Again, look for Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

We've said it once, we've said it twice, we've said it a bunch of times. Windows Mobile 7 mostly likely will announced at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. And Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices division, recently alluded to as much in an analyst call, says ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley.

Things will be talked about at MWC... I've seen it and played with it, set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way.

So, there you go. Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress. And we'll be there to bring it all to you.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Yay, for he winMo 7 ^_^
  • trust me windows 7 will blow off iphone, droid, android off market. you will see millions of people dump iphone,droid,android and will wish they had windows mobile 7. all those idiots saying bad about windows mobile are gonna be surprise. i never trust iphone,android,droid has they are just an app phone is all it can do. Which means boring.....
  • How I wish WinMo 7 blows all other OS's off... I hope MS has done its homework, has had enough time to take the best out of every platform and use it in WinMo7.. This is Microsoft's last chance in Mobile space.. We're all looking forward eagerly for MWC..
  • I cant wait to see the improvements MS has made. I have been a WM fan and user since WM5. Like most others I hope they took advantage time they had to develop WM7 and use ideas learned from other good platforms.
  • So i must w8 i month more to finaly know which processors WM 7 will work on, it would suck to buy a windows device, that can't be upgraded to WM7 by XDa developers. Anyway snapdragon should do the trick :)
  • I guess this also means they're going to push out the WM 6.5.x update to devices at MWC as well? I think the timing matchs up well for them to do so.
  • And once again the media will only talk about the iPhone and Google phone, regardsless of anything Microsoft will introduce. Even the moderators of this site and podcast fawn all over Google - gmail, google voice ... blah blah blah ...