Just over a week ago we kicked off our fortnightly Windows Central Photos Contest.

This time, our contest was themed around breakfast, and we had some truly delicious looking entries, there can only be one winner though!

This time, the winner is FizzySignal with this enticing looking Eggs Royal taken on a Nokia Lumia 1020.

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FizzySignal described his winning piece, taken at a British café called Kiva:

..."I love having this for breakfast, this is Eggs Benedict or more traditionally called Eggs Royal, because I normally get smoked salmon instead of bacon, because I don't eat bacon and let's face it, it's a lot healthier than bacon, but I wouldn't mind turkey bacon at all! Now I've had this dish in all parts of the world, from America to France and of course in the UK (Where I Live), where I have found my favourite café called "Kiva" locally to me, which is where I took this picture."...

..."Eggs Royal consists of two round toasted pieces of Bread which are traditionally called crumpets, but crumpets can mean another type of bread over here in the UK; two poached eggs which are left with a viscous yolk, hollandaise sauce and a single asparagus, it's quite healthy because nothing is fried, yet it's the most tasty breakfast I love to enjoy. I've also been lucky enough to enjoy a duck confit and crab alternative, but smoked salmon seems to be my favourite…for now!!!"...

..."I used my trusty Nokia Lumia 1020, I did not use any photo editing software, apart from the inbuilt software to make the picture a little brighter. No Flash was used."...

Once we've contacted them, FizzySignal will be the proud owner of a Nakamichi Bluetooth Speaker - congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and be sure to keep your eyes on Windows Central for future photo contests.