Ally Bank app for Windows Phone coming in next few weeks

Are you an Ally Bank customer rocking a Windows Phone handset? If so, you’ve probably been dying to get an official app for a long time. We first reported that Ally Bank was working on a Windows Phone app last April and we’re nearing the one year mark of that announcement. Good news today, because it looks like we might be a few weeks away from seeing the official app hit the Windows Phone Store.

Ally Bank took to Twitter to respond to a customer’s concern over their lack of Windows Phone app. They replied saying that the Ally Bank team is in the final stages of completing the Windows Phone app and that it’s due out in the next few weeks.

Ally Bank Tweet

We’ve reached out to Ally Bank to see if we can get a date a little more firm or maybe an early look at the app for you all. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, how many Ally Bank customers are looking forward to the app coming?

Source: Twitter

Thanks for the tip Abraham!

Sam Sabri
  • I will be one of them!
  • Great news. I asked them for an app about a year ago.
  • Then, you are the guy who from year ago coming back here like a time travel. That sound like a movie. Haha lol joking
  • About time!
  • tight!
  • Oooo thinking of putty my tax money there
  • Was it this or All-state that used a Windows Phone in their latest commercial? Either way, neither of them have apps if I remember correctly. Cool to see this one coming.
  • It was Geico. Who doesn't have a WP app either.
  • Yes there was that, but I noticed on TV either Allstate or Ally as well. Windows Phones stick out, and they seem to be used in ads a lot now too. (There just usually isn't a WP version of the app/service being advertised.)
  • I've been seeing alot of commercials with Windows phones being used but no app... I don't understand it.
  • Apparently, the advertising firms aren't consulting the companies developers before choosing hardware for their commercials.
    Obviously, the bright colors of the Lumias make them attractive to advertisers.
  • The Pig has a 8X but after tweeting them asking if this was a way of telling us we are getting a WP app the next week they changed it to not show the windows flag. so I tweeted them again asking wouldn’t it be cheaper to make a WP app then to cover up that it’s a WP in the ad. still no response.
  • Finally!  Been waiting a long time for this. Even though I don't get many checks, this will be a lot easier then having to use a scanner and everything. (this is of course if they put this functionality into the app)   Now I just need Paypal to release an app so we can use the Paypal Now card swipe addon.
  • Check the store. I think there is a PayPal app.
  • There is a PayPal app, but not one for their Paypal Here(wrote it wrong in my above post), which is like Square's credit card reader.  Then again Square doesn't have one either. Does Windows Phone not allow access to the headphone port for things like Square and PayPal Here, or are they just not developing for it because they don't feel like it?
  • They don't feel like it. I have a card reader from Cube, which is in the Store. The reader cost $32.99.
  • +1...I'm going to be really disappointed if there is no check depositing in this app.
  • What is it with the term "rocking"?
  • YES!!!!!!
  • What about hsbc bank?
  • Finally!
  • Hell yes, I was just wishing for this app over the weekend!
  • Awesome
  • Been dying for a Fifth Third Bank app :'(
  • Finally. Can we get on PNC next.
  • Any news on First Direct's progress?
  • Good news. I just signed up with Ally, and was appalled to see their mobile site was incompatible with non-webkit browsers. Not having an app is one thing, but for an online-only bank, a mobile site that doesn't work with all phones is ridiculous.
  • Been using Ally for about two years now and could never get the mobile site to work on WP, so you just explained it.  I love the bank so defintiely excited for the app!
  • Odd..I have been using Ally for little over a year and since I went to WP I have been accessing them through the browser on my phone no problems at all. Are you guys not using IE?
  • Are you getting the mobile site or the full desktop site? Because no matter what setting I have either IE or UC Browser on, desktop or mobile preference, I get the desktop site. Ally heavily advertises their mobile site too, through emails and on their home page.
  • I was thinking of closing my account, I guess now I'll wait a few more weeks.
  • Cool!
  • Wow before td bank. Nice.
  • Awesomeness !!!
  • Awesome :)
  • Now all my bank apps will be covered. Just need discover card app. Ally is awesome!
  • Thank you ally! Appreciate the effort! Now I have you on all my platforms.
  • Its too late, I already switched to Bank of America.
  • What does BoA have that Ally doesn't?
  • You can't deposit cash with Ally, and I was tired of waiting for their damn app that has yet to be released, so I switched to BofA who already had a WP app.
  • I do a deposit to BBVA then transfer the money to Ally. It works out nicely.
  • Finally...can't wait for this app.
  • Still no Capital One 360 app. Might look into switching to Ally.
  • Sweet. Other banks will have to follow or else.
  • wtf..still no Citibank tho smh
  • What about PNC bank app?
  • OMG yes!!!!!!