AMD starts a serious tease on Vega, its return to high end GPUs

AMD is beginning a serious tease for its next generation GPU architecture, Vega, which will herald a return of the red team to making high-end GPUs. While the recent Polaris cards, headlined by the RX480, aren't on an equal footing with NVIDIAs highest end offerings, Vega will be going straight for that portion of the market.

One of the first, albeit brief demos is shown above, with Doom running at 4K above 60 FPS consistently using the Vulkan API. Sure, Doom is tremendously optimized so it's a great showpiece, but nevertheless, it shows what AMD is going for with its Vega powered Radeon GPUs.

There are a few different video teasers, and in one we're simply told to "buckle up." Apparently Radeon is back.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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