All new Adobe Creative Cloud Express features released in March

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Screen
Adobe Creative Cloud Express Screen (Image credit: Adobe)

As is usually the case with big software services, Adobe has made a few updates to Creative Cloud Express that make its program easier to use. The focus in March was to make more quick guides to help users implement their creative ideas more easily whether they're on their phones or laptops. We'll go over these changes one by one and explain what makes them so important.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

This is a simple program on web and mobile that allows people to quickly put together templates. Similar to the best photo editing apps, Creative Cloud Express allows you to choose fonts, place assets, and work with others on a team to make the perfect project. If this sounds familiar, it's because this program used to be called Adobe Spark. It can work on any device that supports Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher or Windows 11.

Customizable basic shapes

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Shapes are one of the basic tools in this program and often one of the first things that gets placed in your project. Of course, the more shapes there are from which to choose, the more likely you are to find what you're looking for. Clicking on the Icons button in the program brings up new and familiar shapes. Use the new customization abilities to adjust fill and border colors or to change border width to look just the way you want it to.

Mobile Quick Actions

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

Quick Actions allow you to quickly make changes to your projects so you can get them done more efficiently. With last March's update, users can now use the Crop Quick Action tool from smartphones as well as the Resize Video option so you can make your videos look the way you want to with fewer steps involved.

Other quality of life improvements

Source: Adobe (Image credit: Source: Adobe)

As with any program, Adobe continues to bring other small but helpful improvements to Creative Cloud Express including:

  • Improved file drag and drop: Your desktop view will stay zoomed in when you drag and drop files into your projects.
  • Replace feature: Makes it easier for users to test out different assets in their projects and allow people to discover and choose assets more easily.

More to come

Adobe continues to work on its programs every month to bring quality of life improvements and useful new tools to help users reach their end goals easier. Check out the updates that have come to Adobe Creative Cloud Express to see what you can create.

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