Angry Birds Go! racing to Windows Phone on December 11th

Rovio has today announced a new title in the Angry Birds series. The popular company has been releasing top-rated games for multiple platforms and just like the previous Angry Birds Star Wars instalment, Angry Birds Go! will launch across the board. 

Confirmed on Twitter, Windows Phone owners will be able to download and enjoy the new take on the Angry Birds game. So, what's it all about and should you be interested? Well, it's not a classic Angry Birds game, but instead a take on the racing genre. Think Mario Kart meets Angry Birds.

That's right, say hello to the first Angry Birds racing game.

You'll be able to pimp yo ride

The game will sport downhill racing, upgradable karts (see above image), your favourite Angry Birds characters, special powers and all in a fully rendered 3D world. Special powers, you say? How would you feel about some super speed or controlling an inflated bird?

Oh, did we mention this title will in fact be available for free? Our bad, you'll probably be looking at optional upgrades through in-app purchases, but at least you'll be able to enjoy the title without investing anything precious.

Angry Birds Go!

Don't try this at home, kids

The official announcement teases "a whole host" of modes and features will be included for everyone, without requiring financial contribution. Starting with just a soapbox, you will be able to apply a variety of upgrades to create your perfect "super-fly car."

Hasbro's TELEPODS will be making a return too. Just like Angry Birds Star Wars II, you'll be able to teleport your favourite karts into the game. If you have karts ready to go before the game is released, Rovio will be launching a special countdown app to enable you to get a headstart.

We'll cover Angry Birds Go! closer to the release date. We'll assume for now that it'll be released as an Xbox for Windows Phone title.

Source: Rovio; thanks, DJCBS, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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