Age of Empires: World Domination might still be released for Windows Phone

A previously announced Windows Phone version of the real-time strategy game Age of Empires: World Domination might still happen. That's according to a statement sent to Windows Central from the game's developer Klab.

Here's a recap: In 2014, Microsoft and Klab announced Age of Empires: World Domination for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, which would be based on Microsoft's popular PC game series. While the game was due for release in that year, Klab later announced it would delay its release until sometime in 2015. It went entirely silent on the game's development progress until December, when it launched for iOS and Android in several markets, but not for Windows Phone.

After several attempts to contact Klab went unanswered, the developer finally reached Windows Central with an email response to our question on if Age of Empires: World Domination is still coming to Windows Phone:

"Regarding your concern, please be informed that Age of Empires : World Domination is currently supported for Android OS and iOS only. However, the support for WindowsPhone/WindowsOS is being considered. Regarding this matter, we are not able to send notifications individually. Once we have additional OS supported, it will be announced in the SNS site/ Web site etc. Your understanding is appreciated."

While that's not a 100% "yes" answer, we are encouraged by the fact that Klab is, at least, considering a Windows Phone version. Would you still like to see Age of Empires World Domination appear on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments!

John Callaham
  • no we don't consider. isn't that an eminent fact?. yes we care!
  • Oh please why consider at all? Please do me this favour....the head guy of this operation, please go to Panos workstation and ask him to shove the "surface phone" or whatever into the trash, cause that phone wont have any F**ng apps!
  • It'll have more apps to play with than iOS and Android. o.o
  • Oh windows phone !
  • Doesn't Microsoft have a say in this?
  • @Jared Harrington:
    Age of Empires being their intellectual property, Microsoft should be able to revoke the license if the licensee doesn't comply with demands agreed upon before (like for example releasing the licensed intellectual property for Windows Phone/Mobile).
    But since Satya Nadella himself is in favour of iOS and Android over Windows, why should they revoke the license?!
    And to be honest. "We are considering" and "your understanding is appreciated" is nothing more than a gentle Version of "suck our b*lls".
  • Lol you'd think seeing as I'm sure they fronted the money for it
  • For a Microsoft IP to be merely "considered" for Microsoft OS is not nearly good enough.
  • Yep. This is an absolute embarrassment for Microsoft. Not only should this game never have appeared on enemy platforms, but for it to not also launch on WP is a slap in the face to Microsoft supporters. This is one of their premiere IPs. This is like Gears of War launching on PS4 with "consideration for Xbox One". Ridiculous.
  • Microsoft's OWN Popular PC Game Series not available in WP but available in android and ios.This shows how much they care about their loyal wp users...
  • It's a business first, wherever the money comes from whether it's cross platform or whatever...
  • Business or not, if it is SO easy now to port from IOS to Windows, what is the hold up from your own in-house employees doing it?
  • Yeah, but Project Islandwood is currently still in beta. A few, like Candy Crush Saga, are ported iOS apps meant to show to iOS developers that users (atleast with games) won't notice the difference between the iOS or Windows 10 Mobile version.
  • Except up till you try to get them to transfer from gs to xbl
  • Well considering that Klab isn't a Microsoft Studios company might have had quite a lot of influence for not developing a version for Windows Phone directly. As far as I can tell Microsoft Studios doesn't have a proper gamecompany primarily focusing on mobile gaming thus far. So only that's a thing Microsoft can be blamed for, forcing to choose a third party gamedeveloper which finds mobilemarket share more important than market equality.
  • Why they should care about Windows mobile when Nadella's iPhone Pro can run the game just fine?
  • Yes I would like to see this come to Windows Phone.
  • We want aoewd on windows phone
  • Unbelievable... Wait... Yeah actually I can believe this
  • Seriously Microsoft / Klab? A Microsoft IP available everywhere but Windows? **** you... If neither of you cares about this platform, why should anyone? :/
  • I hate it when they say is currently supported for ios and android only, every single time you ask a developer, I know you support them.
  • This game is already hard enough to find on Android. Barely any devices support it apparently. And on iOS it isn't even available in the US either.
  • Guessing it makes full use of lolly
  • This doesn't really mean anything. I consider stuff every day, but doesn't mean I'm going to do it. So don't get your hopes up over this crap response from the developer
  • why doesn't Microsoft's own game available on its own OS?
  • Not "own". KLabs'.
  • Lol Microsoft flight
  • If KLab is having a hard time to make the WP port in Japan, they should transfer the development to their office in the Philippines since their first Windows Phone game was made there.
  • Yes!!!!! We ******* want it. And i dont need to explain that
  • 'Considering' is another word for f***k No!
  • Is the middle asterisk for a finger?
  • Strange how do people find time to play such time consuming games
  • Right after everyone goes to bed.
  • It's pathetic the fact there's such an article in the first place.
  • Seems like Microsoft merely licensed the IP rather than actively joined in development, it's still poor form, though.
  • Looks that way, I wonder what the terms were / are for the agreement. It sure is poor form.
  • Of course, don't know why anyone would say no.
  • Which reminds me that Skulls of the shogun is constantly crashing on W10...
  • Because it's an Xbox game and most of the Xbox games (Eg- FIFA 15: UT) are crashing on Windows 10 mobile
  • Asphalt isn't crushing on my phone L535, maybe because it was updated few weeks ago Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • " being considered" wasn't that part of the licensing or something. How did it turn into a "we're considering"?
  • considered lol. the amount of MS failure beyond any explanation
  • So in a nutshell Microsoft aren't even sure if they're going to release a Microsoft product on a Microsoft operating system for Microsoft devices?? God Microsoft, you're like the spouse that keeps screwing make it so very, very hard stay with you. Why on earth would independent developers bother to create / port apps for Windows when Microsoft won't even make their own software available for their own platform. This is 360 degrees of messed up
  • not Microsoft but klab. Do read the article. Microsoft announcing the IP doesnt mean they are involved in the rest. Specially when it comes too mobile games. So that story u were telling is kinda BS.
  • Microsoft owns the rights and the trademarks of age of empires you moron.
    Klab not considering bringing game they payed ms for to get the rights, means ms doesn't care
  • Why do people get personal over a piece of software?
  • @JCrookedSmile....I read the article. If you want to base your response on facts, you'll find them on this site: but let me summarise it for you 1) Microsoft are the licence holders and franchise owners of AoE.  Microsoft worked with Klab to develop this game. 2) Back in 2014 when MS granted Klab a licence they announced that there would be a Windows Phone version 3) if, and granted this is only my assumption, but if Microsoft put any pressure at all on Klab they would make this game available to Windows Mobile.  We long term WP users have every right to get hacked off when MS goes to greater lengths to support other platform before Windows.  I don't want to sound like a petulent child, but it's just unfair to loyal Windows Phone users.    
  • I'm beginning to think this Project Islandwood is a huge farce. If it were so easy to port from ios like they claim, all these games would be on Windows Phone by now. If even a company licensing a Microsoft IP will only consider a port, things don't look very promising.
  • I think that right now, when the Islandwood project is still in beta, it's easy to port iOS "apps" to Windows 10, not "games".
  • The 'app' they showcased when talking about Islandwood was Candy Crush Saga. That's why everyone was impressed with it, because it could convert something as complex as a game. This seems to have been another case of Microsoft over promising and under delivering.
  • Ironically a game might be easier because it doesn't have to convert iOS navigation to WP metaphors. It just draws all its primitives.
  • That's part of it. But this game is a little more tricky bc it has game centre integration which has to be changed to xbox live. So I ends up being a lot more work for the developer
  • Why can't they just port it using project islandwood, wouldn't that be the easiest solution.
  • Wtf this is Microsoft's Game but they don't release it to windows phone.. How Microsoft think that they can beat ios or android. Even they working for them.
  • Because, ms is making billions a year just from licencing software and tech to android. Windows phone doesn't generate enough
  • "Considering" could be just throwing a dice.
  • Never thought i would say this, I am losing faith on windows mobile.
  • Oh here we go again, the people losing faith in windows phone stories again. It's getting old! This game is hard to find on ios and android too. Stop being emo's.
  • MS is ******* around with us, they dont even care abou their mobile OS, they should just throw in the towel, **** myself as well for loving their OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft mobile platform and mobile hardware division are really in a limbo now, there is no good news since I don't know when......... I forgot, they have always been in a limbo. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol such passion everyone
  • I'm sick of begging developers to release their games to Windows Phone. I'm learning how to program games so I can make my own freakin Windows Phone games. And they will be exclusive to WP!
  • Good idea lol!!!!
  • By the time you finish learning and finish creating the game for widows phone Microsoft might have gone bankrupt already or you know, the world could end. Considering game engines like Unity are fully cross platform, your best bet is to learn that, release your game for Windows 10 / XBOX and then quickly learn or pay someone to help you get it published for iOS and Android, you will have the best chance at earning money that way and it can fund the development of more games and apps which you can either follow the same process or go exclusive on Windows. Look after your own wallet before you put Microsoft and their fans ahead of your income! I don't agree with developers ignoring Windows just because of poor market share but I don't really like exclusives either, my wife has an iPhone and I have a 640, it would be nice if we could play the same game no matter who develops it. Big companies have no excuse, if they create a game using a cross platform engine, it seriously wouldn't cost more than $20k to publish it on Windows, and it shouldn't even take longer than a month to develop, the potential revenue for a good game on even 3% market share is still huge in comparison to $20k and a month of effort.
  • 97% domination.
  • BS developer. They shouldn't have been given that IP in the first place.
  • Please do not release this! What i saw was a abomination of a game. The art style, the childish design .. No please!
  • You're not making sense.  If you don't like the way it looks, don't play it.  You're fee to make a choice, don't take that choice away from others.
  • I might no play
  • Klab and Microsoft should slapped and broken off. They'll consider bringing a Microsoft property to a Microsoft OS??!?! **** them and **** Microsoft for being inept enough to let Klab control and develop this game. Absolutely insulting.
  • I haven't seen trailers or anything for this game but I would love to just get AoE 2 on my phone, literally the original version just ported for ARM. I like castle siege and I'm sure world domination would be great too but nothing beats AoE 2, ever.
  • MS IP "considered" for MS platform? Why not release other MS IPs on others platforms and "consider" MS platforms too, they're already neglecting the Windows Store quite a bit. There's not many quality apps available on neither W8/8.1/WP8/8.1 or Win10, mobile or not. As a die-hard fan of Windows Phone since 2010, and a heavy user of Windows PCs and tablets, and hard-core Xbox gamer, I'm feeling like I'm being more drawn to other alternatives. Steam for games, Mac for PC/tablet and iOS. I really don't like Apple, but linux/android ain't an option and the only thing keeping me on Windows is Visual Studio, which I have little to no use of if I switch to an iPhone...
  •    This is ridiculous. A Microsoft-owned property gets released for not one, but two competitors, and "may or may not" see the light of day on their own mobile OS. WTF?!?! If Microsoft ever wants to know why their marketshare has dipped below three percent worldwide, this is one of the main reasons.  
  • Btw, Herobots got guild feature on it's update today. One step closer to guild war, and I wont miss this world domination.