AIRTAME blows past $1M, adds support for Windows Phone

Want to show your computer screen on your TV? AIRTAME aims to make it easy for you by not having to worry about cables like HDMI, DVI, VGA or DisplayPort. The crowdfunded project has reached its funding goal after just 12 days and has introduced several stretch goals to make the product even better.

Why should we care? The stretch goal of $1 million to create a Windows Phone app for AIRTAME (along with iOS and Android) has just been passed.

AIRTAME works with your Wi-Fi. First, plug the AIRTAME into the HDMI port of your TV, projector or monitor and power it up through the USB cable. Install the AIRTAME application on your computer and from the menu bar, you are able to see all AIRTAMEs that are nearby. Choose which one to stream to and type in a password - if needed. That’s it. Let the streaming begin. Watch the video below for a visual introduction.

What can the AIRTAME app do? The team plans to have smartphones and tablets as controllers or as remote screens. They explain that there are two options to do the phone/tablet support.

The first option is that they can make their own app and stream content from that. That means you have to add the things you want to stream to your TV to the app.

The other option is they can make an SDK that can be integrated into other apps. This means that if Netflix integrates the SDK into their app, you will be able to stream your Netflix movies from your phone/tablet to AIRTAME, directly from the Netflix app.

The AIRTAME dongle has an estimated delivery of May 2014 for contributors. You can send $89 to the project to receive one. Follow the project and read updates from the AIRTAME team over at the Indiegogo page. You can also fill out this survey to tell them what you expect from the Windows Phone app.

Are you planning to get the AIRTAME dongle? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Jason B.!

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Nice!
  • This seems awesome! And better than Chromecast because it'll actually support Windows Phone :)
  • Holy tits! A million dollars?! Lol it better be a good app.
    Question: is this basically airplay but with a dongle?
  • The beauty of Airplay is that it is a system wide output.  So apps don't need to write their own support.  I'd bet 100% that major app developers won't bother, especially on WP.
  • airplay is for apple devices and hardware that supports it. its of no use to us here since this is windows phone central.
  • Except that Airplay is really nice... And MS really should have an equivalent.
  • How is airplay better or different than DLNA? I'm not familiar with it that's why I'm asking.
  • It's hard to describe to someone that hasn't actually experienced it. The best way I could describe it is that it sort of like having an invisible hdmi cable between your devices. Also, it exists at a system level.  So your phone, tablet, etc. just looks at it as an output source and app support isn't required.  So any app with audio or video can project to any or multiple receiving devices.  People can also simulaneously share connects.  So you could have a party where people show their photos, video or take turns DJ'ing, etc.  On top of that there is no configuring required other than being on the same network.   I've used DLNA too and it just felt a bit more cumbersome to me.  Though I do plan to setup a DLNA receiver in my entertainment system.  The downside is that it needs to be licensed from apple.  I've also had issues where my kids have connected to the wrong device, such as my television while I'm watching it, and start streaming youtube content.
  • Ah, okay. I'm not sure what technology is used in Windows 8. But it sounds like how the Share button works where you can send a video you're watching or picture or music to any connected device in the house with just one click. I guess that's the beginning of Microsoft's offering. It's a shame such a feature isn't on Windows Phone yet. And Play To is a little cumbersome.
  • Yes, I think the biggest thing about airplay is the lack of "cumbersome".  There could be pattents involved, which may be why we don't see this ease of use in other solutions.
  • You mean the Devices button/charm. See my post below about how DLNA DMC (also known as Play To) works in Windows 8... it's been upgraded quite a bit from 7.
  • All Windows 8.1 tablets have miracast, you just need a receiver which is made by several manufacturers
  • In Windows 8 DLNA is quite a bit richer. Microsoft extended the DLNA DMC (digital media controller) capability of 7 (known as "Play To") into Windows Store apps. Audio/video played within a Store app can be transfered to a DLNA DMR (digitial media renderer) for playback. In any app, when audio/video is playing, bring up the Devices charm, select Play, and select the device. It's as easy as on iOS. Playback (play, pause, ffwd, volume) is controlled from the app itself. As far as I know apps don't have to do anything specific to support it (as several clearly-low-budget apps I tried do), although I suspect H.264/ACC is required (and is a good idea for performance reasons on Windows 8 devices anyhow.) It does support multiple controlling devices, and just requires being on the same network. It does NOT support playback to >1 renderer device at once (scenario: multiple independant speaker systems), although on the upside it does not require the controller to continue to be on after playback starts on the renderer (scenario: someone else would like to use the iPad without having to babysit your video that's playing on the TV.) It also does NOT support screencast, but that's a different topic. DLNA is not only the DLNS DMS functions that are well known from Windows of old. Note: XBox One is a DLNA DMR that works quite well with Windows 8...
  • Thanks for the info! Would there be any support on Windows Phone?  What I'd really like would be to use the likes of Pandora, Rhapsody, Yoube and Vimeo from my phone and send it to my home AV system.  That's what I was able to do with Airplay.
  • Since DLNA technology doesn't support movie subtitles, I'd like to see support with AIRTAME!
  • Ummm.. Miracast
  • Sounds promising.
  • How about your phone screen on the tv?! I know Sony do it with their experia over wifi to tv! Why cant we do it with windows phone?
  • I would love that
  • Like Nokia Beemer?
  • There is that, except its slow as hell, not the best quality and has limited support! I mean like this says, screen duplication etc.. You cant even have output via the usb (gen public cant anyway)
  • Yeah, but Nokia steamer goes out over the web pipes and doesn't really "stream" live smooth video but sends intermittent images
  • I can't wait to have this with my 1520
  • Methinks no Windows RT support :(
  • There was a question on the survey that asked which tablet OS you would use it on. They're at least considering it :)
  • So nice to actually have someone to consider Windows Phone support. If more of them would at least throw in the option for Windows Phone support they would probably be surprised by the results..
  • +1520!!!! I think the hate is strong from outside devs who's main phone isn't WP. I pray that changes!
  • Cool...
  • Sounds interesting might spring for one.
  • How will they do it?
  • Magic (watch the video)
  • Identical to Chromecast, which I already have, so is this going to be any better than that?
  • Because you won't be sending your viewing behavior to Google for marketing and tracking purposes.
  • ^^This. My only concern is if these guys will sell out to google. That evil ass ad agency wants to starve WP out of existence.  Microsoft sits in suspense behaving like the CEO's at Blackberry; thinking they cannot be overtaken. Blackberry has now been reduced to a messenger service for android and Apple for as long as it lasts.
  • What keeps MS from buying this out instead of Google. I'm sure the initial price would be cheap and the long term potential would be great. I for one, would send them $89 for one if I could believe that Google would not be the beneficiary.
  • Chromecast has no windows phone or windows 8 app support.
  • Plus it only supports through the browser! You cant screen share or play videos etc on your computer itself.
    P.s. Only in US.....
  • As others have said, apples and oranges. Chromecast can only play back content that's available on the Internet or a file share. It can't mirror what's on your device's screen (e.g. a game). They each have their pros and cons, but technically you can do more with a device that mirrors everything (like this, or Miracast).
  • Will chromecast add a screen mirroring feature? I would imagine they would eventually? I just don't want to have to buy this if in the near future the product that I already have will be updated and do the same thing
  • Chromecast can mirror your screen, but this is only available via desktop Chrome, not on any mobile platform.
  • Ugh, desktop chrome. Most widely distributed peice of spyware in existence.
  • Now it's time for Intuit to support WP❕
  • That day can't come soon enough. The only reason I still have my galaxy tab is for GoPayment & QuickBooks.
  • Interesting idea, but I can think of better things to spend $104 on.  
  • The Qualcomm chips in most current WP devices support Miracast, all MS has to do is support it in the OS. This product won't really work well on WP as it can't run in the background, limiting its use.
  • How about Xbox? Perhaps too much trouble with latency for gaming...
  • I'd buy it!
  • "Can't do that with satellite."  hehe. This looks to be some amazing software.  Take my money, please.  
  • I think wp doesn't support either video out through mhl and USB on the go
  • If you have a "computer".
  • This seems VERY interesting....and I'm all for new tech support WP8!
  • Sorry to be a debbie downer, but... gee, a 30th wireless streaming standard? Just what I always wanted! On a more serious note, instead of reinventing the wheel for the 30th time, I wish people would just focus on innovating and improving one standard. The miracast standard, for example. Miracast is for screen mirroring (or a wireless monitor), but there's no reason it can't be dumbed down and optimized for video streaming in an app. One dongle, most functional and most versatile standard. All modern phones already have the hardware necessary. This kickstarter is for hardware that is inherently less functional than miracast, and in theory all that is needed to support it is an app. Miracast already exists, and all it needs for WP support is for someone to develop an app, AND advanced support is BUILT INTO desktop windows 8.1. This kickstarter sounds like a $1million fool's errand.   Which brings me to another line of thought- is there any software at all for Wifi Direct in WP8? I haven't seen it used ever- file sharing via NFC is done through bluetooth (for some odd reason). From what I've seen, most WP8 phones have dusty, completely unused wifi direct chips in them.
  • please read the indigogo page. they have a table that shows that their solution is superior to Miracast and Airplay in many ways.
  • It's hardly better at all. Their chart is inaccurate- they don't show miracast as supporting some features that it does (desktop extending for one). They don't say whether you *can* use wifi direct either- they seem to think that not using wifi direct is a plus. Performance that depends on a good router, good wireless card, low traffic on the wireless card and low traffic on the network-router? Please.   The only special thing about this is the fact that it's open source. Oh wait, screenbeam (miracast receiver) is open source. Guess there's not a lot special here.   That said I'll probably end up buying one or two, because WP support.
  • Perhaps superior to Airplay on paper.  But in everyday use I've never seen anything come close to Airplay in simplicity.  Everything just works with no fuss.  Apps don't need to be written to support it either.
  • Airplay seems to be your answer for everything. But it is for Apple products only. How does this suggestion apply or even work for Microsoft products? Did you log on to the wrong site this morning?
  • Whoa, easy there. No need to get so mad.  My point is there should be something baked in at the os level so that any audio/video can be projected.  Relying on apps to support a protocal just doesn't cut it.    And what's wrong with wanting a similar experience to be on WP?
  • Not mad, just feels like a Apple troll comment on a Windows Phone site. This is what should you should have expressed the first time and I completely agree. Thus functionality should be baked in at the OS level.
  • This is true. Sadly, nothing comes even close to Airplay (and I've gotten rid of nearly all my Apple devices now!). Chromecast is limited but functional, Miracast is a bag of hurt. I really wish WP/Win had a comparable solution.
  • I would definitely buy this.
  • I rather get a Miracast dongle than this.
  • Seems cool!
  • Still think it should support a fallback to miracast for compatibility with new and not yet supported devices. A way you don't always have to use their software on the host.
  • very promising. IDK why they're not using the extra cash to add 802.11ac support
  • I really hope they support windows Rt
  • Nokia beamer ftw and a million cheaper
  • It doesnt seem to really offer anything that Miracast wouldnt.  I just wish WP would support miracast instead.
  • Lol
  • Will it be available in England and if so how much?
  • That's amazing, this means less cables behind my desk.
  • Is this any better/different to Nokia PlayTo?
  • Better and different ;) because it's WiFi linked via the dongle.
    But, some comments pointed that's a (little bit) shame because, at the same time, Windows 8.1 support miracast technology... To share your screen via WiFi too
  • You could use Wi-Fi direct to a smart TV and use Play To that way as well. But then you'd need a smart TV or any other device that supports Wi-Fi direct.
  • hmmm I got WiDi for two years now, and I can't see why would I need this and in what way is this innovative?
  • I'm using a netgear PTV3000 push2tv with my surface pro through my xbone, I'm hoping this helps Intel get its act in gear and offers WiDi support to windows phone, and not just android 4.1+
  • notice all the shiny apple laptops and one beat up windows laptop in the video. thats what microsoft is fighting against.
  • We need screen mirroring on wp; or something like that. Succes to microsoft.
  • So they ripped off PiCast?
  • Isnt this just another standart? All windows 8.1 machines already have Miracast support, so why would i want this? What we need is something that supports all the existing standarts, and brings them together! A dongle that could do Miracast, AirPlay, and DNLA would be a killer device! This is just meh imo, and will polarize the field even more, since it will be app based, and not a standart that is easy to bake into an OS for added functionalty.. Mostly it seems like a big PR and money project to me
  • I don't see any way at all that a 3rd party WP app could intercept the screen output of other apps.  This would have to be coded by MS and made available as an API.  
  • I plan on getting this product, windows supported or not. 
  • Just another standard to muddy the waters. We just want something that works without tweaking. Plug and play. I would like to hear from MS and WPCentral staff on what they believe is the most painless way to display our desktops/photos/videos to our TV's without using the xb360 or xbone.