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Rovio brings Amazing Alex to Windows Phone 7 too

Yesterday, Rovio’s Amazing Alex launched on Windows Phone 8 as an Xbox Live title, whereas Microsoft’s long-awaited Ms. Splosion Man debuted only for Windows Phone 7 devices. More than one reader remarked on the irony of the graphically simpler Amazing Alex heading straight to Windows Phone 8 while a more complex game turned out to be incompatible with it.

Rovio has a history of releasing separate Windows Phone 7 versions of its Angry Birds games though, so it should surprise no one that Amazing Alex has just turned up on Windows Phone 7 minus the Xbox Live features. Let us not mourn the death of an ironic situation but instead celebrate the life of a new Windows Phone 7 game. But are Windows Phone 7 gamers ready for 100 levels of amazing physics puzzles?

Amazement will ensue

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex is Rovio’s first non-Angry Birds game in years, but it’s still a physics puzzler. However, instead of slingshotting things around, this game is based on an older mobile title called Casey’s Contraptions. And that game was inspired by The Incredible Machine, so that tells you what Amazing Alex will be like.

This game stars a little blond boy named Alex who loves to invent things. He basically shows up in the menus and such to give the title some personality, but not during actual gameplay. The game starts out very simply, with the tutorial levels sharing the goal of helping a rolling ball fall into a basket. During each level, players have a few objects they can place to help things along. As the game progresses, you’ll eventually be assembling much more complicated machines out of household items.

Nothing left behind

Amazing Alex

The Windows Phone Store page for this version makes no mention of sharing levels, and so we were afraid that feature might be missing on Windows Phone 7. Thankfully, the ability to create, upload, and download levels online did make the cut! Of course, you'll need to complete several levels before the creation option actually unlocks. Alex must learn to crawl before he can build multi-part death machines.

Downloading levels looks to work the same way as the Windows Phone 8 game. You can either browse a big group of them or just cut straight to the good ones; Rovio’s favorite level picks are grouped as the Levels of the Week. The level creation and downloading should give Amazing Alex a fair bit of replay value. For more impressions, check out Simon’s review at Android Central.

The only downside we can see in this version other than the lack of Xbox Live Achievements is the touch input itself. It seems less responsive than the Windows Phone 8 game. Would anyone else who has tried both versions like to comment? And should Rovio keep building two separate versions instead of making a Windows Phone 7 game that runs on newer devices too?

Amazing Alex for Windows Phone 7 costs 99 cents and is a light 12 MB download. Get it here at the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 users should grab that version here instead.

QR: Amazing Alex WP7

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Nice
  • But would have been nicer with Xbox live. :(
  • Indeed, no Xbox live on WP7 WTF!!! Well won't be getting my $0.99 with no Xbox and achievements.
  • Yay, Rovio!
  • An no Ms Explosion for WP8 still....thanks for upgrading, you schmuk!! Hahahaha
  • I'm sure we'll get it. Idk when, but I think we'll get it lol.
  • MS confirmed they have no plans to add WP8 compatibility to Ms .Splosion Man. Unless they change their mind, it's not happening.
  • @Paul - Any news on Chaos Rings for WP8?
  • I'm also waiting for Chaos Rings for WP8
  • Paul told me on twitter that square is investigating it. Hopefully we will hear something positive soon.
  • As Shamoozoo said, Square Enix has told us that they are investigating. Hopefully they'll let us know soon.
  • Its easier to move an app from wp7 to wp8 than make one for wp8. Laziness.
  • But considering resolution, would the game look like .... on WP8?
  • I think we could all deal with it. After all, most of us play WP7 games on WP8 all the time.
  • That's good that they're doing that for them. At least Rovio is showing support to the 7.5 and 7.x peoples. I have a WP8 and I'm happy for them. :)
  • +1
  • +1
  • Rovio is definitely bringing WP support well done!
  • Not really, it's just when they started making the game there was only Windows 7, so they was making it for Windows 7 without thinking of Windows 8. Sounds like lack of vision to me and their to lazy to adapt it to Windows 8.
  • +1
  • I assume if I buy this and get a WP8 device in a few months I will not be able to redownload the XBL version, right?
  • Different versions, separate purchases. Sucks but understandable. They did that with AB too.
  • I was thinking of the same .. But my friend just upgraded to WP8 , he had to re buy Angry Birds Seasons , etc .. So guess , I will just wait
  • Bad Pigies is next... I know it!! :D
  • Hopefully!
  • I still want Chaos Rings on wp8!!!!!!!
  • Link for WP7 version seems to be going to WP8 version.
  • WP7 version
  • Fixed!
  • I'm happy about this but they could have at least spent a little time updating Angry Birds to use multitasking. My god that was the worst thing for me with my Focus having to restart the game everytime I jumped out to text. First world problems I know but seriously...
  • And secondly PopCap is guilty too, loved Plants Vs Zombies but hated that there was no multitasking
  • Now we only need Bad Piggies, imo the best one of the Rovio's games. I'm really glad WP7 gets some love too.
  • Probably would have grabbed it if it was Xbox enabled.  Oh well, I'll pass for now and pick it up when I upgrade to WP8.
  •  Its actually based on this i'd say ,not a mobile game.
  • Read the whole paragraph and I'm sure Incredible Machine comes up.
  • My bad ,i missed it somehow...
  • nice, just purchased for my lumia :)
  • Sorry not touching any game Rovio makes. Not going to be ripped of again when the fail to provide updates promised. (Angry Birds Star Wars Window 8 ring any bells)
  • They did provide Hoth update for free on WP8
  • But not window 8. I will amend my post
  • Honestly, I can't see why Rovio won't provide us WP7 users their games with Xbox Live achievements. Perhaps they think that our "dated" hardware can't handle receiving a notification for an achievement while playing a game? Ugh, I hate being treated as beta testers by corporations. On the plus side, at least Rovio is showing us some support by releasing their games to our aged platform, unlike some other developers like PopCap who completely abandoned WP for the likes of android and iOS.
  • I think both the WP7 and WP8 games would be Xbox Live enabled, but the Live certification process is notoriously time consuming and difficult. They don't want to put each version of the game through it, so they just do it with the WP8 version since that one will remain a viable selling product for longer. Also, PopCap just recently made Bejeweled Live+ and Zuma's Revenge for Windows Phone 7 (as Nokia exclusives), so I wouldn't say they've abandoned Windows Phone at all.
  • Hey, this game apparently doesnt work on 256 Mb ram devices!!
  • Now THIS is a game for me.  I love the Incredible Machine games, so this is right up my alley.  I don't have enough space to actually download/install it on my phone, but it's nice to know that the option is there.