Alltel Launches Alltel Mobile Email App

Today Alltel announced that they're going to be offering simple push email to their Windows Mobile customers in the form of an app they're calling “Alltel Mobile E-mail.” We call it “Seven” and know and love it in its free Beta Program form. The Beta offers their latest and greatest and it's one of my first-installs on any mobile device.

If you're not down with the Beta, though, Alltel will ship their email app (which integrates with Outlook Mobile) on new devices and should offer a download to existing customers as well (link to that pending). The release brings Alltel up to speed with the other big US wireless carriers in offering a version of Seven's push email client on Windows Mobile, each branded with the carrier's respective identity.

So we're curious because it's a perennial question: Have you found a solution to get push email for your email that isn't Exchange? What is it?

[via phonescoop]

WC Staff
  • I'm playing with the push imap beta here:
    It works really well (typically a 10-20 sec delay), but as of yet doesnt have access to settings to configure how it works. It also doesn't do a very good job of re-connecting upon data loss.
    It's a really promising start though.
    Mail2Web is still my daily driver. I haven't found a better all in one sync (and for free no less).
  • I've used AT&T's version of Seven which is in desperate need of an update and the beta of Seven.
    It integrates so well into WinMo mail that it's barely noticeable except the notification icon is ugly and doesn't clear in one step like the default mail notification icon.
    With the default WinMo, you can go to the inbox and the mail icon will clear. With Seven, you have to tap a few more buttons. During the course of the day, it made it too annoying.
    It worked quite well but due to the icon, I uninstalled it. I can wait 10 minutes to know if I have new mail.
  • I use Windows Live for Windows Mobile. It works well, isn't a beta, and is free.