American Airlines yanks their app from Windows Phone, reportedly drops support

Living with Windows Phone tends to be a war of attrition. We make gains, but we always tend to lose something as well, causing frustration amongst users who have to deal with this chicken and egg problem.

This afternoon, American Airlines is the latest to take their ball and go home as their app for Windows Phone is no longer available.

Reader of our site Andy tried to grab the app recently but noticed it was no longer available. He reached out to American Airlines who noted that they no longer support Windows Phone.

Oddly enough, American Airlines just updated their Windows Phone app back in September (of this year, natch) with the ability to add boarding passes to the Wallet. However, when we click on the direct Store link, we get the familiar "this app is no longer published" message seemingly confirming the move by the #9 Forbes-ranked airline.

Recent reviews of the app have even been positive, garnering five stars (out of 5) from a few users as the last update appeared to fix many problems. Indeed the app maintains a healthy 3.8 (out of 5) rating from customers, with things improving with the recent patch.

All of this makes their pulling the plug on their app odd. At the very least, American Airlines could let the app stay on the Store for new users to download instead of nuking their creation.

We've reached out to American Airlines for a comment.

Thanks, Andy, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • These developers/companies are so ridiculous.
  • Dropbox announcement is related to this in a way that we get something and lose something.
  • Just read the article, I didn't have that impression. Not at all.
  • Yeah, Dropbox isn't even mentioned at all ...
  • It was mentioned earlier
  • Where did it say anything about Dropbox?
  • Daniel edited it out.
  • Now that stinks. Maybe thier one Windows Phone developer quit and no one else on thier IT staff has WP developing chops.:-)
    Between this and the commentator using his iPad rather than the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has been hit with a couple of doozys today.
    That's all right though. We're still the best platform out there and WE ARE MAKING STRIDES! In the melody of that class sitcom:
    "You take the good, you take the bad you take them both and there you have the ffacts of life, the facts of life."
    Still encouraged.:-)
  • Exactly how are we making strides❓ The last thing WP fans need is a false sense of hope when the reality is that the platform is actually going downhill.... That is reality❗
  • Gloria Loring sang that theme song. Yes, I really did know that. Hey, don't judge.
  • No, they do what's best for themselves, and I would drop an app for a platform with no marketing, and practically no effort to build market share from the company that made the platform...
    Nobody is out to get WP but Microsoft❗
    When I see news like this I immediately blame Microsoft... SMH❗
    Poor Marketing is the root cause of all of WP's issues.. This is pathetic.
  • You really need to get off this marketing schtick. It's just not true.
  • Sure, ok.. Thanks for your opinion..
  • While you're entitled to your opinion, I think it's a rather stupid/illogical one. How does the lack of advertising of WP hurt American Airlines exactly? (please be explicit) I can understand them not wanting to pour in more support for the app (because not many use it), but to yank it completely? What mental gymnastics did you take to attribute this to advertising?
  • It costs money for AA to keep the app in the store (apps need to be maintained, as we all know). If they don't see money coming in thanks to this app, and they don't see Microsoft putting in the effort to expand the userbase... they're going to pull the app.
  • It doesn't cost money for it to be in the store and they don't have to maintain it. Just do it the Instagram way. Release it and forget about it.
  • Incorrect, Microsoft has made all developers lifetime devs at no extra charge so it costs nothing now to sit in the store!
  • I'm sure I read somewhere that there is a stipulation that developers maintain their apps regularly. If they don't, the apps will be removed... Sorry, can't find the source, so it could be my imagination!
  • Yes, maybe for apps not updated for 2 years, not this one...
  • This is complete bullshit. Any money AA would spend keeping this app in the store is completely immaterial to any element of their operations. It's not even a rounding error. They waste more money on printer toner. Somebody at AA just screwed up. The enterprise customer is their most profitable, and following the launch of Windows 10, the rate of corporate adoption of Windows mobile devices will accelerate. There are more frequent signs of this already. In the next 12 months or so, they will realize how short sighted this move was and they will have to back track.
  • He does this all the time. Any negative news story on Windows Phone and you can bet rodneyej is going to show up blaming MS for not marketing Windows Phone properly. Because if everywhere we went we were inundated with ads of Windows Phone our marketshare would miraculously shoot to 40% and app developers would start flocking in the billions. That's all it takes to make people buy your product: Tell them it exists.
  • Lots of people have comments on repeat. They wait for a trigger and recycle the dame comments over amd over. It's boring to read.
  • I just remember those usernames, and ignore them... Have you thought about trying that❓
    Sitting around bitchin about someone who is steadfast in their opinion... Maybe you should figure out why that bothers you so much... Does it offend you? You're not secure enough to handle it?.... I don't mind you disagreeing with me, but to tell me when, where, and how much to voice my opinion,,,, that's never gonna get you anywhere.. And, I don't see why your life is so unfulfilled that you would even care too... Is that the way it is, or am I reading you wrong? Because that last comment of yours was a bit whiny.
  • Nobody is forcing you to agree.. You don't agree, then fine.. But, don't let me upset you so much to where you have to start using my name in your comments... Get a life, and just ignore it if you don't agree.. Because personally I could care less if you do, it's not going to change anything I do, and the fact that it hurts you so much to read it is more annoying than anything.... So, what are you going to do to please yourself❓
  • Have to agree with Rodney about the marketing. In Australia it is ZERO! And that goes to show in the sales here. Microsoftt really need to get to a store level to help educate the sales staff, then work on a massive advertsing campain to help show the features and benefits. I love my Windows phone but this sort of thing is worrying. You only have to look at how they marketed the Microsoft Band... Big press showing and available the next day... next thing we were hearing of reports of people lining outside of stores to get one. This is what Apple does so well, and this is what Microsoft needs to continue to do... Create such a massive want for the product and make it available then and there that people have to line up to get the product (Even though it was only available in the US, the whole hype crreated a worldwide want!) When you leave the whole process of yes we will have such and such a device available in dribs and drabs and it takes so long to get to market, it just opens the tech writters to get their negative slant on Windows Phones before the market even has time to buy... and hence you loose momentum for the sale and people end up not wanting to buy becuase the hype has gone and by that time Android and Google have come uut with something bigger and better. If I was Microsoft, I would just work on getting the best phone ever to market and then make a massive world wide campaign to promote it so that you just simply have to have this product... and then announce ITS AVAILABLE TOMORROW AT ALL LEADING STORES WORLDWIDE! As sad as it is to say this but at the moment people are looking at Windows phone at laughing. This has to turn around so people are saying... "What, you're not using a Windows phone!!!" We all know that Windows Phones is an excellent OS with awesome devices. So why then is it that we can't get the sales to generate the interest from app developers and get the public to buy?????... ADVERTISING = Create the desire to want to buy!... It's no wonder there was a report the other day that they wre revamping their advertising division and getting new blood in there, because whatever they are doing at the moment is not working.
  • Extremely well said, and you should be put in charge at MS for WP marketing... Keep spreading that good word, as we know this is a major channel for feedback to MS....
    The situation has gotten so critical that on articles like this we are beginning to st the bad news aside, and deeply discuss why these things keep coming up... To me it's not about American pulling their app, or DropBox taking years to support WP, rather why is WP continuously in this situation? It's totally relevant to the article, and I will bring up marketing every chance I get until more people, with open eyes like yourself, come out of the woodwork... It's dumb to sit here complaining about AA.. That's not the root cause❕❕❕
  • I agree. AA pulling their app is not the root cause. I suppose unlike you guys I don't really think Windows Phone will ever reach the dominance you're hoping for, no matter the amount of marketing dollars poured into it. OS X will never ever challenge Windows. Ever. But Apple is still profitable. When was the last time you saw an OS X ad? Or Google and their Chromebooks. Microsoft is better off improving on the things it can, not spending money in an area that probably won't show that much result.
  • The thing is that I'm not so naive to believe WP will be close to Android in MS anytime soon... I do think it can compete with Apple in coming years simply because of what you mentioned about Windows being on so many low end devices, and free to use..
    Honestly I could care less if WP reached 30% MS, but I think 10%, or 15%, would get it the respect it needs to be more competitive, and increases developer support... If it can make it to 5% MS with pretty much only Nokia making WP7.5-8.0 devices, then it should be able to make it to 10% with 60 OEM's making W8.1-w10 devices... This isn't out of the question.. And I believe that if WP market share were to double today WP developer support wouldn't barely be an issue anymore.. It definitely still wouldn't be as good as iDroid, but for the average consumer it would be perfectly fine on most occasions...
    Just that relatively small increase in MS could do wonders, and that's why it's worth it for MS to do whatever it takes... They need to also be able to sell their services on their own platform so they have less completion to deal with... Mobile is huge, and I really don't think they have a choice but to make WP viable...
  • I'm not has bleak has Rodneyej, but when you look at Apple's story, good marketing is indeed miraculous
  • Bleak.. Lol❗❗❗❗❗❗.... That's ok, I'm not the kind of person who won't express an opinion because it's not popular,.. which poor marketing for WP on MS'S part is actually a well know fact... Anyways, I'll stand alone a continue saying what I believe, and know is true, by myself if I have to... The truth will eventually "Surface" and, non believers will see, and understand..
    Sounds religious.. Lol.. Nevertheless, I am in fact preaching, and I'm fine with that.
  • rodneyej, Marketing and delivery is key no question about it.  Example is the announcement of the 830 and 2 months to market....all the hipe went to Apple making the announcement and getting to market in 10 days and creating demand with a shortage.  Having said that I think MS took the playbook from Apple with the Band.  Total suprise, shortage of the product is creating demand.  They are learning sloooooooowly.
  • Yeah, it seems like they are learning with other products... We'll just have to see if it trickles down to WP..
  • Apple isn't just marketing though. They have a product that people actually want. They have excellent customer service. They create new markets for their devices. They actually don't even spend that much on actual advertising! There's no point in simply telling people "Hey I have this thing. Buy it." You have to show them why they need it, and if you have competitors, why they should buy your stuff and not theirs. I'm not sure either of those questions is answered by Windows Phone.
  • "You have to show them why they need it, and if you have competitors, why they should buy your stuff and not theirs."
    Face palm... Lol❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Everything all comes down to marketing! Every time.. That's why if your product is good then it's marketing that is going to make it, or break it.. There's no getting around it EVER,,, and it's quite evident because you have just come to this very conclusion yourself.... Let me show you again what you wrote....
    "You have to show them why they need it, and if you have competitors, why they should buy your stuff and not theirs.""""
    Seems we are saying the same thing, my brother.
  • See this is just plain wrong. Shitty products, regardless of how great your marketing is, will not sell. The only way people will buy crap is if they have no choice. Good products will sell, as long as there are no better alternatives or the alternatives don't have enough inertia. Windows Phone is NOT better than iOS, not as it stands today. Support is not as good, apps are not as good. With Apple you are guaranteed that the best apps launch on your platform. You are guaranteed support for at least 2 years, no carrier mess ups. You are guaranteed a high resale value on well maintained devices. There is nothing we currently have to sway people away from iPhone. We can't even claim to be just as good, and even if we could, Apple has enough inertia that that will not be enough. They will have to mess up (like Microsoft did with Vista and security in XP). And even if they mess up Google has been in this space long enough that they will be the next logical choice for majority of the market, not us. These are the facts. No amount of marketing by Microsoft is going to change that. Not in the near future.
  • I can agree with a lot of what you said... The iPhone is very good, and people who already have one most likely wouldn't leave.....
    But, as far as MS getting people to use WP that's where it stops... There are still more people having undesirable/OK Android experiences, and still on feature phones, combined, than iPhone users in the US, and around the world... What you think makes up a good experience is far more than what most consumers do, or even care about... WP is plenty of smartphone for the average consumer, especially with WP8.1.. With what MS has now they could increase WP market share at a faster rate than what they are doing if WP had worlds better marketing....
    The fact that you are even bringing up the iPhone tells me one thing... You think that I'm suggesting that WP would all of a sudden surpass, or equal, iPhone market share. But, that's not the case, and definitely isn't what I'm suggesting... What I'm suggesting is that WP could've already been sitting at around 10% market share by now if it weren't for poor marketing... I'm not comparing it's market share, or capabilities, to iDroid, which is what you are suggesting... I do not agree that if WP had more apps, better support, and whatever else you think would make it as good as the iPhone, it would miraculously start to gain market share.. It still wouldn't... It's marketing, awareness, and popularity that's going to get peoples attention... And, since WP is already good enough, maybe not the best, but good enough,, then I'm going to blame MARKETING for it not increasing market share at a faster rate... I know that WP is capable right now of increasing market share faster than 2/10ths of a percent a year.....
    I still stick with what I say about marketing being the root cause of WP's biggest problems because it is......
    Nevertheless, I'll agree that WP needs to get better, as you suggest,, and marketing needs to improve, if it's going to ever break 10%MS.. Both are obviously important...
  • Looks like we're finally seeing eye to eye on this. Marketing is important, but I still don't see that as something Microsoft should be focusing on right now. Those cheap Android phones flooding the market? Microsoft already has a strategy for them. It's removing the hardware requirements on WP and making the license free so that more manufacturers can make Windows Phones at  better price points. We're already seeing stuff like this with the Blu and the Xolo phones. When such phones hit critical mass we will see a push for them, especially on the lower level carriers like Boost and Cricket, where tons of the budget buyers are. In Europe, where GSM phones are more popular the 520 and its variants already reign supreme. There's no need to spend marketing dollars on that. It'll be a waste of money. I don't deny that awareness is an issue. I just don't think it's what's causing our current spate of problems, or that it should be Microsoft's focus right now. When we've hit critical mass with features and price, then a massive push by Microsoft would be justified. Of course it may end up being too late; it's not like Google and Apple would be sleeping in the meantime, but that is something that Microsoft couldn't have done anything about. They shouldn't have allowed Android to get big before they even announced Windows Phone.
  • We'll just have to wait and see what MS does in 2015, John... ⬅ That I've said 4 years in a row. SMH
  • I agree with what you say, but it is important to know that for a business that is very late to market, way behind in public awareness and worst of all has a negative public image, marketing is less effective and has a different dynamic. MS not only has to compete with the products themselves (OS's & hardware), they have to change an entire enourmous culture such as with Apple.  Some MS products are argueably better but not definitively better than their competition. If WP had as many apps and of equal quality and had their OS bugs fixed, even being so late to market, many would consider switching but there just isn't a compelling enough reason for people to switch. Even you have considered jumping ship, no? So even "Apple like" marketing wouldn't be the panacea for MS, it for damn sure would help a lot. In my opinion, MS needs to pull out all stops and gather all hands of deck and hit it with everything they have and do so consistantly for the next 5 years or addition to getting better marketing of course! :)
  • You guys need to stop worrying so much about people switching from iDroid to WP.. That is not where MS is going to get the majority of it's user base from... MS needs to seriously market WP so that new smartphone users have that mindshare of it being a third option... You guys don't understand how marketing is at the core of any of your ideas working... Store associates are generally average consumers, and rely on marketing to tell them what to push on consumers... This is huge!
    Give me five examples of all those stops MS needs to pull out.. Lets examine those.. What do you think they are?
  • You're right, improving awareness, especially among store associates is key. ATT is currently the best in that regard, though its still not stellar. But this is what I mean about convincing people that your product is worth buying. Between iOS and Android, customers really don't need anything else. They just don't. The fact is there is no demand for a third phone company and unless MSFT has some killer feature in Windows Phone, pouring too much money into marketing it doesn't make much sense. Android really isn't that terrible anymore, and the sheer amount of apps means that customers will be willing to put up with relatively cheap phones for the support. The same thing happens with Windows. It's good enough for a lot of people. Sure Linux is also good, but it doesn't offer enough to actually get people to consider it. Now if Windows 10 comes out and the universal app strategy brings an influx of developers things might get better. But it's not like Google and Apple will be sleeping in the interim. Like Rishicash said being very late to a market already filled with good products changes everything. I for one think that the phone wars are done and the only chance Microsoft has is interoperability with Windows, or the introduction of a new product category. The MS health platform could be it, but we'll have to wait and see
  • Understood.. Good point..
  • "Store associates are generally average consumers, and rely on marketing to tell them what to push on consumers" I've been in sales 40 years and I can tell you that on that retail level, sales people will "push" what they make money on..commissions or spiffs. If those are absent, they will sell what is familiar and easy and so they sell Android and iOS. Stores will influence floor sales when they too make extra income from the manufacturer, however, we've all seen stores push things on customers that they didn't want and it isn't successful. People want Andriod & iOS so retailers sell them what they want and not what they think they should have. The "best" isn't always the best seller. "Perception is reality" and "Image is everything" are key. It's too late now and MS wil never gain significant enough marketshare to threaten the other two. What it can do I think is to be like any premium bran like Rolex or  Ferarri, etc. where they don't compete with Honda and Seiko but still make a lot of money selling to their target market. The mass market is not the WP market I don't believe.
  • I can agree with that.. This is similar to another comment I made earlier about not worrying about WP gaining huge amounts of market share... WP just needs enough to improve developer support, mind share, and overall respect for the platform... 10-15% would be great.. If it could reach 20% then terrific... But, I'm not all about competing with iDroid just yet... WP needs to get to a point to where it's not competing with itself... Lol❗
  • Haha. That's a good point.
  • Dude.. I'm not going to sit here and explain the concept of cause, and effect, to you... Just sit somewhere and focus... Use your mind.
  • There's also "false causality fallacy".
  • Lol❗ Yes there is... I'm willing to take risk for what I believe in though... That's just how some people are... Steadfast❗
  • Agreed. Microsoft has been lame. Just making cheap phones... Colored phone... Where is the serious stuff. Where is the hardware/software interaction that you see on iPhone for a long time and that android is working on now. Windows is not as smooth and fast as it used to be. The OS has gotten slow and buggy. I think it's impossible to market a platform that is not up with the other ones. Nor in app nor in responsiveness or marketing.
  • Are you running the DP? Because sometimes I have to remind myself in running the DP..
  • The next thing I fear from MS is the destruction of what they bought from Nokia. Early rumors of Nokia eagerly wanting to get their hands on Android is a slap in the face. Its like what's gonna happen to all those Nokia goodies. By the way raj, what did MS buy from Nokia?
  • What did MS buy from Nokia? Is that a real question... I'm lost.
  • You really do need to shut the fuck up and take a hike. You're an annoying little troll who shouldn't even be here.
  • Wtf!
  • This guy has obviously lost his mind... I hope he doesn't cause harm to anyone, or himself... SMDH.
  • Are you insane❓
  • Yep...
  • I agree only in one mere fact: They waste a lot of money in bad marketing. They actually have no clue on how to do it. Marketing is art but they don't know and you know why they still grow? Because if us, a loyal user base that act as evangelist despite their errors. I would fire the whole global marketing team and execs and agency and find a steal marketing god from another company with proven track record of success. Start from the base, pamper us, have bloggers on their side like Nokia used to do it. Start making the platform cool with viral marketing instead of chasing this shit CNN commentators that nobody cares about. One example?
  • Well, that's exactly what I'm saying....
  • I use greyhound so... Yea!
  • At least they have a decent Wi-Fi
  • I fly them every week, so thankful for Windows support. Also on Verizon, so I am really feeling warm and fuzzy.
  • The article said support was dropped so I don't understand your comment.
  • It's called sarcasm.
  • Can't sense the sarcasm?
  • All it takes to realize sarcasm is "also on Verizon"  
  • Luckily I try to avoid AA like the plague. Virgin Airlines all the way.
  • My choices are usually AA or United. I fly AA mostly. I have used their app fine for many years...   Don't understand this decision.
  • These two airlines have been consistently among the very top in customer dissatisfaction for years and topped only by Spirit. Virgin is on top of best in customer satisfaction. Daniel is absolutely correct.
  • Virgin America is great, but limited destinations. JetBlue is ok, I'll take southwest, united or delta before I get on an AA flight, it's the worst airline I ever flew with (and I flew on Tower Air flights)
  • I don't know, Daniel, I prefer  my airlines to have a little more experience than that.
  • Turkish
  • Alaska Airlines has always been great to me, and they have a WP app that works very well.
  • I have no good feeling about the future of windows phone,not because of the platform or small app ,simply Microsoft not doing anything special to take the lead always follow and steps away behind,strategy should change completely ,I feel sorry for Nokia had wonderful years with this brand hard to see it dying
  • Agree
  • I know, right? Like being the first to come up with an OS that runs on every imaginable device and getting developers to have to use one code for all those devices. Such followers. It's ridiculous.
  • i was going to upvote your comment but reported it instead. sorry :/
  • Lol
  • Lol, awesome sarcasm.
  • LOL
  • being the first to come up with an OS that runs on every imaginable device
    Being the first to announce and/or promise it.  "Windows everywhere with apps that run everywhere" is still vaporware. And given all the other "just wait, things will turn around with the next release" rhetoric for Windows mobile devices -- and history of orphaned mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7/Mango, Windows Phone 8.1 (which requires a hacktastic buggy "developer preview" workaround to get on most 8.0 devices) and Zune -- it's not surprising that developers, customers and carriers are HIGHLY skeptical and not rushing to sign up for the latest "idea" out of Redmond. Microsoft needs to stop talking/promising and start delivering -- this latest abandonment of the platform by a major player simply shows how little runway is left for the plane to take off.    
  • You’re absolutely right about MS’ history of promising/talking great things and falling short of the mark. I’ll give you that, but the same has happened with the other two guys. And quite frankly, the number one complaint given by everyone that writes these journal entries about how they’re abandoning MS and WP is the app situation. Microsoft can’t do much more to get developers to want to write for the OS. Seriously, they’ve basically bribed developers at this point. What MS does try to do is come up with better improvements to try to get more WP users. And hell, if there’s any indication that MS is serious about competing is the new Band. For crying out loud, nobody saw that thing coming! And it’s solid, like really SOLID. There will always be nay sayers and trolls doing their best, but if this site and the community behind it prove anything is that MS is doing a stellar job and they will continue doing so. For those that want to leave WP behind, go ahead, there are plenty that take their place coming from Android and iOS. One quick note, I don’t by any means want this message to come off as pretentious or anything of the sort, just bored of all the whining and the ‘I’m sorry, but it’s MS’ fault I’m leaving’ entries.
  • Microsoft needs to bring out a flagship phone device that people want to talk about about like the Band and Surface Pro. Then put that phone on all carriers.
  • And market it to death❗❗❗❗
  • I don't understand why you got a down vote for this... Yes it's good that Microsoft have phones for the budget concious market and that these phones run extremely well... But Microsoft really do need something that makes not just the tech world but also the general public say... WOW... I MUST HAVE THIS! They did it with the Band, so hopefully they can contibue this with devices that put a smile on our face so we call all nod our head and say... YEP! I'm a WinPhan and proud of it!  
  • WP 8.1 does not require some 'hactastic' DP. I'm really not sure where you get the idea that the DP is some kind of hack or beta product first of all. Its the full OS without the carrier or OEM specific bits. MS was forced to create this option because of carriers. Some carriers are finally updating user phones to 8.1, but MS wanted to create a faster option that bypassed carriers. So its pretty unfair to use the rollout of 8.1 as a reason carriers might be reluctant to support them when they are in fact causing it. Sometimes it feels like people are unwilling to really research the reasons for some of the situations MS is in and yet will do so when it comes to other companies. As far as the Win 10 idea of a shared ecosystem being vaporware, you can look at MS' current path to see why this announcement carriers more weight. Universal apps exist today, tying WP and Windows. Even the Xbox has a game that is a cross platform buy (Halo Spartan Assault). All you need to do is look into the work MS has been doing since Win 8 launched to see their clear goal being a single core OS that would feed different UI and one app store. It seems pretty clear they intend to do just as they say.
  • You should probably look up the definition of vaporware. Not trying to be facetious, but I honestly think you're confusing it for another word.
  • LOL. My thoughts exactly. And their "me too" UX - don't forget that. The world is just chalk-full of idiots.
  • I so sadly agree. I want to stick with WP but it feels like I'm clinging to a sinking ship and eventually it will be under water.
  • That's why we got scuba diving suites. We don't quit till the tanks run out of air!
  • Oh well you could always move on, its not the end of the world! As for me, it's WP as long as it exists.. Tried the others but something always pulls me back to WP!
  • Same here. My next phone will also be a Windows phone. Just waiting for better hardware. I require a camera button, at least a Pureview camera, and one of the newest Snapdragon processors or equivalent.
  • Same here. I'll stick to WP (and W for P) until it officially unsupported by Microsoft. I have two device anyway so switching is not really a problem.
  • It's a perfectly fine ship and I'm happy to be on it. Plenty of lifeboats available for all of us if it sinks later. :)
  • I think merging Wiindows Phone into the Windows OS is very special. Microsoft will be the only company running the same OS on all form factors and that will open up interesting possibillities. Think Apple's continuity but with a lot more power (kinda like Cortana vs. Siri, more features, a lot smarter, not limited to a few predefined interactions) You have to realize Microsoft's goals with WP are different from what us fans want to see. We want to see immediate gains in market share, so we want a flagship device, better marketing, and more apps. Microsoft wants to be able to offer a complete solution to enterprises first. They want to make sure Office remains the standard for productivity apps and they want to make sure Windows doesn't lose market share to iOS/Android tablets. The Windows Phone market share wins can come in the future as a long term goal. Microsoft has patience, they've shown it before  
  • Hmm... I like this explanation. I will say everyone at work was impressed when I was able to run my PowerPoint presentation to company leadership from my phone and my notes were in Microsoft word. Sucked that outlook wouldn't send email that day though LOL.
  • Microsoft is not being competitive and have no incentive to do so. Why? Because they are making a bundle off the fees which costs them nothing. What we have now for the holidays is going to be release by AT&T of the 830 and HTC M8 and that is it unless some small OEM make a wp and release it.  
  • And this is exactly why I'm teeter on the edge of going into a different ecosystem -- I have very little invested (other than several years of loyal support) with the Windows Phone. The fact that we haven't seen a true flagship device since the 1520 seems to indicate that the platform is no longer moving forward. I'm holding out as long as possible, but it's beginning to look like I'll be seriously considering a droid phone in the line-up of replacements I'm considering. Personally, I think Windows is a great platform, but the lack of growth and then announcements like this one (or apps that haven't seen updates in over a year) really frustrate me about the platform. I don't care about the niche apps or my local bank app, but the fact that so many of the big name apps seem to be limited or buggy when compared to other ecosystems really makes Windows less attractive.  Other than Cortana (and the killer Nokia cameras), there isn't really anything that excites me about Windows right now...
  • Then for really should move on to another device ecosystem.. If this is how you feel. IMHO a lot if people are quick to blame MS for devs not upgrading or pulling support for the platform. I don't think MS is to blame or failing in their quest to make windows phone a viable alternative to the other OS'S... Nor are they to blame for dev decisions...WP is struggling and MS is doing an admirable job trying to figure out what works for WP and what doesn't...what should MS do if a dev decides not to update its app??...MS cant go after everyone or police the devs to make sure they are updating features on their phones that are on other phones...MS is not in that game...and I don't believe any other platform is either.... In the grand scheme of things we are getting more and more apps each day..some are bound to leave....if that be it...its the MS experience that is what I come to WP for. EVEN IF MS had all the apps ios would probably not pull very many people away... So the app gap is not the issue.. You really must feel comfortable with the platform of your choice..if WP isn't it anymore then its time for you to move general experience with WP does not change because of lack of apps...who cares ..i can still use my phone effectively with the apps that WP has ..... However for you ...wp may mean nothing more that a platform without ok. ....find the right system for you... WP will still be here when you get tired of those platforms
  • What should MS do if a dev decides not to update its app? Politely ask, and don't create their version (i.e. the YouTube fiasco, that was settled with Google forcing Microsoft to pull their YouTube app because of the API, then, we now have to settle with the YouTube browser). MS cant go after everyone or police the devs to make sure they are updating features on their phones that are on other phones... Facebook, Instagram, Angry Birds, etc... EVEN IF MS had all the apps ios would probably not pull very many people away... Then, explain Google Android, and explain why there people that want to come into the Microsoft ecosystem, but, they can't because of apps. WP will still be here when you get tired of those platforms... As five years have passed since Windows Phone was introduced, the issue of App Gap has been present for this platform.  I think that your statement should be the other way around, in which, WP will not be here because those platforms will grow bigger due to the lack of important apps (ex. Comixology, local news, Sirius/XM, American Airlines, banks & credit unions, insurance apps, gas/water/electricity utilility apps, shopping apps, Official Starbucks app, etc.).
  • Not competitve? I've got a Lumia 735 for a quarter of the price of the iPhone that matches it stride for stride. If that isn't competitive I don't know what is. It's not Microsofts fault that people are brand affionados and can't prize themselves from the notion that overspending on an iPhone 6 is a status symbol, or that Android is hip or makes them a hipster whereas MS is for sombre business people in suits.
  • I disagree sorry, a lot of apps and games are coming each day to WP, waze dropped support for wp when Google bought them
    I guess that maybe this app has been plugged due to technical problems and some support ppl has misunderstood it
    Maybe it will re-appear fixed
    I guess ppl are too much under stress nowadays..
  • I guess we should be grateful for this as well, according to some....
  • Stink. I fly American the most.
  • Cool cool cool, so i can drop my support of AA too.
  • Not if you're an alcoholic ...
  • Maybe they will bring it back as US Airways and American in a single app
  • they will windows 10 is coming. they have to
  • All of this was suppose to happen with W8,WP8 and that simply didn't happen.What would make you think the next version will make things better.
  • Because it got so very close that it would be pretty hard for it to not happen in 10.
  • I'm giving WP until the next big update.Which is early summer next year.I'm sick of paying good money on a product that doesn't even have YouTube or a Proper Instagram app.Even Microsoft's services are better on Android and ios.
  • Just leave now. We aren't likely to get YouTube and if the "official" is so important to you, then you aren't going to be happy with WP. Repeat: Google is NOT making Windows Phone apps and no one is predicting a switch from that. Reasonable people are OK with superior 3rd party tools. I enjoy my YouTube experience...via MyTube and MetroTube. Don't care much about Instagram, but I use the service...via 6Tag.
  • Superior third party apps?Lol!Already know this son.You don't have to tell me things that I and everyone else on her already knows .YouTube is one of my issues with WP.Im looking for Devs and company's to step up and make quality apps for WP.
  • Tubecast is a great YouTube app as well. Less advanced functionality but great UI. Seems to be modelled after the official app. And it will broadcast to DLNA, Chromecast and AirPlay! (20 times free, small IAP for unlimited).
  • Yes, so true. Been hearing the same battle cries since Mango dropped for WP7. Even with Windows 10 it will take a good two years for companies to commit to Windows. And then they'll trash it and start over.....again! We'll always be third class behind Apple and Google. Like it or not.
  • Kin Two was my first WP.Shows how loyal I am:)Pissing into the wind has to come to a stop at some point,and next year will probably be it when my upgrade is do on my phone.
  • Nothing stays the same for long. Samsung profits from smartphones are plunging and iPhones don't generate nearly the buzz they used to. The tech world is going to look very different five years from now.
  • It's comments like this that show how ignorant so many people are about Windows 10.
  • Agree about US Air and American merger possibly impacting this.  Flew AA last week and it looks like they are starting to consolidate the IT systems to become one system based on observations in the Philly Airport.  Maybe AA is becoming US and they pulled it for the retrofit.  Maybe the back end systems that it talks to are being mothballed.  Specualation but one could think this is possible and not that it's Windows Phone low adoption
  • Not using them, don't care. JetBlue however, that I am waiting for.
  • They recently took over US Airways, so I wonder if they did it to prevent technical issues as they merge networks and systems. Still, it's very disappointing. And really, that's a bad reason anyway... because I doubt they're pulling their iOS or Android apps.
  • Maybe they are updating again?
  • Who un-publishes a working app to update?
  • whatsapp
  • Well, in all fairness, Microsoft did just that with Nokia Camera the other day, only to come back as Lumia Camera.
  • A lot? Including Rudy.
  • It wasn't reliable, anyway. I was waiting to board an American Airlines flight recently when the boarding pass suddenly went "not available" on the AA app. I'm glad I had my paper boarding pass.
  • I use United and their app is fantastic so bye bye American
  • Who cares
  • Well, this doesn;t make sense on it's face.  It already has an app developed so it's really not a ton of resources that are needed to maintain an app.  Secondly, it's not like iOS or Android just put out an update that would require all of AA's resources devoted to them.  What I think might have happened is either MS just developed some sort of cross platform thing that would interfere with A/A's app that somehow angered AA OR they signed an exclusivity agreement with Google or Apple and news of that should come shortly from AA about it.  Maybe it has to do with Apple Pay or Googles NFC offerings on Android or whatever.  I really don;t think this has anything to do with MS' position in the market right now.  It would be INSANE if it was, considering MS is about to unify the store across devices in the spring with Windows 10 AND it has 10% or more market share in other countries that AA flies to.  Like I said, this has to be a deal that AA made with Apple or Google OR MS is trying to push them into a common app with other airlines.
  • Does it cost money to leave an app in the store without any further updates; rather that than pulling it...
  • Not anymore. Used to be $20 per year.
  • It's $99 a year across all of your apps.
  • Yes, but around a year ago it was changed to $25 or $20. Now it's a one time fee for life.
  • That's for personal accounts. Company accounts are still US$99 per year.
  • Which for a global corporation is the same thing as NOTHING.
  • Yep, especially an airline. In fact no, it's so small that there's even no 'especially'. Even at my small, cash-strapped company, $99p/y would be an easy sell. So it's not about the fee.
  • Damn. I just used their app last month because I was traveling.... Guess I'll fly Delta since they have an app.
  • Yeah, but Delta's WP app isn't as near as good as their Andriod app, sad to say.
  • Well, this is crappy.
  • Well good thing my next flight is Delta.
  • Just checked and I clicked on my app and it came up
  • ... Yes, if you have it installed, it will still work. However, as noted in the article, the AA app is now longer published on the STORE ;)
  • Google bought American Airlines, eh?
  • They didn't buy, just bribe...
  • AA is a major airline player. Microsoft need to take this seriously and get into talks with AA to find out and hopefully work out any issues.  Don't AA use Surface tablets?
  • Delta.
  • It is a shitty airline anyway so who cares?
  • I think wo need to put some pressure on them through twitter, before they completely forget about us and it's too late. I am sure  they would relist it, if there is some noise.
  • I bet the customer service didn't even know there is an OS called windows phone and just misworded to "no longer support". It will come back sooner or later.
  • American Airlines sucks. They're always late when they're not canceling your flight. That being said, this trend is getting old. Windows Phone is starting to feel like Blackberry.
  • I don't get it, its a one time fee for developers so why yank the app? So stupid.
  • Because if they don't update it, there might be other things they want to do on the backend that will make it unusable. Not to mention that people will bitch that it's not updated. Having an app is an ongoing committment.
  • I think hearing from AA before berating them would be the way to go.     Bob
  • Bob...I heard the same messge from their mobile support and twitter support (@AmericanAir).  Both said that they were no longer supporting windows phone and they would pass my feedback to the appropriate group (which i have no faith in).  Best thing would be for people to contact them on twitter (and copy Joe Belfioreand complain about their lack of support and pulling a perfectly working app. 
  • Id rather have dropbox
  • What a bunch of morons...
  • I'm really starting to wonder if Apple and Google aren't making payments under the table.
  • American...yanks - so much pun in the headline.  Well played, Daniel.  Well played.
  • I went through this with Blackberry. Microsoft, please advertise, support product, push updates, get act together. Thanks.
  • I was hoping my 920 would make it to the launch of the 830. It died last week. As I wait for the launch I am using an Android device. I miss a lot about the Windows Phone device. A decent e-mail app particularly. However, the one glaring thing that is slapping me in the face is the apps. I am not talking about the sheer number of apps or the lack of a certain app on Windows Phone. I am talking about the disparity between apps that exist on both ecosystems. Twitter and the American Airlines app are prime examples. Boy are they horrible on WP. They offer more features, better functionality, and look better on the Android device. I think this is where Windows Phone is in real trouble. If I had switched from Android to WP I would be severely disappointed. The death of WP will not be at the hand of missing apps but by the sword of subpar app experiences.
  • Of course why not.
  • Although I mostly fly delta I do get the occasional AA flight so it's disappointing. Actually it's even disappointing because it was a very well made app, wish Delta would take note and update their WP app.
  • A million times this! The Delta app is completely unusable for me. I'm a Platinum Medallion and I've contacted them several time about how the general crappiness is causing me to think about moving my business elsewhere (although they know it's a bluff, I live in Atlanta), and the response I always get is that an update to fix the issues is just around the corner.   It couldn't hurt if you contacted them as well. The more the merrier, eh? Seems like they out to have some decent developers since they use WP devices for in-flight services.   Some of the issues I've mentioned to them:
    - Frequent crashes
    - App is frequently out of sync and shows expired boarding passes even thought the flight has already occured
    - Multi-leg flights aren't possible
    - App is incapable of showing precheck status
    - App can't show upgrade lists
    - Rebooking through the app doesn't work
      That's all that I remember off the top of my head. I've pretty much stopped using it because it's so bad.
  • Keep in mind that American Airlines and US Airways are in the process of merging so there might be more to it. I know that they have been merging their "miles" programs recently.
  • They announced last week a merger of the AA and USAir loyalty programs for 2015. Obviously they need to redo the apps.
  • Why has someone not started like a kickstarter for a WP development house? A for-hire dev studio dedicated to W8/WP8 platform apps? There are already tons that do this for android and iOS, so a for hire place with the right model could quickly even out the disparity in apps and experience differences from one platform to another for a lower cost, and everyone will be happy. Just a wild thought. Don't mind me...
  • Why don't you do it genius????
  • Smh..
  • So this is it..... After all what Microsoft did ?
  • Perhaps it'll be making it's way back soon... Still a bit strange since you update the app to make it better,then pulled it.
  • Just hit them on twitter telling then I can't fly with because they wont support the app. They said sorry that we aren't supporting at this time. Booo I fly them a lot. Time to use united or delta.
  • Honestly I think most of the issues with apps and support is because of Windows 10. With release expected within the next year, the Windows/WP platform can seem like lost cause to the people who control the development finances. Of course the (seemingly) ideal solution is to convert any and all apps to universal apps, but I can see some higher-ups wanting to hold off for now as it's easier said than done. With Windows 10 on the horizon and expected to be a true universal OS, I would say don't be surprised to see this happen more and more with any non-universal apps.
  • I feel like its pretty frequent that we see an app disappear, then later reappear for one reason or another.  As pointed out in the article, the app was just updated, so this makes no logical sense.  Let's wait and see if it shows back up in the next day or two...
  • Until WP marketshare passes 10% worldwide majority of the developers are not going to whole heartedly support this platform. I been saying it for a long time. It is not the hardware or MS the mian problem lie in the Tile OS. We as WP supporters like it but majority of consumers hate th look of it. W10 not going to help reverse this trend. Look of the OS has to be similar to Droid or iPhone unfortunately.
  • Are you mad?? Everyone has a preference but it just comes down to those who don't like change. To all the people who have issues with the tiled OS of WP that also want ease, one touch comfort, cars that drive and park themselves but have issues with an OS that gives you the info without having to actually touch your phone and that's a problem. Can anyone see where the actual problem is here.
  • Just like I posted about CNN, MS should just say good riddance but unfortunately AA is still an operating airline but they and US Airways are merging so it could be in view of one app for them both. Tired of these American companies hurting a company born and bred in the US for 0 reason at all. Will never understand how a country boasting about commerce that simple economics is still a stumbling block where money made from 3 OSes is less than money made from 2, call me crazy but that will never compute in any NORMAL society.
  • If Instagram a company that large not supporting this platform fully then why would others. Only way is to grow the market share. For that too happen get rid of the name Windows first and second the tile interface but I know none of this will not happen so be happy with the 3-5% market share
  • I'm not gonna even read the comments, lol. They probably go to the tune of how AA are iDiots or Lagdroids or how this is some conspiracy from Google
  • There was a brief period of time this year when i tought things were looking up for Windows Phone plataform, I remember seeing reports about market share growing (slowly, but still) and new Flagship Windows Phone devices coming up and the 8.1 update was about to come up bringing lots of new features.... sadly, as an owner of a Lumia 920 and follower of the WP plataform since the begining i finally beleive that windows phone is dying. The truth is, i dont believe the reason why the people look the other way when trying to pick a phone its the lack of apps, or the fear to try something new, it is simple the lack of faith in the company, i remember how cool it was when i hooked up my Optimus 7 to the wall charger (one of the first WP7 devices) and watch it connect to my PC, open Zune automagically and sync all of my newest songs without me having to do anything, this was something different, unique that i could not have in any of the other plataforms, i remember being able to update my facebook status by clicking the "Me" tile withouth the need to open the facebook app at all, or watching my friends pictures/albums on their contacts the same way (sure you can do it now but, you are hooked to the facebook app) everything woked great... all those features are now gone, they introduced 8.0 and they promise more compatibility, better apps, more functionallity and they havent delivered, the only one responsible for the failure of windows phone is Microsoft.  There is one maybe two flagship devices per year and even those are not available right away, i'm from Mexico, and trying to get a new phone now that my contract is up and guess what the Lumia 930 its not available, neither the successor of the 1020 (oh wait, there is no succesor after almost two years), the iPhone 6 came out a few weeks ago and its already available worldwide, it is Microsofts fault, there is no denying that, Instagram is still in beta, the company owned by Facebook which has a deep relatioonship with Microsoft by relaying on Bing maps and Bing Search and yeat Microsoft doesnt push them to develop a proper app (let us remember that Microsoft owns a part of Facebook). But the worst part of all of this is the following, it is hard for me now to be angry at American Airlines or any other company for removing support for WP, even tough i used the app regularly, as a software developer i've tried creating a few apps and the lack of information, forums and/or documentation is amaizing, i've had to jumt through hoops trying to get simple functionallity in place, ive spend days figuring out how to work out/ workaround some of the limitations that the WP OS currenlty have just to end up giving up and dismissing the WP support. I will not explain the feature that i was tryin to add bc its a bit technical but ill just let you know i was able to get it up and running in XCode (iOS) in 2 days. It is impossible for me to see a future for WP, i guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in Windows 10, but for the moment, ill be missing cortana (amaizing feature i have to say), at this point i have no other choice but to look for and Android or iOS device.      
  • Agree with you but all this falls on def ears at MS. They are too late to the game. ME Hub with all the social network integration was the coolest feature of them all
  • all those missing features and ones removed are why i am staying with windows phone 7.8, that and a hardware keyboard.
  • "The truth is, i dont believe the reason why the people look the other way when trying to pick a phone its the lack of apps, or the fear to try something new, it is simple the lack of faith in the company," Exactly. I just posted that Win Mo name, brand was dropped because it had a bad rap, same for WP. MS might be too late to this party. Especially if another new platform comes and gains attention.
  • Thank you. Added American Airlines to my black list of companies whose services I will never ever use. They dont want me, and now I dont want them.
  • Will be a long list . Lol
  • Mybee, but not my problem. Lots of companies wants my money even though I am a WP user!
  • WP should have done what BlackBerry did and make an Android app player. The American Airlines Android app runs good on BB. It's not perfect, but better than nothing.
  • Windows Phone: Taking one step forward, two steps back.
  • Perhaps they're developing a universal app?
  • I am sticking with WP until they fold. Future doesn't look to bright but we shall wait and see after W10.
  • Well I guess I'm going to fly Delta then when I go to Atlanta in Jan.  At least their crappy app is still on the store.  On the positive side maybe they're readying a universal app for Win/WP once Win10 launches.
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  • Will the app work if you already have it downloaded?
  • App still works.
  • Hope it's just because of their recent merger.
  • It's a bit of speculation that they are dropping support. Maybe they found a really bad bug and pulled out temporarily
  • They've announced on twitter support is done.
  • Hope for the best, plan for the worst, mate.
  • Will take this in consideration next time I travel...
  • We need to annoy them on twitter guys. It seems like alot of people are affected lol all the apology tweets the last hour have been people with windows phone.
  • They hurt that MS gave Delta free stuff?
  • I only fly united :P
  • Maybe it was an accident?
  • And I still have it :)
  • Hello United!
  • Honestly, my wife is really tired of stuff like this. I know, she wants an iPhone again after having the 920 for two years. The 920 is great, but there are a lot of apps that she sees ads for, or ones that other mom's tell her about, but they are missing on WP.
  • American Airline Yanks. Giggle.
  • That's disappointing. It's a nice app, and I was really happy when I discovered the app initially. All my miles are with AA, so I'm not jumping ship just for this, but still. I really liked having account access handy on my phone.
  • Weird to pull a perfectly working app. Update? Something screwy they found in the app itself to fix? Dunno. Either way, I'm not worried. Once Win10 is the OS that runs on all form factors, I think things will change for the better. ;)
  • Their site still points to the app as well... Maybe there is a developer account issue?
  • I tweeted my disappointment to them...they simply said "sorry about that, we no longer support Windows phone due to lack of demand"
  • Me too. Figured tweeting them most productive to let them know we noticed at least
  • Why does JOe belfiore have a job?
  • Glad we fly Southwest now!!!
  • Thats cool, after the last time I flew American I also pulled support.
    Delta only from now on.
  • zillow seems to have done this as well.
  • I am flying Delta today. The app works well. Flew United a few weeks ago. A little buggy with the boarding passes because I had connecting flight. Haven't flown AA in awhile and this decision will keep my flying other airlines that support my platform of choice, that is unless the price is right. A boarding pass via email/text works fine too. But I like that the Fly Delta app just gave me a notification with the status of my flight and a gate change. Good job Delta.
  • Well screw them.
  • Well, this shit means I am not going to use my upgrade for another windows phone... My bank doesn't want to make an app for WP. Now AA... I need both apps for fuk sake... 
  • AA sucks anyway, no big loss...
  • It's OK, i stopped flying AA after a flight, to Miami, where they ran out of food.
  • bummer just used this app this past weekend
  • instead of fussing at each other, how about each of us tweet @americanair and mention your support and unhappiness of the Windows Phone app? I just did. Easier to get a company to listen when you show them your interest.
  • In my opinion, society has decided that Microsoft should go away.  The life cycle of Microsoft is dying, and all of the majority wants Microsoft to fail no matter how good they can produce competitive hardware/software.  I think that we have to accept the fact that Microsoft will never have the same respect as it once had.  This is hard to accept, but it is true.  Apple and Google has won the technology respect of the 21st Century, so, think:  1) there is buzz about the Microsoft Band, but it will hardly place a dent once Apple releases their version (just watch and observe), 2) it has been five years since Windows Phone was released, yet, it will continually be in third place marketshare wise, 3) there are still some big developers that will not produce their apps for Windows Phone, and it is pathetic when a useful app is pulled by some mysterious reason (i.e. American Airlines, Comixology, etc.), 4) negative reception for Windows 8, 5) big name companies like NFL and CNN, flat outright insults the Microsoft Surface, by saying and using Apple iPad, in light, of the fact that Microsoft has requested for product placement for Marketing, and 6) over 7/8 of the technology news sites parade Apple and Google to billions of viewers, and bashes Microsoft hardware/software for only the reason that they silently hate Microsoft (and they will go as far as to lie, and deny that they don't hate Microsoft, yet, their actions speak otherwise). Microsoft is doomed, and I love them, hence, I have a Lumia 1520, Yoga 2 Pro, Dell L502x, and my wife has a Lumia 925, but, I can't stand it anymore. 
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  • The AA app is mostly links to their mobile site anyway (if you want to actually do anything).
  • Ridiculous. I hope the #9 airline goes bankrupt.
  • They already have!
  • Son on a bitch! I just downloaded it. Now that I'm flying several times a week!
  • Honestly these apps seem to be obsolete... Cortana auto tracks my flights and I can goto the site to check in and have passes emailed to me. Not sure why I need an app. Could be merge with Airways. Or maybe with Win10 it wont even matter since it'll be easier to get unified apps?
  • Either that, or we could be at a point where companies start building a single mobile version of their site that works across all devices. There was very little in the AA application that I couldn't get from
  • All the more reason the fly another airline. Sadly US Airways is generally the most convenient for me.
  • Any chance this is related to the US Airways, American Airlines merger ?
  • It's possible. I have lots of friends who work there and I hear cost cutting is priority #1 (record profits be damned!) They shrunk the width of their coach seats on the 777-200 by 1.5 inches so they could cram a 10th seat on each row. Have a nice flight!
  • I live in Dallas and travel quite a bit, so this news is truly disappointing. Neither of the two major airlines headquartered here (AA and Southwest) have a Windows Phone app now. The application wasn't perfect, and was by no means on a par feature-wise with Android or iOS, but out did have its charms. I'm certainly not uninstalling it and hope AA changes their mind.
  • Facepalm*
  • Sigh...
  • Good grief.
  • Interesting...
  • The only way to make companies like this listen to and support the WP community is for consumers to use their apps and spend, spend, spend. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be happening right now.
  • Laughed at the 'this year' ;-)
  • Have you ever thought that there is another reason why WP is not reaching the target like Android or Iphone devices do? Have you read forums where hundres of people complain about serious flaws in the devices?? The OS is ok now, but the devices have many flaws. Take a look at Lumia 930: overheats and the screen lifts up on the bottom right side just where the heat is comming from. Is this normal for a flagship device?? Another one: Lumia 1520 with the Scroll issue and the exagerated noise on the videos you take on a little low light environment. Have you thought about this that users are indeed reading reviews and complains before they buy and advertise to friends the device?? Yes, Samsung Android devices have also problems, but Samsung can afford if I can say this, to make these mistakes, and most of them are related to their TouchWiz, not the HW. Iphone has problems, yes, such as missing stuff from OS, now the 6+ bending easely but if you compare, WP devices with HW problems are many more. This is sad as I cannot simply go to a store and buy a WP device with just the hope that it will not have any of the severe reported issues. It's my money I'll spend, and I do not want to spend them on something then to just return the device in warranty. MS should focus on avoiding hardware failures on their devices now. Software failures you can quickly fix with an update, but hw cannot expect customers to just live with the problem until a new device is released for them to spend another amount of $$ on it. Lucky for me I could afford to try the 920, 930, the 1520 with all ending in selling them because of the problems. I hate Android devices, and now I am stuck with an iphone 5s which gets me borred every day, but there is simply nothing else to buy! The HTC M8 for windows has a terrible camera so this won't be choice when it launches globally. Although the 830 is a mid range device I'll wait for other to try it and see if it has the same problems as 930..but as it looks to be built, it might have the same...hope not
  • Quite frankly, with HTMl5 being the way it is, why deal with apps at all? 
  • Stupid. It's their loss. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Reading the lil back n forth rodneyj and JohnIvory had...I agree with both. Its a combination both advertising and good product. Some products that didnt do both, or both in full: WebOS and Palm hardware. WebOS is still argued about to this day as the best mobile OS....but it was paired with crappy hardware. Win Mo....some of us started on this platform, I did. It really wasnt good until the HTC HD2. But it took a hardware and software redesign/custom UI to get there. My experience with Win Mo and the Samsung Omnia 1 almost drove me to the iPhone in 2008. BB...just using BB before the OS revamp....even older versions of Android were better. Another common theme with all those I mentioned, all waited too late to respond to the iPhone. WebOS tho doesnt fit in with this because it was again arguably a better OS back then. If MS had kept in the same direction as the HD2, Win Mo might be #1 in market share....again. Yea...some may not know or remember but once upon a time Win Mo was #1.  (2007. Win Mo and BB were fighting it out for the top spots back then) MS had to ditch the Win Mo name just because it has bad rap. MS is doing it yet again, getting rid of WP and just using Windows. Great marketing and bad products doesnt equal success. Hyundia just started getting popular, Vizio too within the last few years. Keys? Better products vs when they both launched. Its sad that Android at launch was a better OS in many areas than Win Mo and BB back then. Even more sad because Android could be seen as more of a copy of Win Mo than iOS for the copy crusaders. Those that call it an iOS copy only look at the home screen. Android and Win Mo share alot of similarities overall.....custom ROMs, widgets, home screen replacements/launchers just for starters. MS's biggest mistake was trying to make WP a hybrid of both Win Mo, Android and iOS. They should've just went stronger in one direction. IMO they shoulda stayed the Win Mo course, and leave the walled garden approach to iOS. The Live Tiles on the only home screen is the wrong move IMO. They are getting better allowing them to be resized more....but it may be a case of too lil too late.
  • Here's a link to AA Web services support: I just asked them to bring it back.  Perhaps if enough do, they will.