip]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Yes that's the point.Adobe promised to release Flash on WP7 and still there haven't seen any sign of it.I m excited to see Flash on Windows Phone.