Living with Windows Phone tends to be a war of attrition. We make gains, but we always tend to lose something as well, causing frustration amongst users who have to deal with this chicken and egg problem.

This afternoon, American Airlines is the latest to take their ball and go home as their app for Windows Phone is no longer available.

Reader of our site Andy tried to grab the app recently but noticed it was no longer available. He reached out to American Airlines who noted that they no longer support Windows Phone.

Oddly enough, American Airlines just updated their Windows Phone app back in September (of this year, natch) with the ability to add boarding passes to the Wallet. However, when we click on the direct Store link, we get the familiar "this app is no longer published" message seemingly confirming the move by the #9 Forbes-ranked airline.

Recent reviews of the app have even been positive, garnering five stars (out of 5) from a few users as the last update appeared to fix many problems. Indeed the app maintains a healthy 3.8 (out of 5) rating from customers, with things improving with the recent patch.

All of this makes their pulling the plug on their app odd. At the very least, American Airlines could let the app stay on the Store for new users to download instead of nuking their creation.

We've reached out to American Airlines for a comment.

Thanks, Andy, for the tip