Amazon's Windows 10 PC app is live, but don't get too excited

Amazon has now released its Windows 10 PC app in the Windows Store. However, the app is a Hosted Web App with minimal Windows 10 features.

The new Windows 10 Amazon app is basically a slight update from the older Windows 8 version of the app. When you download and install it, a message pops up that states the app now features "a new and improved shopping app for Windows 10". It comes just a few days after the online retailer retired its long-running Windows Phone app. As we reported earlier this week, the new PC app was created with Microsoft's Project Westminister tools that are designed to turn web sites into full Windows 10 UWP apps.

Unfortunately, this first version of the Amazon Windows 10 PC app doesn't use most of the features that are available for UWP apps. It's possible that Amazon will add these features to the app in future updates. There are currently no plans to bring the app to Windows 10 Mobile.

Download Amazon from the Windows Store

Thanks to "ttsoldier" for the tip!

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John Callaham