Android fans rumored to be getting bigger, more powerful HTC 8X clone with the M7

Here’s an interesting twist: An HTC Windows Phone design is evidently being reused for a new Android phone. Yes, after a few cycles of having it in reverse it appears now that HTC will take their highly praised 8X design and recycle it for a new Android M7.

The images come via Android Police and while this is far from official (or 100% confirmed), the phone looks different enough from the 8X to be legitimate.

Sense 5.0 is reportedly on board though specs were not elaborated upon. The camera LED, normally to the right of the camera on the 8X, has been moved to the left and the same goes for the front facing camera, which has also swapped sides. As Android Police point out, this could be an elaborate hoax but it fits with HTC’s MO of reusing previous designs across platforms to reduce cost (and bank on success if the design is popular).

Earlier rumored specifications of the device suggest that this is basically a bigger more badass 8X. As reported by our sister site Android Central, the twitter account @evleaks spilled the deets saying the M7 has “a 1080p display at 4.7 inches with an eye watering 468PPI. Underneath is said to be a second-generation Qualcomm quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.”

Clearly we can see HTC moving into the 1080P range for displays, something for which they reportedly want to do with Windows Phone 8 but can’t. Ironically, if Windows Phone 8 does get bumped for 1080P, we could see the 8X rebranded as the M7 come back to Windows Phone as the 8X2 or something similar, completing the odd HTC product design cycle.

The M7 is rumored to be revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

So how do you folks feel over Windows Phone now being mimicked for Android? Better than before when we were getting recycled designs or worse knowing that Android fans will finally get that 8X look and feel? Let us know.

Source: Android Police; via Android Central

Daniel Rubino

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