Analysis - Does the iPhone 5 affect Nokia’s comeback?

Behind those smiles is concern

This was another important week for the mobile giant from Cupertino.  Apple continued to improve upon its iPhone product line by launching the iPhone 5. While I believe Apple delivered exactly what investors need, none of this really changes the story for the two major comeback players - Nokia and RIM.

So let’s focus on Nokia here.  We already know they did a poor job of unveiling the Lumia 920 but I didn’t think the stock market reaction made sense.  Sure, Nokia left a lot of information off the table but they still showed off a very nice phone running Windows Phone 8, proving their lineup is becoming interesting again.  And as much as I love Apple products (I really do), I recognize that people don’t just want to buy iClones.  Apple is an amazing company with amazing products.  But they aren’t for everybody.

Stiff competition: iPhone 5 (mockup) versus Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8 is different, and there’s going to be a particular audience who loves what it brings to the table.  And Nokia has always done an impressive job with industrial design and overall hardware quality.  So it was nice to see that Nokia actually outperformed Apple stock this week - and by a significant margin.  As I write this, Apple is up about 2% while Nokia is up just over 10% since the markets opened on Monday.

I still think Nokia faces immense difficulty.  They’ve got a huge base of sales running on an old OS, and the transition to Windows Phone 8, even if Nokia succeeds, will be rough on the financial performance of the company.  They used to sell over 40% of the world’s cell phones, and I think we can say Microsoft will have proven to be a successful platform in mobile if it wins at least 10% of the smartphone market.  Obviously Nokia should take a big chunk of that, but it’s a far cry from their former glory.

The bottom line, in my own opinion, is that Nokia is heading down a path that makes sense for them.  They were caught without a modern OS or ecosystem and had to choose between Android and Microsoft.  Where Microsoft’s OS has its strengths is not the same as where iOS does.  They’re different products, and consumers win by having more choice.  The iPhone is just getting better at doing what it already does.  The comeback competition, including Nokia and RIM, are just getting started.

Nokia closed the day at $2.98 a share with a day-high of $3.14 for a 1.36% gain.

(Chris Umiastowski is a contributing financial writer to the Mobile Nation network. You can see the rest of his posts here at AndroidCentral, iMore and CrackBerry.)

Chris Umiastowski
  • Almost any article about iPhone5 will have a mention of the Lumia 920 and the S3. This is a big improvement for Nokia. Despite all the biased articles in favour of Apple, Nokia has now gotten into everybody's head. Contrast this with rim who is never mentioned in these articles.
  • It's true. It is everywhere now, it seems. This could mark a build-up of anticipation for Nokia. I really think their new devices will appeal to a whole new crowd.
  • I agree. While it's not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it's a HUGE step forward. The L920 just gained a big chunk of mindshare across the board. Now they need to excecute competitively and keep moving forward. I see a Lumia Tablet running RT in the near future. Honestly, the sooner, the better.
  • Everyone needs to help put windows phone out there every YouTube video and article just go off and speak about how its works great and its simply better :)
  • Ck this cool video of wp this person is putting the word for awhile since wp5.0
  • Absolutely on target.  Now on the comparisons pages are the Android Phone, the iOS Phone and the assumed king of WP 8 phones the 920.  It's very gratifying to see.  This is a massive win for Nokia (and WP) to be at the top in those comparison charts now (instead of just Android and iOS before).  It's going to be a long slow slog for sales, but the environment is already changing to make it easier.
    All that said, I don't think the iPhone is where we're going to get customers from (once people are in there and have bought movies, TV episodes, music, books etc., they are entangled pretty tight and couldn't try another OS without a significant financial penalty) as Android (the largest marketshare) would seem to be where we'll get more potential users from since its easier to go try other things without loosing a bunch of stuff you've bought. 
    As for what the market didn't like, it didn't like Nokia announcing it'll be dead ending existing hardware in the channel (so it won't sell) and that they didn't know when the new hardware would be available (much like Elop did when he said he was abandoning Meego and Symbian more than a year before they'd have new hardware to sell..that's how you kill existing and future sales for the next year...).
  • Exactly. RIM is going down in a forest if flames, and Nokia is sailing the high sea's. I can't wait until i can get my 920 :-). It's sad, because RIM has a very, very good product.
  • I'm with the same opinion. At least for the first time, people are considering about Lumia 920(not just fans like us) Kudos to Nokia!
  • 10% is a good goal. But for how many years?
  • I certainly agree the market reaction did not make sense it even starting dropping before the whole picture emerged. I think it is rather telling that when cooler heads prevailed the stock started rising again. Nokia in fact seems to be increasingly talked about as a company who have something to give and we hear less of the last throw of the dice.
  • Well, it kind of *is* the last throw of the dice for Nokia.   That doesn't change.   If the latest versions of the Lumia with WP8 don't sell well, they're in deep, deep financial trouble.
  • Time for Uncle Microsoft to give them another billion dollar bailout if that happens, but you're right this is it and it may be hoping for too much (sales increase wise) for them (feel sad saying that as I love Nokia).
  • Well, given that pre-orders for the iPhone are backed up a few weeks perhaps they can take advanatge of this in some way. Just  hopeful thought.
  • "So let’s focus on Nokia here.  We already know they did a poor job of unveiling the Lumia 920"
    Not sure what you were watching Chris, but i thought it was an excellent press release. I think Nokia had a better one that Apple. Well that's my opinion anyway, but personally i think Nokia brought a lot more to the table than Apple. 
  • From what he wrote:
    "That said, it looks to me like Nokia botched the presentation by allowing Wall Street to feel uncertain about so many important things.  Where exactly will the device be released?  We don’t know anything more than “select markets”.  What carriers have agreed to carry it?  Sorry.  Don’t know.  What’s it gonna cost?  Oh.  Nokia didn’t say.  On top of this, the general consensus is that Nokia’s executive team just didn’t deliver a compelling presentation."
  • Maybe not the presentation, but the product demo features spoke for themselves. The people presenting could have been better, but the product is excellent. As far as carriers go, we really already knew with some wishful thinking(Verizon & Sprint). Logical thinking automatically told me ATT, T-Mobile in the states; Sprint took themselves out of the game early via there statements, and Verizon was hopeful according to their statement. So in reality, the only thing lacking is cost.
  • They did a good job of saying "look at this awesome product that does amazing things. We'll sell it somewhere at some point in the future..." That's not a launch, it merely hints at one. That's from somebody determined to make that "awesome product" his next phone.
  • Actually, Nokia did a horrible job in introducing the new Lumia 920. Forget about not announcing any dates whatsover, the presenters lacked any presenting skills or enthusiasm. Jo Harlow made me fall asleep a few times while watching her speak. And that Kevin Shields guy can't make a complete sentence without stuttering. Regardless of all these setbacks, the Lumia 920 is an amazing piece of hardware and will definitely make Nokia relevant again.
  • As someone who does many international presentations presentations and I can say that of i had to give an evaluation of the presentation, content gets a 7, presenter gets a 3.
  • I hate to say it, but I agree. Even Joe Belfiore's part felt uncomfortable. Microsoft and Nokia both need to spend on professional presentation instruction. That or make all of them practice, practice, practice the next announcement, so they can ALL perform as flawlessly as WP8. No more stuttering, monotonous expression, and forced delivery.   Maybe this is all due an attempt to emulate the way Jobs announced product. The whole say a few words, then pause while the crowd laps it up. Microsoft and Nokia aren't Apple, and the presenters are not Jobs. Sell it differently.
  • It was just missing the most crucial piece of information.
    We got the what, a phone with OIS, wireless charging, and good specs. but we didn't get the when (release date), how much (cost) and who (which carriers).
    As you can see by the iphone pre-orders on day 1, that's more important than the actualy what and that was missing from Nokia's presentation.
    Before the Nokia event, the talk was about Verizon, will they be there? why are they having another event with Motorola on the same day? does that mean only AT&T will be a launch partner?
    It was clear to most that AT&T will be there and probably T-Mobile as well, and both were MIA. What does it mean that Nokia could get a deal done with AT&T before this event? was AT&T not sure about this new phone?
    That's why, for investors, this was a bad event. It didn't give potential buyers enough information and it was missing something they were counting on. When carriers announce their Nokia plans, the stock will go higher
  • If Microsoft will crap or get off the pot about the WP8 consumer features and carrier/pricing details already, there's a boat load of opportunities to steal thunder from Apple. Even my CEO came up to my boss and I to say, "Yeah, I'm disappointed in the iPhone 5 announcement... I don't want one anymore." He doesn't like the GS3 either though, so this is my shot to get him on a Lumia or ATIV... but ONLY if they hurry up!
  • The iPhone 5 affects every other smartphone oem, not just Nokia. However, with heavy advertising and the promise of a more cohesive ecosystem, finally windows has something to offer that's overall, a better package. When Windows 8 drops, and more PC users get a feel for how this Os works, you will see alot more adopters to the platform. And with Nokia's authentic designs, its going to be a recipe for success. Everything MS has done up to this point has lead up to this...only time will tell if they truly succeed. Windows is now the fresh, hip os and once we get the last few apps that are offered elsewhere, it won't be that big of a leap for those to change. But the mobile world is still heavily app based, and not having major ones in our stable has been hurting us bad. The power users finally have their specs, the windows faithful have adopted abd love it, now the everyday consumer is next, and their the big ones....good luck MS, were all counting on you.... ;)
  • No offense, but are you the same person who did the "analysis" on the day of revealing the 920? If so, then this whole article loses its credibility for me. My suggestion: Go back to your previous analysis, check the time of the 15% drop, and follow-up with a new article telling us that the 15% down had nothing to do with the 920 or WP8.
  • Am I confused? He blamed the drop on the uncertainty created by not revealing date of availability, pricing or carriers.  That seems dead on. I'm not even sure what point you are making...clarify?
  • So the way I see it is that the drop started at 10:15. 35 minutes later, at 10:50, the stock was almost 15% down. At 10:50, the 920 was still on stage. There was no Microsoft yet (regardless of whether the presentation was underwhelming), no 820, and no pricing and availability which always comes at the end (regardless of whether it was announced or not). The drop seems to be a result of market manipulation (which is to be expected at these price levels; there is a reason mutual funds and such cannot touch the stock at the current levels).
    If you think I'm wrong, I would be glad to hear what I'm missing.
  • Though Nokia was "on stage" during those times, you forgetting one thing: Press Releases. The media and financial markets all got them early on and knew exactly what was being announced as everyone was on stage. The show was just that...a show for the media. Re:  "market manipulation" I'll be flat out honest and say I'm not sure what that exactly means in broad terms nor in specifics for this instance, nor what evidence there is to back it up. Either way, the stock did not pick up later that day.
  • I totally agree on the "manipulating the market", but it backfired on them.
  • Yes. Its the iPhone. Even though the 920 specs are better
  • People are starting to realize that the iphone is at the end of it's lifecycle. All Crapple can do is change things to try to keep up with the others. They are no longer leaders but followers.
    Marketing is where Apple is winning. If Nokia and MS can market more aggresively like they started to do with the Lumia 800/900 they will cut into the pie. The last campaign did wonders for Nokia. Keep it up!
  • Not really sure I agree with you there. Apple likes to build a product, tweak it until it's their version of perfect, and then sit on it for several generations and reap the benefits of stellar sales. Look at the ipod classic, the shuffle, the macbook pro, and the macbook air. Those products have hardly changed in years. They're JUST NOW tweaking the iPod Nano with a new design.
    Note, I don't agree that it's at the end of a lifecycle. But I DO agree that they're running out of innovation ideas for the time being, and I hope that Windows Phone and 8 can take advantage of this slow period.
  • Apple fumbled the ball with iPhone 5giving a HUGE opportunity to all phone manufacturers. Where is the analysis in thie article. The 920 has been mentioned in almost every mainstream and geek iPhone article (that is not just an apple advert). from the wireless charging, screen, camera and NFC. The Nokia announcement was great for a company that reentered the USA market only 5 months ago (april 2012). Also in the next 9 months Nokia will release more phones, unlike Apple with the iPhone5 probably locked into a 2 year cycle of boredom and old features.
  • Seeing how the iPhone 5 preorders are sold out makes me wanna puke. Nokia certainly will have a hard time selling the Lumia 920 when Apple's phone sells like this despite being an inferior option. On the upside, the Lumia is getting a whole lot of attention, so that could help sell it for the people not enamoured with the iPhone.
  • Apple isn't who we're gonna be taking most of our potential users from - those in iOS are truly locked in (because of the stuff they've bought that they can't bring with them to another OS).  Android, with the bigger marketshare (but easier to go try a new platform) and new users are where we'll get most of our new users from...JMHO...
  • I think it would be a good idea to give people coming from IOS or Android a 50.00 Marketplace gift card so that they can purchase apps they lost by coming over to WP8. I think those on the fence may jump. Just my opinion for marketing.
  • Nope, probably helps them. Knowing that Apple releases one phone a year. They can go on the attract now that they've seen apples hand.
  • As someone else pointed out, the iPhone 5 pre-orders are already sold out (the Apple Store site crashed last night), so this really doesn't change things for Apple, as far as successful launches go. 
    The new Lumias are nice looking devices to be sure, but there's no doubt that both Nokia and other Windows Phone OEMs will have to claw, scratch and fight for every single sale to a consumer. 
  • Im a diehard WPfan but Nokias 10% is not more impressive than Apples 2%....
  • More impressive in growth not market value, obviously. Depends what you mean by "impressive". 
  • Fair enough. ;-)
  • I'm sure there's a dirty joke im there somewhere ;)
  • regarding market share comparison, im abit caustious on that i mean 40% from 5 years ago and 40% now is a big difference, i mean back then there were that many smartphone users, so if it's possible for you to get a total from back then  * 40% and then the total for now and * 40% we might see something different
    i mean 40% back then might be 10% now, (im not sure) either way, i still really want to see windowsphone succeed and make a 3 kingdom type of situation (i don't know, 30/30/30 sounds nice lol)
  • I think Nokia needs to make more than just phones. I think Nokia needs to be the first to innovate and debut similar to the 920 and iPhone 5 situation. I think its going to take 2 - 3 generations beofre the general public admits that Nokia is a threat. I think next year is the real year for Windows Q4 is a small teaser slowly building up the Windows cult.
  • The lackluster Iphone5 can only help Nokia by comparison. Apple gets its share of sales because of the fanboys regardless of what they release but this could start to change the tide. Of course Apple wont lose a lot of ground overnight.
  • A good friend of mine is Apples biggest fan, and he was very disappointed at what he saw at the iPhone 5 launch. He is now more excited about WP8. His twitter account is devoted to all things Apple (@khaledalwaleed) and happens to be a big Apple investor! Things are a changing, and Nokia better not screw up. This is going to be a one off opportunity to knock Apple off its throne.....
  • Its now mentioned but it has merely just replaced the third phone mentioned in stories that used to be blackberry.
  • I don't understand the point of this article. The iPhone will sell millions per usual, affecting all OEM's. On the contrary, it is Nokia who has a chance to disrupt and put a chink in iPhones armor. Thanks to the iPhone 5 more people have become aware of the 920 with direct comparisons, most of them actually favoring the 920.
  • those trolls are brainwash getting iphone
  • The Microsoft ecosystem is now superb...I love my Office, music, SkyDrive, social , gaming integration. The one thing they need to add and hopefully WP 7.8 and WP8 will have is a calendar or universal phone search.
  • Apple products receive so much fanfare thanks to nonstop ads. It seems like every other hour on every channel there's a commercial pointing out there strengths. If this particular iphone is lackluster & the 920 appears to be looking pretty damn good then why not advertise the product the way they did with the 900 showing off the screen, being able to wear gloves & of course the camera. Areas they have iphone beat. Go at them hard 
  • People who want iPhones r going to get iPhones and that a lot of people, but the fact that Nokia is even mention in the discussion is a step up..
  • Nokia just needs to worry about no bugs this time, getting it right, and releasing their phones asap...
  • Yes, i agree totally, if they are not careful and rush to get the product out with some problems (eg battery life, camera problems, etc), the media (and customers) will eat the alive...
  • There's a difference in out of stock and selling out. Has there been any official report on the number of preorders? They've done this before by creating false demand. Even people preordering today asked about the Lumia and some questioned their preorder.
  • Things are changing and I wish these so called fans and analysts would stop worrying about another company trying to take over the number 1 spot. I don't think Nokia is trying for that goal. Personally, what I'd like to see is windows, apple and google succeed. The more companies the more competition and the better the products for us consumers.
    These investors and analysts are just concern about the Apple bubble. So many people's money is invested in Apple (401K, IRA, etc), wether they know it or not. Can you imagine if the bubble bursts... That's why it's best to have options and not depend on one company.
    Another thing to consider is that Nokia has a subdivision called NSM, which owns 35%+ of the LTE contracts. Now that iPhone 5 uses LTE, im pretty sure there's some money there along with the $700+ Million from patents. It's going to take some time, but the future looks bright. Just don't pay too much attention to articles from Yahoo, especially in the NOK page.  Lot's of negativity and too many Apple topics that for some reason don't even appear in their own AAPL page.  What does that tell you?
  • People are so shallow, they will upgrade to the latest phone just on a presentation, not what is the best phone for them.
  • Like the title of the article...
  • Nokia and MS need to come up with a creative marketing narrative to back Lumia and Windows Phone. You need to sell a message as to why...
  • Fuck it... Its all about advertising
  • The big problem for Nokia is that the other players phones will be available BEFORE the 920 launches and unless you're already a WP fan most people won't wait (except for the iPhone) for a new phone.  Even if people have to wait 3-4 weeks they will still get their iPhone before the 920.   HTC and Motorola will both have their latest and greatest handsets out before the 920 launches.  The last thing is I was talking to a Verizon sales person and unless Nokia and MS convince Verizon to push WP8 the sales people will still sell Android and iPhone before WP8 (and that includes someone will have to pay the sales people's spiffs (extra commission incentive) to sell the WP.  And anyone that thinks the Lumia 920 will be at a budget price like the 900 are kidding themeselves because Nokia needs to start making money on some of these handsets - not just gaining market share.
  • I saw something today that an Att insider said Oct 21 for the 920 to hit.
  • First off, the day to day stock market is not a good indicator of much, really. There are a lot of people that trade like they are in a casino. This causes fluxuations in price, but it does not reveal a long term trend. The long term investors will be more involved when the any company's fundamentals look good, and this will lead to a more stabile and growing stock price. For people that trade on day to day news, it is gambling. For long term investors, it is about building value
    Nokia is on the right path, but I don't think anyone should expect a gigantic leap forward. Any progress is good. The presentation of the L920/820 may have not been what investors wanted, but they did show a product that is very competitive. They are dependant on Microsoft, for good and bad, to get this product out to the market. They had a choice to either wait until WP8 was ready to roll or to get an annoucement out before Apple. I think they made the right choice, clearly. Like many have said, Nokia's phones are becoming a part of the smartphone conversation. It is going to be Nokia's job to bring it's marketing A game before and upon release.
      We will look back in 3-4 months to see how the following progress: How much firepower has Nokia brought to their general marketing How willing are carriers willing to help windows phones progress (there is clear evidence that they are very willing) How much the WIndows 8 release (on tablets/PCs) translates into WP8 Interest  
  • That's true
  • first of all nokia didnt mess up they delivered better than expected, ms the one that messing up nokia, and samsung and the rest , they did there part, the samsung is better than the iphone,  the new nokia 920 way better than the iphone, the problem is media first of all anyone that is following ms adventures knew what to expect. How they gonna have a phone ready to sell with out an os? Even though the 920 is awesome just as soon as nokias finished with it , and all the ooohs and  ahhhs are done yall first story just a day later is how much a failure it was, gloom and doom and on the other hand even though yall know apples phone is just okay yall wow this is the greatest thing ever, if yall was fair when apple said its the thinnest phone yall would know that that was a lie, or when apple didnt really go into details about battery yall would say everyone else did. I believe that if apple told every one to kiss there butts tommorrow at twelve, there would be a line a mile long, and afterwards everyone would be like , its thinner and lighter, totally amazing, the best butt ever. I personally belive that ms is holding off telling everything till later cause last year, what was coming was out before the iphone and and some of wp7's new feature ended up in ios, and yall know it but yall wont say it, come on man taking a picture while recording video seems like i saw that in a commercial on an android phone, thats screen is in a sony that was mentioned , if nokia an the rest wouldnt have done there events before apple, there would have been thousands of lawsuites but the other way around , its just silence. Heck  even nokias 820 looks good when comparing it to the iphone 5, nokia was better, samsungs was better, i bet you even htcs is gonna be better.  the phone wars in the us is about popularity, the phone wars over seas is more about quality, that why nokia sold more over seas. yall complaining cause nokia didnt give price or other stuff but if they did every thing you asked yall still would complain, thats what yall do, luckly there an uprising going on that yall cant control, even in the us, theres a group of poeple that are judging for them selves, that are reading and viewing and coming to their own conclusion those people the media cant control, they gonna buy the 920 with or without you, and ms is getting thats as well by leaving yall out the mix this time so yall wont bad mouth the os just for popularity's sake, windows phone 8 this time will come out after the great iphone, just like nokia stock did better after the news of iphone 5, ms is gonna do better after the iphone 5 as well , windows phone 8 is gonna be judged by wp8's standards not apples. in other words instead of comparing wp8 to ios, which was the norm,  it will be ios to wp8 which just like the nokia event, ios  and iphone 5 looked kinda boring. Same thing will happen but in reverse , people know what was in ios and know whats new in iphone 5. When they see the new win phone 8 there gonna go wow, unity gaming engine, unreal gaming engine, etc. ios is gonna look like whyos. Out dated and boring. By they way im not talking about all media, just most.
  • Preach!
  • Good that lots of iPhone 5s will be sold. That will mean more users who will have regrets when they start seeing the L920 in commercials and in peoples hands, comparing it the the phone in their hand. Too late for them, but the advice they offer to others will be interesting. If I had to do it over again..... Beginning to see some chinks in Apples armor.
  • I realize that this is an extremely un-scientific poll, but at a fairly large Canadian website/forum (, there is a thread with a poll asking users which phone they would get, iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920, and I was very surprised by the results so far: 80% Lumia, 20% iPhone 5. Granted, that's only out of 49 posters who used the poll, but considering a year ago that thread wouldn't even register more than 2 or 3 responses, I see it as a major indication that MS & Nokia are moving in the right direction and have at least caused a ripple on the waters.
  • Thanks sounds promising!
  • That Carl Zeis'chrome plate on the Lumia 900 scatches easily. I hope they change that in the 920.
  • disclaimer: this is all opinion
    Don't be fooled by Apple selling out.
    Apple only just started to recieved the iphone's screen and has pushed the release back a week. They have launched the iphone before it's ready in order to beat ms to market. After releasing a lackluster update they are now also creating false demand. I'm almost certain less iphones will be sold this year than last.
  • I think the stock market crash had not that much to do with 920 or WP8. It was due to the inaccurate TechCruch article on the same day where they had misintepreted Nokia communication about the 7 million Lumia's sold:
    7 million Lumia handsets sold till end of June
    TechCrunch intepretation:
    7 million Lumia handsets sold up to date.
    This of course would have meant almost a complete sales stop for 1st generation Lumia devices right after WP8 legacy break announcement. This would've also meant a horrible Q3 results causing an immediate panic in the markets. The story was later corrected, but the damage was already done.
  • I am sure Nokia will a great job with the marketing of the new lumias with WP8 just like they did the amazing everyday ad for lumia 800.
  • Of course it does. Apple announce a product, give it a release date and get it into stores worldwide.
    Nokia announce a product that is still in beta, give no release date, might release it this year in a couple of countries, and will release it everywhere else quarter 1 or 2 of next year when the phone will already be outdated.
    Nokia's biggest enemy is their old fashioned distribution model. Customers aren't happy with getting a new phone that is a 6 month old product which you will supersede in 6 months anymore, they want that full year to enjoy having a new device. They also want that device in hand within a month of knowing about it and while the hype is still hot.
  • And that is exactly why the iPhone5 will be a huge seller.  Apple doesnt have to do anything and everyone loves it.
  • What I don't like about "the new Nokia" is that they don't even include Finland in the first countries to get their latest products. Wtf? They've lost their 'connecting people' identity and it pretty much shows even in their marketing, which is just nonsensical babble like the amazing everyday. I'm more into Apple's style of simple marketing, showing the benefits of using their products 'connecting people.' Just show Marko Ahtisaari knee deep in snow in the middle of Lapland operating City lens, looking for the nearest Starbucks with some huge-ass mittens on, and you have winner. Just put lots of gloves on your commercials, goddammit! :D
  • Entirely unrelated to the content of the article but that side by side shot of the iPhone and 920 is great.  Why?  Look at them and compare.  Both look nice in terms of quality but the iPhone is just a cold impersonal grid of apps.  The 920 is a customizable, warm fuzzy wall of info.  Key word: customizable.  You can make it the most boring start screen in history or fill it slap full of tiny tiles.  That's one of the reasons I love WP.  I love showing that feature to people and it gets even better with WP8. :)
  • I think the iPhone5 announcement was the best thing Nokia could have possibly hoped for. A weak, incremental update of the existing phone with nothing new or exciting.