Age of Empires: Castle Siege 1.3 update brings tons of stability and tuning tweaks

It's patch day for Age of Empires: Castle Siege, and it's a pretty hefty one at that. The 1.3 update doesn't bring anything in the way of new content or features, but it does bring a literal ton of stability and tuning tweaks.

According to the notes, servers will go down at 3 PM PST and are expected to come back up at 5 pm PST.

The long, long list of changes can be found below:


  • Fixed an occasional crash loading into the tutorial battle.
  • Fixed miscellaneous network errors.
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes.


  • Longbowmen have been stripped of their wall-busting ammunition and now must break down walls like everyone else—with hard work and siege engines.
  • Adjustments to the Acre Campaign to bring its difficulty back in line with the rest of the campaigns.
  • Army Camps under construction no longer display scaffolding when the castle is attacked.
  • Scaffolding will now be visible where appropriate when visiting another player's castle.
  • Resolved an issue where if storage structures finished upgrading while you were away in battle, the pre-battle value would be used to determine your storage cap, potentially resulting in lost resources.
  • Fixed a bug where network disconnections while routing troops would result in the troops not acting for the remainder of the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where cycling through many opponents during matchmaking would cause a network disconnection.
  • Crossbow tower is now accurately listed as Short range.
  • Joan of Arc's Convert ability now properly states that troops are converted for the duration of combat.
  • Conrad the Elder's displayed stats now reflect Conrad himself and not his mighty siege tower.
  • Pennant icon updated in locations where it represents a collection of multiple pennant types.
  • Resolved miscellaneous issues with Hero icons highlighting improperly.
  • Fixed a bug where routing large numbers of siege weapons could lead to a crash.
  • Hero tutorial tips will no longer be shown for Campaign battles.
  • Patrolling units no longer get stuck in the Keep when changing civilizations.
  • Battle timer will now properly display the time remaining if the pre-battle countdown runs out before any troops are deployed.


  • Added es-MX as a supported language and locale.
  • Achievements earned on Windows 8 should now properly be awarded when logging in on a Windows Phone device.
  • Unwatched replays are now marked as such.
  • Player names (attacker and defender) are now displayed while watching a replay.
  • After watching a replay from the battle log, you will be returned to the battle log screen.
  • Fixed an error that could cause total percentage to be incorrect in replays.
  • Gold collection from Keep now works like all other resource gathering.
  • Fixes to Russian text improperly overlapping objects on certain screens.
  • Tweaks to mouse wheel scroll behavior on the battle log.
  • Fixed issues with costs displaying in the incorrect color after purchasing Gold.
  • Fixed an occasional issue with structures hopping back and forth indecisively while moving them around.
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling a troop build that gave you more resources than you could hold would lead to a crash.
  • New icons for Gold offers in the Marketplace.
  • Additional support for more international currency symbols.
  • Fixes to certain currencies where the total amounts could get truncated.
  • Added support for links in the News section.
  • Miscellaneous loading screen adjustments.

Be sure to check for the update on all of your devices and let us know what you think in the comments. If you haven't given Age of Empires: Castle Siege a try yet, you can find download links for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 below:

Source: Age of Empires Blog

Thanks to Nadeem for the tip!

Age of Empires: Castle Siege 1.3 update brings tons of stability and tuning tweaks

Age of Empires: Castle Siege 1.3 update brings tons of stability and tuning tweaks

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  • you're welcome
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  • Ty :)
  • I could never manage to play this game. When I install it it disappears from the app list and I can't delete it because it's nowhere to be found. If i go to download it says it is already installed. I tried formatting the micro SD and nothing. This is the only game that give me these problems
  • Which region are you? When I was still using WP7 i am switching regions, one with Live(now XBOX) support other has none(my country). Everytime I switch to my country games with Live won't show up in the Games Hub but will be back when you switch back.
  • Boooo for the bowman. Now I have to kill my army and rebuild it. Booo. I hope they stop counting battles when the servers crash mid battle. The rest let's see. Well, off I go. Have an army to slaughter. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • yes boo to the bowman changes, bowman are the best and are always deployed by me at first to destroy enemy troops and walls. Even if the server crashes in mid battle the fight goes on, but i lost lots of crowns because of these shitty crashes.
  • Exactly. The problem is that they assume the result of the battle based on the progress until the moment of the crash. If it crashed 5 seconds after the battle starts there goes the crowns...Very annoying.
  • can you add me in Xbox live @ kilik420, need friends for ghosts too if you play asphalt
  • SPARTANIA alliance is waiting for volunteers! And BOO for the bowman as well!
  • Whatsapp got issues
  • Please stay on topic.
  • Is WhatsApp in Age of Empires? Am I missing something?
  • Serious updates, impressed, I'll jump in, been away for was a while in fact - Win 10 preview broke my switching grove from desktop to WP
  • Nice updates for one of the best games I've played on Windows Phone. Keep them coming.
  • So you can steal gold? Even when people have purchased that with real money???
  • I surely hope not... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where did you get that idea from the patch notes? The thing about gold collection being the same as other resources? They just mean it's not super annoying to collect daily gold from the keep now.
  • Make it offline , put a reasonable price on it...and sell it like a man .... inApp purchase is most unbelievable idea ever .... and we are fans now cows...
  • I disagree. Free is better. I've never paid for any inapp purchases and I dont feel like I'm missing out on anything. Offline would also ruin the entire basis of the game.
  • 3 day upgrades are rather annoying... Sorry guys, I'm still not paying money on this silly game
  • An offline mode would be great, just so I can play on the train etc. I always find it peculiar that mobile games are online only as this precludes a large section of games who like to play when on public transport.
  • Um.... Cant get the update?
  • You were banned. Or the update isn't live yet. Not sure which of those makes more sense.
  • Thank you, thank you
  • *Blush* Daniel plays too? I'm so happy!
  • YES!! So tired of watching longbow men stand off and reduce stone walls to rubble. Now they have to close the range and deal with my ballistas!!
  • Acres was so hard I had given up. I'm coming for you now, watch out.
  • Ya its a slow grind if you dont pay any money hah
  • Now that's can be called a change log.
  • Yup. Gotta get it patched up to match the version coming out for Android and iOS.
  • and you want to get claps for such a dumb comment? wow... people like you should really get a life and stop with the BS: and if iOS and Android versions are released... would that kill your mother or dog? how does that affect you? oh yeah... you only want to talk crap, yeah yeah that explains everything
  • Lol
  • HSo last time you supported something unique or loveable , did your mom or dog die??
    Besides why shouldn't it be this way , diff coc release for wp ? Don't the users of other OS's feel superior cause they have something n u wont have , which indicates wp to be bad ...
    If everyone has the same things what will be the differentiating point then...
    MS should not let AoE or Cortana leave this ecosystem
  • Current version on the store is ... What is wrong?
    Also, wanted to ask what is the use of crowns? Yeah noobish question I know xD
  • Doesn't seem to be live yet. Crowns are just a "score" for your proficiency in multiplayer battles. Used for ranking (individual and alliance).
  • Crowns, so far, aren't relevant at all. They are good for Clan reputation but you gain nothing from it, really.
  • Can they please add the ability to donate troops and resources to my other alliance members. Or hell even attack people that attacked them something .... please :)
  • First, they should make it so you can't attack your alliance members!
  • Finally the way overpowered longbowmen are being fixed.l
  • Crossbow tower short range? What sukky tower it will be.
  • It's the same tower. They just list in appropriately as short range now.
  • Oh yeah my bad, just quick read over it ;) kinda busy.
  • Hm, no more minitrebuchets. That will change how I do things. The visible scaffolding when people visit my Frankish castle will be realistic, just like visiting France today.
  • What a great game this is on WP and Windows. Frequently updating an already good game, very good job.
    There is still no review here on this site, which is sad.
  • Be sure to thank the "cheaters" for the devs getting paid to keep the updates coming. I am soooo happy the longbow is no longer a seige weapon...
  • recently started playing this game on Surface RT. Great game.
  • Needed my archers :/
  • I agree. They take all the advantage stuff away
  • I don't like the gameplay changes. Last Time they took Richard's ability to support cavalry
  • That's what I called a change log
  • It's not 1.3, the right new version it's 1.0.3
  • Very welcomed update! The bowmen plus the Acre campaign were killing me...      
  • Was there a 999 limit on (collected) gold? I am forced to spend them since they don't increase beyond it.
  • It seems like after the update the heroes dont do their special moves? Is it just me? Anybody else?
  • There's some way to download the game using the mobile data instead of WiFi?
  • Will my hero's stay alive if I changed my civilization
  • I'm not sure about that. Afraid to change civilization too.
  • I can't log in now... Tells me to sign in every single time!
  • Guild/clan wars on nxt update pls. Love this game.
  • Yeah! This game is awesome!
  • First of all fuck off for calling the Name LongBowmen you should change them to weakling bowmen now that you have changed their range.And thank god they changed the Acre campaign it was a hell waste of time trying to beat it. Damn why did they change the longbowmen.And I hope they really fix the connection problem.Still enjoying the game so far.
  • +925
  • Seems...better?
  • Im always under attack wth! I want to play and why the count down is 10 min, the round is only 6!
  • Same problem for me at the moment ... Impossible to connect for 1 hour now
  • I am also under attack many times. But no damge after log in.