AMD crams a gaming PC with two 4K-capable GPUs into a console-sized case

AMD launched its next-generation Radeon Fury series of video cards today, showing off Project Quantum, through which the vendor managed to squeeze an enthusiast PC with two fully unlocked Fiji XT GPUs that deliver 17 TFlops of performance and 8GB video memory.

AMD was shy on the details, but what we do know is that the components will be liquid-cooled and housed at the bottom of the SFF (small form factor) case, with the liquid cooling solution occupying the top half. The two sections are connected through a pipe of sorts. The exact figures of the GPUs were also not shared, with AMD only stating that Project Quantum will be able to handle any 4K game at 40fps with ease. The case will feature a 64-bit AMD CPU, and will run Windows 10 out of the box.

At this stage, Project Quantum is still a prototype, although AMD is working with partners in launching a solution with a custom-designed motherboard (AMD was using an standard mini-ITX board during the demo) to consumers in the near future.

Source: YouTube (AMD)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

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  • Hmmm. Was thinking of doing this with a titan x. A bitfinix flat case. Kinda like the steam machines. I've got a tower at the moment, though that's more a server than anything else, multiple ssds etc. Still, slim form factor is good, as long as the cooling is sufficient. My recent experience with new AMD cards hasn't been great, prefer nvidia for thermal and power redirect efficiency. And all the post processing in games that seem to be locked out from AMD - whether it's AMD being useless or a conspiracy is a whole other thing lol. Anyway, good on em for trying.
  • Price? I mean I know is a prototype... But I want it.
  • please make this happen.
  • Now SSD is almost standard,and CD/Drives (optical) are a thing of the past, why aren't ALL PC manufacturers making more futuristic design. We've gone from boring grey boxes, to Apple making squares in high tech materials, the Surface another square, Apple has one round product :/ Cant they innovate in shape. Can't they make them water or cooled to be silent. I'm glad AMD are putting this into prodcution. Hoorhah for non boring PCs.
  • This is some serious innovative stuff from AMD...They are going on an all out attack on NVIDIA and Intel...if only their software team was as competent as their hardware team
  • If its kept as a reference card(manufactured by them/to their specs.) like the good olde days it might be amazing just like their mxm solutions for dell/eurocomm
  • It's a prototype. So I want to play Prototype 3 in it.
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  • With Intel CPU they can get so much more frames... :-)
  • Exactly not really interested in a cpu assisted cf solution
  • Currently, sure. With DX12 soon, won't matter.
  • I doubt HSA would work as efficiently with an Intel cpu. Time will tell.
  • Not sure about that box. The "prototype" thing sounds like a potential vaporware
  • Looks like an expensive personal space heater.
  • Take my money! Those cooler and heat sink are awesome..
  • That was outside of my thinking, and I thought that was NVIDIA and/or Intel who did that. But, I was wrong...
  • the GPUs alone cost over 1000$, so you can guess what the thing would cost while a PS4/X1 cost 400$.
  • But can Xbox or ps4 run 4K? I aren't think that
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  • True. But I have yet to meet someone in person that actually plays anything in 4k. Sure, I chat with with people online that do but how many ppl need 4k gaming or own 4k tvs? Maybe like 5%. Though I'm hoping to be one of them by year end ;)
  • Either way, is there even a need for 4K?? Graphics for 1080P have got to the stage where our Eyes cannot tell the difference between 1080 and 4K.... Just a waste of money if you ask me.... Plus why drop to 40fps when we can get 60 now? 
  • Yeah... Liquid cooled and everything? Looking at $2000 at least I'd say
  • This would run games that loom and run miles better than a console. The comparison is void. You need a 750Ti/260X for console level of visuals.
  • The fury x is 650 dollars for top card I suspect to nano's which will be cheaper, before you type read before on reviews, until specs are announced pricing will come!
  • nah, that's what I called: Innovation! Seriously, I was thinking about the cooling system they use and how they can cram the high-end GPU into a small, ITX form-based console. That was interesting, and I was surprised that why Intel and NVIDIA didn't do the same thing as before. Here, take my appreciation from the fonder of NVIDIA and Intel's processing units. :)
  • WANT!!  Take My Money.  Games like Cities: Skylines would look FANTASTIC on this.
  • And if you set a pot of water on it you can watch it boil.
  • If this is coming in next few months, I am going to buy it.. this is what I am looking forward to replace my ultra bulky PC taking a lot of space... I would really love if they make it more customizeable and wall mountable. 
  • I just purchase a 4K monitor and SFF PC and there is no 4K graphic cards for this PC case right now. Force to use integrated Intel HD 4600 GPU with Displayport 1.2.
  • Should have done alot more research, no? :P.
  • And fury beats the nvidia branch again! Leaders in innovation
  • single purpose gaming and entertainment machine. not bad. but still wont buy any cheap amd shit.  
  • Of course you don't HAVE to play at 4K. Just think of the cooling overhead you'll have when playing at 1080p.
  • One thing that i liked on AMD is that their APUs can play decent games at decent settings, compared to i series with HD4xxx. I am currently playing JC2 on a laptop, and a8-4555 can handle it with ease on medium settings. Good to see AMD/ATI continues to innovate. Keep up the good work!