Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone 8/8.1 updated with 50 new levels and more

Rovio has finally updated the Windows Phone 8/8.1 version of their hit arcade game Angry Birds Space, adding 50 new levels (40 regular ones and 10 bonus levels) to the game over a month after the iOS and Android versions received the same update:

Here's a quick look at the change log, which is supposed to be the largest update ever for the game:

  • 40 NEW LEVELS! There are two parts, each with 20 interstellar levels! Unlock Part 2 by getting all the stars in Part 1, or with an in-app purchase!
  • FIND NASA SPACECRAFT! Unlock 4 bonus levels by finding cool NASA research spacecraft – the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact and Dawn.
  • 6 BONUS LEVELS! Each part has three bonus levels! But you'll have to get three stars and a feather on each level to unlock them all – are you up to the challenge?
  • SEND IN THE MIGHTY BUZZARD! Buzz Aldrin, the legendary astronaut and moonwalker, is at hand to save the day if things get tough!
  • ASTEROID SHOWER! Navigate burning, freezing and radioactive space rocks – and look out for some strange things happening to those pigs!
  • GAS TANKS AND BATTERIES! The pigs have kitted out their structures and contraptions with some unstable energy cells – try giving them a nudge!


What do you think of this new update for Angry Birds Space?

Thanks to Windows Phone Scoops for the tip!

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John Callaham