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Amazon has released its own Windows 10 and Xbox One game engine for free

Amazon is offering developers new tools that will allow them to make games for free. The Lumberyard engine is now available for download, and works on all currently supported version of Windows, including Windows 10, along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Lumberyard has been designed to work with Amazon Web Services, the company's popular cloud-based computing service. Amazon says:

"A blend of new and proven technologies from CryEngine, Double Helix, and AWS, Lumberyard simplifies and streamlines game development. As a game engine, it supports development of cloud-connected and standalone 3D games, with support for asset management, character creation, AI, physics, audio, and more. On the development side, the Lumberyard IDE allows you to design indoor and outdoor environments, starting from a blank canvas."

Lumberyard can be used to create standalone games for free, but the developer does have to pay for any AWS-based charges. The company is also launching Amazon GameLift, which works with Lumberyard to provide game developers with scalable multiplayer servers. Amazon says:

"You simply upload your game server image to AWS and deploy the image into a fleet of EC2 instances that scales up as players connect and play. You don't need to invest in building, scaling, running, or monitoring your own fleet of servers. Instead, you pay a small fee per daily active user (DAU) and the usual EC2 On-Demand rates for the compute capacity, EBS storage, and bandwidth that your users consume."

Finally, all games made with Lumberyard will be able to use two features from the Twitch game streaming service:

"Twitch ChatPlay allows you to build games that respond to keywords in a Twitch chat stream. For example, the audience can vote to have the player take the most desired course of action. Twitch JoinIn allows a broadcaster to invite a member of the audience into to the game from within the chat channel."

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab)

  • Nice
  • It's raining games?
  • @thusharaya...REALLY !?
  • I wonder why they never update their windows mobile apps
  • They have only 1 app on WP
  • 2 by my count, kindle and the amazon store thing
  • Oh yeah, that one too. I wish they could port their amazon mobile app..
  • Also Audible
  • Not true. Kindle and and Amazon Shopping
  • Amazon, Audible, Kindle - Audible has received several updates of late.
  • which suggest Audible is profitable?
  • No. It suggests that they have more than one app and they are updated. (in the context of the conversation thread). However, if memory serves, Audible has supported Win phone since way back. Even Kindle has been on board for a while.
  • Peach it Wilson
  • They let us shop (Amazon, Kindle, Audible), but they don't give us any perks of Prime membership (Now, Music, Video). I asked for a Prime discount because of this.
  • Did you get one?
  • I would be incredibly surprised if he did. I don't see why him not having a product that can run their apps is Amazon's problem.
  • Get an Amazon Fire tablet, they have been on sale for $40.
  • Very interesting.
  • Why is "Windows 10" on the headline?
  • Because it supports Windows 10. You know, the latest version.
  • So this is what the Killer Instinct devs were bought for and have been working on!!!! Nice! Mystery solved! Where did we put those Scooby Snacks????
  • This is pretty cool, if game publishers utilize it.
  • Nice news though I prefer the free version of Unity then you don't get tied down with AWS.
  • What a waste of money from Amazon
  • Free.
  • The tools are free, the rest is not
  • Reads something like the initial XBox One features that got lost along the way.
  • The headline is kinda awkward
  • I have a new concept for Windows 10 TV: Please, check :) Thank you
  • Wow they should f***ing hire you, this is amazing and beautifully designed
  • Could you make something for the cars infotainment as a Microsoft concept because they lost sync with ford and have nothing
  • Nice man
  • So... your "concept" is the current Xbox UI?
  • Did you read about the concept? It's based off the current UI.
  • Make it an app
  • Correct me if I am wrong but if game is offline the engine is completely free to use?
  • Funny coming from the company that refuses to make an Amazon Instant Video app for Windows 10.
  • This is what's going on... Amazon sees gaming as a service & cloud assisted gaming as very real possibilities in the future Microsoft has the industry standard developer tools (visual studios), proven 1st party gaming studios, popular gaming platforms (Xbox & Windows), industry standard gaming API (directx), 3D engine (unreal partnership & havok middleware) & global cloud infrastructure (Azure). After Crackdown 3 is released and cloud computing is proven as a real thing. Amazon fears game developers in mass stampeding to microsoft door to use Azure. Amazon has the cloud infrastruction & now 3d engine.... they lack everything else that microsoft already has in place.
  • What's Microsoft's answer to this obvious threat?
  • see above, Amazon is no threat
  • This is Amazons answer to Microsoft. See above comment.
  • They don't need their own game engine. Amazon will make money from developers using AWS. Microsoft already has Azure to answer this.
  • How about a proper universal app, Amazon?!
  • Are you serious? 
  • It's probably a good thing Amazon never updates the Kindle app, otherwise I'd be spending a lot more cash at Amazon.
  • I take it this isn't really the kind of thing for casual gamers? :D I think it'd be cool to build a game as a hobby, but something tells me you'd need a lot of knowledge and experience to use this. Oh well.
  • Try using something like game maker if you just want to mess around. All of these game engines require programming knowledge to do anything useful in them.
  • Have a play with project spark its really not that hard and there are a lot of games you can mod and a user community to help.  
  • Awesome
  • Really neat!
  • Hope it supports the C# programming language
  • The headline is kinda misleading, giving us the impression that this in some way is aimed at doing silly Windows 10 apps or whatnot.  Lumberyard is only in beta at the moment, but will support Windows/Mac/Linux/Xbox/PS4/Android/iOS. Claiming (or at least hinting) that it's a Windows 10 and Xbox game engine feels dishonest. (Especially since it's aimed at making real games, not Windows 10 apps.) 
  • It is for Xbox and Windows 10, just not exclusive. I am more focused on how Amazon is using this to angle AWS in there.. Azure has to view this as a shot against them.
  • Will I need knowledge on game making or is this a "game making for dummies" kind of thing?
  • was downloading .
  • support for uwp deploy?