AMD launched its next-generation Radeon Fury series of video cards today, showing off Project Quantum, through which the vendor managed to squeeze an enthusiast PC with two fully unlocked Fiji XT GPUs that deliver 17 TFlops of performance and 8GB video memory.

AMD was shy on the details, but what we do know is that the components will be liquid-cooled and housed at the bottom of the SFF (small form factor) case, with the liquid cooling solution occupying the top half. The two sections are connected through a pipe of sorts. The exact figures of the GPUs were also not shared, with AMD only stating that Project Quantum will be able to handle any 4K game at 40fps with ease. The case will feature a 64-bit AMD CPU, and will run Windows 10 out of the box.

At this stage, Project Quantum is still a prototype, although AMD is working with partners in launching a solution with a custom-designed motherboard (AMD was using an standard mini-ITX board during the demo) to consumers in the near future.

Source: YouTube (AMD)