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Advanced crafting recipes list for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Now that you've taken a crash course on crafting and have survived your first night, it's time to branch out into intricate recipes that produce items used throughout your Minecraft life.

How to craft transportation items

NameResource(s) used:Used primarily for:Stackable?
RailIron ingot, SticksRailwaysUp to 64
Powered railGold ingot, Redstone dust, StickRailwaysUp to 64
Detector railIron ingot, Redstone dust, Stone pressure plateRailwaysUp to 64
Activator railIron ingot, Redstone torch, StickRailwaysUp to 64
MinecartIron ingotTransportNo
Minecart with chestChest, MinecartStorageNo
Minecart with hopperHopper, MinecartCatching itemsNo
Minecart with TNTTNT, MinecartExplosionsNo
BoatWood planks, Wooden shovelSailingNo
Carrot on a stickFishing rod, CarrotRiding saddled pigsNo
CompassIron ingot, Redstone dustNavigationNo
Empty map (1)Paper, CompassNavigationUp to 64
Empty map (2)PaperNavigationUp to 64
Map with location markerMap, CompassPlaces a marker on a map made with only paperNo
Map - zoomed outMap, PaperNavigationNo
Map - cloneMap, Empty mapAdd more empty maps for more clonesUp to 64

How to craft redstone items

NameResource(s) used:Used primarily for:Stackable?
Redstone torchStick, Redstone dustRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Redstone repeaterStone, Redstone torch, Redstone dustRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Redstone comparatorStone, Nether quartz, Redstone torchRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
LeverStick, CobblestoneRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Wooden buttonWood plankRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Stone buttonCobblestoneRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
PistonCobblestone, Iron ingot, Redstone dust, Wood plankRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Sticky pistonPiston, SlimeballRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Daylight sensorWood slab, Nether quartz, GlassRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
ObserverCobblestone, Nether quartz, Redstone dustRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
DropperCobblestone, Redstone dustRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Wooden pressure plateWood plankRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Stone pressure plateStoneDetector rails, Redstone contraptionsUp to 64
Weighted pressure plate - lightGold ingotRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Weighted pressure plate - heavyIron ingotRedstone contraptionsUp to 64
Tripwire hookIron ingot, Stick, Wood planksTrapsUp to 64

How to craft food items

NameResource(s) used:Used primarily for:Stackable?
SugarSugar caneCraftingUp to 64
BreadWheatHealthUp to 64
CookieWheat, Cocoa seedsHealthUp to 64
CakeMilk, Wheat, Sugar, EggHealthNo
Mushroom stewBrown mushroom, Red mushroom, BowlHealthNo
Rabbit stewCooked rabbit, Red or brown mushroom, Bowl, Carrot, Baked potatoHealthNo
Pumpkin pieEgg, Sugar, PumpkinHealthUp to 64
Golden carrotGold nugget, CarrotHealth, BrewingUp to 64
Golden appleApple, Gold ingotHealthUp to 64
Enchanted golden appleApple, Gold blockHealthUp to 64
BowlWood planksCraftingUp to 64
Bone mealBoneFarming, CraftingUp to 64
Cocoa beansRose red, Dandelion yellow, Ink sacCraftingUp to 64

How to craft accessibility items

Note: Stairs can be crafted from wood planks, cobblestone, stone, sandstone, bricks, stone bricks, and quartz. Slabs can be crafted from wood planks, cobblestone, stone, sandstone, bricks, and quartz.

NameResource(s) used:Used primarily for:Stackable?
StairsWood planks (etc.)AccessibilityUp to 64
SlabWood planks (etc.)AccessibilityUp to 64
LadderSticksClimbingUp to 64
Wood fenceSticks, Wood planksLivestock, SafetyUp to 64
GateWood planks, SticksAccessibilityUp to 64
Wooden trapdoorWood planksTraps, doorsUp to 64
Iron trapdoorIron ingotTraps, doorsUp to 64
Iron barsIron ingotPrisons, wallsUp to 64

How to craft miscellaneous items

NameResource(s) used:Used primarily for:Stackable?
TNTSand, GunpowderExplosionsUp to 64
HopperIron ingot, ChestCatching itemsNo
PaperSugar caneMap- and book-makingUp to 64
WoolStringBeddingUp to 64
Enchantment tableObsidian, Diamond, BookEnchantingNo
Glass paneGlassWindowsUp to 64
BookshelfWood plank, BookDecorationUp to 64
AnvilIron block, Iron ingotCraftingNo
LeadSlimeball, StringMoving livestockUp to 64
CauldronIron ingotWater, potion holderUp to 64
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  • can stairs be rotated, tried placing some in my new house but they always seem to go the wrong way.
  • Stair placement depends on which way you're looking. Try standing in a different spot (i.e. in the direction you'd be walking up the stairs) before placing.
  • ah, hadn't thought of that, thanks
  • You have to place them ground first not wall first.
  • Will this always stay in beta? Lol
  • Probably until it reaches feature parity with the Java version (excluding mods).
  • Whats an Observer? I've never seen it before. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's a new block in the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition to mimic the "quasi-connectivity" bug-that-became-a-feature in the PC Java / console editions. It allows for some more advanced, piston-based Redstone contraptions to work.
  • This game is way deeper than I thought
  • Yes, it reallly is. People often dismiss it as a "simple kids' game" (I know I did), but it's so much more than that. Right now I'm getting into Redstone, trying to automate resource collection as much as possible--fully automatic mob droppers, farms, item transporters and item sorters. The things people have come up with are just brilliant. And there is still so much left to build and discover in the game. I haven't even got into villager breeding and trading yet, or potion brewing. And I still need to capture a Nether stronghold, build up my Nether base, build a Nether-to-Overworld railroad transportation network, visit the End, destroy the Ender Dragon and the Wither, explore for jungle and desert temples and ocean monuments, etc.! This is easily the best 'bang-for-my-buck' I ever spent on a game.
  • Man, redstone is a deep, deep rabbit hole.