Join the Pork Side in Angry Birds Star Wars II; coming to Windows Phone on September 19

Rovio has announced that the next instalment in the Angry Birds Star Wars series of games will be launching on Windows Phone. Angry Birds Star Wars II puts the player in control of slinging birds at pigs to battle through levels in a galactic setting. There's a twist, however. You'll also be able to play as the piggies on the pork side of the force and teleport figurines into your game. Sounds rather cool, right?

Showing off the above video, voiced by Ian McDiarmid (Emperor in the Star Wars films), Rovio goes into some detail in an official blog post as to what we can all expect to see in the next title. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 will include bird and pig versions of more than 30 characters from the Star Wars universe, who will be announced as the team counts down to the launch of the game - the first batch of character reveal gameplay videos will be published next Monday (26th).

The game itself will be released on September 19th and will be loaded on iOS, Android and Windows Phone for $0.99. What's possibly most interesting (as noted above) is the ability to play on the pigs team. Not only that, but Rovio has teamed up with Hasbro to bring you TELEPODS. This essentially enables you to teleport physical Angry Birds Star Wars figures into your game. Pretty neat. The team appears to be really making a deal out of this sequel.

Here's a quick video on the TELEPODS:

If you're super excited about the upcoming title, be sure to follow the Angry Birds team on Twitter to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive "Join the Pork Side" poster, signed by The Emperor. So which side of the force are you most looking to play?

Source: Rovio; thanks, Tapio, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice...Time to finish the original Angry Birds Star Wars...Has this released on Android or iOS yet or is it a simultaneous launch???
  • It will launch on all the platforms on 19th September!
  • WP is part of a simultaneous launch? now that's progress :D
  • Yeah, but the future updates need to launch and the same time too :/
  • jut like first angry birds star wars, it will get released simultaneously to all three :)
    rovio is awesome, i would love to have bad piggies, rovio port that and u will be amazingggg
  • Guess I should try to beat the first Angry Birds Star Wars now.
  • Angry birds 2 have achievements?
  • Epic! Need Asphalt 8 soon.
  • It's already announced!
  • I mean for it to be released soon.
  • Asphalt 8 is really awesome!!! I can't wait to get it on my 1020. I hope Gameloft does a perfect port and doesn't stick WP with low resolution textures like it did with Asphalt 7.
    I have 8 on my iPad 4 and after the first few races, I really DIDN'T like it because it didn't play just like Asphalt 7. It feels more like a console game than a twitchy mobile game like 7 does. Everything is big and impressive, the cars have weight to them and you are LESS invicible when it comes to boosting like mad and scrubbing the  walls.
    With more play time, I realized that Asphalt has grown up and it is an AMAZING game. The gameplay is excellent, it reminds me of Burnout Paradise, Cruisn World and Beetle Adventure Racing all wrapped into one. The difficulty starts out higher than previous Asphalts but this seems due to the fact that the tracks have SO MANY different paths. Some are short cuts, some are long cuts and you can be in first and take the wrong road and end up in 4th OR you can be dead last, do a barrel roll, take out 2 cars in the air, land on a car and take that one out, hit a MAJOR ramp acorss a ravine while doing 4 helicopter spins...completely filling your boost meter...hit the ground and spin a 360 while activating Nitro and waiting for it to hit the "Red Zone" for a special "Perfect Nitro" with an extreme burst of speed, taking down the remain racers, traffic and obstacles and speeding across the finish line for the win!
    Asphalt 8 is simply stunning from a track design and gameplay point of view. It causes you to think differently about racing, to plan ahead, to plan your tricks to get more boost to get the win.
  • This looks like an interesting evolution of the franchise. Clearly someone realized that kids are their primary market for this game, hence the Skylanders angle. I know I'm personally completely over Angry Birds; grinding out the ridiculous block smasher achievement on the first one thoroughly burned me out.
  • Pssh. Not even fancy like that. The figures have QR codes that the front-facing camera captures thru a stand/lens. Gonna be interesting to see if every phone will have a version specialized for the placement of its front-facing camera, tho.
  • Why would it need to? It scans the code and that's that.
  • Wow, we're getting a game on release. Will miracles ever cease? About time that starts to happen. Movin on up, to the east side
  • I like that you call them Rivio all the time instead of Rovio. It shows appropriate amounts of disdain.
  • Was twice out of four five times ;-) Hardly "all the time."
  • Sorry, dude, I wasn't having a go. You're welcome ;)
  • Developers please learn from Rovio..
  • I wanna be pig!!!!
  • Launching on the main 3 platforms together developers listen the fuck up!
  • Guilherme da Silva Manso: here you have it. Just as I predicted ;) Can't wait. And I hope this is an Xbox title as the others, at least on WP8 (I fear it not being 'cause of the release date coinciding with iOS and Android...). Also, let us all take a moment to appreciate Ian McDiarmid's awesomeness. 
    And I'm obviously joining the Empire.  
  • I want to know...WHAT'S GOING ON WITH TEMPLE RUN 2
  • A lowsy 1GB-only non-Xbox port like the last one I'd guess.
  • Am I the only one that got bored of Angry Birds after the first game?
  • What about despicable minions game? Is Microsoft just feeding the masses or its simply incompetent
  • I thought Gameloft announced it was coming to WP just a couple days ago and WPC reported it.
  • I know but windows phone app approval is stringent ridiculously,while superior platforms (interms of user base) have it way nicer
  • if you know, then why the whiny comment?  ugh...
  • Why are the most popular games paid on WP, when they are free on android? For example, Cut the rope.
  • Ads
  • We don't do ads.
  • Lets slingshot birds at pigs, seems logical
  • Glad to see we're getting it the same time as the other platforms. It's quite clear WP is being taken much more seriously by developers now. Of course there's still room for improvement, but it is improving.
  • Finaly developers are beggining (slowly) to take WindowsPhone seriously!
    Let's also hope Angry Birds Star Wars I will not be left behind and continiue to support it with new levels even after september 19!!
    P.S If MS only could release more than 1-3 xbox WP titles per week that would be amazing!
  • That's great news for Windows Phone!! That games are starting to be launched on the same date as Android and IOS, lets just hope that this is the first of many!!!!
  • Will I need to buy telepods to complete the game? If so, I'm not even going to buy the app.
  • Awesome!
  • Given the first game was based on the original trilogy, I'm guessing this game will be based on the prequel trilogy. So, I'm guessing that the Obi Wan bird, the C3PO bird and the R2D2 bird will return, with the addition of an Anakin bird, a Padme bird, and unfortunately, probably a Jar Jar bird too. I would like to see a Yoda bird though..
  • Wow. McDiarmid still sound good even after the Star Wars trilogy. ;)
  • Awesome! Is this Windows 8 too?