Amnesia of Who, a fun memory game for Windows Phone

Amnesia of Who is a casually-paced puzzle game available from the Windows Phone Store. The game presents you with a series of gaming levels where you have a collection of face-down circles or token that you flip to reveal an assortment of icons and find the matching pairs.

The challenge comes into play with four game settings that you can use to can create up to sixteen levels of difficulty. This gives the game a bit of flexibility to better match your skills and helps add to the appeal of the game. If you think gameplay is too easy, simply dial up the difficulty by turning on one of these variables.

All in all, Amnesia of Who is an entertaining memory game for Windows Phone and is well worth trying.

The storyline behind this Windows Phone game has a blob of a character named Who losing his memory and needing help remembering his family members. In solving the various puzzle levels, not only will you be able to practice your memory skills but you will also help Who remember his family.

Amnesia of Who

The primary menu for Amnesia of Who has options to start a new game, visit the gaming options and view the help screen.

Gameplay isn't very complicated. You are presented with a collection of circles that are face-down, concealing an icon. You will get a glimpse of the icons at the start of each gaming level and the object of the game is to find all the matching icons. Tap a circle to reveal the icon and then tap on another to reveal it. If they're a matched pair they'll stay face-up, if they aren't they'll flip back down. Once all the pairs are matched, you will advance to the next level and become one step closer to restoring Who's memory.

The game options are where you can set the game's difficulty and mute the game's sound/music. You have four gaming settings that you can combine to establish the game's overall difficulty. These four settings include:

  • Peek: This setting allows you to reveal an icon and then close it.
  • Tries: This setting will limit the number of match attempts you have in a game. If you fail eight matches, you fail the level.
  • Time: This sets a game time of two minutes.
  • Shuffle: After each wrong match, the coins or tokens will shuffle. You will get a brief glimpse at the coins once they are reshuffled before the flip face down again.

Amnesia of Who

By default, only the Tries are on. When the Tries and Time are turned on, after completing a level you will see an "Extra" screen showing how many tries or how much time was remaining. Those balances will carry over to the next puzzle, which should become helpful in that number of coins to match increases as you advance through the game.

A simple, but fun Windows Phone game

Amnesia of Who is an entertaining puzzle game that will challenge your memory skills. The graphics are minimal, but work and the sixteen combinations of difficulty gives the game a little staying power. If the game seems too easy, turn on the Time and Shuffle option or if it is too hard, turn off all the settings.

Amnesia of Who isn't the most glamorous puzzle game in the Windows Phone Store but it does a good job of things. There is a trial version that will give you access to the first three levels of play. If you like what you see, the full version of Amnesia of Who is currently running $0.99.

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