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Age of Empires IV announced for Windows 10

Twenty years after the franchise's debut, Microsoft has unveiled a fourth major installment to Age of Empires. Reviving the iconic real-time strategy (RTS) series for the modern day, the game follows an over decade-long hiatus since 2005's Age of Empires III.

Announced to round off the Age of Empires Gamescom 2017 live show, Age of Empires IV will be releasing on Windows 10, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. Although little else is currently known, a brief animated trailer has been released, establishing the themes expected from the title.

Today's event also provided an October release date for the upcoming remaster of Age of Empires, in the form of a "Definitive Edition" for Windows 10. Delivering refinements across the board, the game offers improved textures, support for 4K resolution, reworked animations, and new audio. Changes to gameplay have also been made, including an increased population limit, better pathfinding, and new zoom levels. Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III will also be getting the remaster treatment in the future.

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  • This has the chance to reignite the RTS genre.
  • Please, let there be a 4K UHD "Definitive Edition" of every Command and Conquer game ever produced.  
  • I would definitely buy that. Oh Westwood Studios I have missed you.
  • Too bad the development of Command and Conquer series has been in zombie-like state since the cancellation of Generals 2 :(
  • Lol. I just bought the entire Command & Conquer set on Origin for $17, but only a few of the games actually work (thankfully the good ones). Generals and C&C 3 are the best.
  • Warcraft 2 4K anyone?
  • lol. Yes please. Classic. "Ready to work" "Alright"
  • Brilliant news!!! I got to admit the 1 hour show was ok. It had some very boring moments but what we got out of it was great. The whole story of forgotten empires is nice to see. I hope they allow modding. AOE 2 and AOE 3 definitive edition is great news. Hope they'll package it with the 4. Nice to see a release date for AOE definitive edition, now I hope I get in the beta... ofc the biggest news was age of empire 4. We almost knew it was coming as the build-up wasn't great but it's nice that it's now official. Hope this remains a PC game. Also I hope they stick to what made AOE so successful. Stick with what made AOE/AOE 2/Age of Mythology so great. I hope they don't bring in microtransactions and other bs like blitz mode...
  • Ya, I hope there are no heroes or "explorers".  Stick to what made AoE2 great.
  • If its locked to Win10 and WinStore only Microsoft can choke on it. Same with all the 'definitive editions'.    
  • AOE 2 and 3 online community worked without steam. AOEDE can thrive without steam.
  • It does not have to be on Steam, heck make it DRM free, but it also can't be locked to Win10 and WinStore only; first 50% of PC gamers are still on Win7 & 8; add to that the fact that no PC gamer likes or wants to use the Win10Store and you have the same result as with Halo Wars 2, a dead game on PC shortly after launch; unless you are buying it for SP only. Also your statement is not true at all; back when any AOE games released (apart fron AOE2HD) they were not on Steam or Steam did not even exist; once Steam became popular and Microsoft screwed up GFWL, newer games like AOEO had to migrate to Steam and even that did not help because they did it too late; with even newer games like AOE2HD Steam was the first choice because for multiplayer RTS games you want the biggest player base possible and that on PC is currently only on Steam, so there is no other option, other then releasing it DRM free.  
  • why are you so worried buy it if you want or dont buy it at all. who cares where they release it. 
  • Are You serious about that? According to the latest Steam report in July 2017. Windows 10 is the most used OS in Steam. about 49.59% Steam user used WIndows 10 64-bit to play their favorite games. And Windows 7 64-bit in the second position in 32.91% followed Windows 8.1 64-bit just have 6.6% market share. Actually Windows 10 64-bit is the most popular OS for hardcore gaming. Features like Gaming mode, built-in broadcast service and DirectX 12. You can check more detailed report here,  
  • It's built for Windows 10. That's why. If you have such a hatred of the store, don't buy it. The rest of us will be over here enjoying it.
  • If you look on it realisticly the people who doesn't want to buy something in the Windows Store downloading the game, crack it and enjoy it.
    And when Microsoft realises, that they can sell 1 million extra copys of the game and it comes finally to Steam in 2 years then these people buy the game in a Steam Sale for 5 bucks.
  • @John20212 It's funny to see how you get all the downvotes. I'm willing to bet that most of the people who downvoted you aren't bigger fans of the franchise than you but more fans of a company who are upset you criticsed their beloved MS. There are few things to be said.
    1) I'm a fan and I'm getting this no matter what. I already have my gaming PC with windows 10 so no problem for me. But I would have do anything to play it. If the minimum GPU required is a GTX 1080ti I would get it. Fans will get it no matter what. 2) I totally understand your point of view. You are concerned about the multiplayer, as it will probably not get as many people playing it. I'm mostly looking forward to SP so I'm good in that sense.  3) I also understand MS's stand. They are investing into the game. So they can do what they feel is best for them. I would have still prefered it to be on steam or even better  get a physical release without the need to use any store or service (like previous major AOE). I understand their position. BUT I want them to be honest with gamers. I want them to tell us if it'll eventually come steam or not. If they say it won't and it'll eventually come, it would be pathetic move from MS. And they can't be forgiven for that. 4) It's strange how MS/XB fans praise the BC/FC of XB1x yet don't say anything about not being able to play on last few versions of windows. Also I wonder how those people saying "it's great that more people get's to play XB1 console exclusives when it comes on PC" now say it shouldn't be on steam or that Win 7/8 users shouldn't play this game. 
    Bunch of hypocrites...
  • First people complain that there are not enough exclusive apps on the Win store, and then when they announce a game exclusive to the Win store, they complain. 
  • That is why we cannot have good things. Those people WANT MS to destroy themselves. Having AAA games in the windows store on windows 10 is a GOOD thing. It is a Microsoft game, they have the best interest in using their own store. With roughly 50% gamers using windows 10, I think it is a good business move.
  • @ swarmhammer It is a GOOD thing for MS. I wonder if it is for consumers and the people who don't have windows 10 or those who want it on steam.
  • Why continue feeding valve? I do not understand that love, at some point MS has to stand up to him.
  • I think we might thank bill gates for this
  • awsome great news. i was wondering if all of ms games were dead. 
  • I wish it has touchscreen support. Rome Total War on iPad has it. If this game is to revitalize the genre, and Microsoft's line of tablets, it has to be open to novel input methods on older genres.
  • You probably can bet it will support touch screens, hence why MS is pushing the game through the windows 10 store. And I am not sure why some of you think that the RTS genre is somehow dead, agreed there is not a lot of new games, but still some of the old ones like starcraft are still thriving. Oh and I believe Blizzard should be the company to be reckoned with for reviving the genre, with their total remake of the first Starcraft game that just released. 
  • I rather see them focus on the traditional mouse and keyboard. And PC only.
  • It doesn't have to come at the expense of the traditional experience. Much like those games that have both keyboard, mouse, controller, joystick etc support.  
    And PC only.
    Surface Pro is a PC. I want to be able to play it in bed or on a picnic.
  • Man...wish they would make this for Xbox. Haha
  • That would be the best way to kill the game. It has too much going on to simply be a viable console game. **** man, build a PC, worth the additional cost. I have both, and love to game on both. Can do so much more on a PC that cannot be done on any other device type. Like developing apps and games, for all platforms, you need a PC or a Mac
  • Ewww NO WAY!!! 
  • AOE IV should be a new genre of gameplay   Age1: AOE1 civilization  Age2: AOE2 civilization Age3: AOM civilization Age4: AOM civilization Age4,5,6: Stronghold Crusader like Game play Age7,8,9: Red Alert like Civilization and Game play Age10,11,12: Halo wars like Civilization and Game play   it would be like playing multiple games in single game  i love it