Another Live Search Mobile update released

Our man Malatesta has spied an update to Windows Live Search Mobile. We're all sitting here in the WME mothership in our anti-gravity chairs (what, your office doesn't have them?) working with the new build, but for the life of us we can't figure out what's been updated. Microsoft also has been mum so far on the new version, which now stands at 4.1.2029.1, up from 4.0.12158.1. Could just be bug fixes, but jumping from 4.0 to 4.1 could mean more.

So we put it to you, dear readers. First one to leave a significant finding in the comments will live on forever in WME immortality.

Phil Nickinson

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  • lol, our "anti-gravity chairs"...
  • Alright, I'll go ahead and do the update, let's just hope that I can remember enough about the features in 4.0 (so many of them!) so I can spot what's new here.
  • Early last week I provided feedback to the Live Search team about a problem I was having with Live Search on my Epix. No matter where I am in the application, the keyboard is always defaulted to function lock. As soon as unlock it and change screens or text entry fields, it's right back in function lock mode. This might make sense if all of the menu shortcuts were numbers (like on a WM Standard device) not letters, but it's certainly a pain in the butt for me. Anyway, I hoped against hope that perhaps *I* had been the reason for this monumental update and that my problem would be fixed. But, alas, no. I guess I'll still be slogging it through with Google Maps until they finally get this right.
  • Is it TV listings ? That would be so awesome.
  • I was hoping that it would be the fix for error in mileage in routeing. But alas it does not appear so. I installed and tested and the mileage still reports 1.6 times actual mileage. This probably is kilometers but the suffix still indicates mileage. There are still issues with finding location using contact information.
  • on my phone i now have the ability to choose region and the "locate me" option is not availible to be clicked. I have a verizon q9c. also is MUCH snappier when choosing icons at bottom on home screen,
  • Speaking of anti-grav chairs, take a look at this:;title - DN
  • found iphones long lost push notifications :)
  • On my Tilt the Locate Me function seems to make a guess at my location using cell tower triangulation like the My Location feature in Google Maps. Significant perhaps? I do use both aplications for different reasons. Google Maps is a bit slicker and more straightforward for quick searches, whereas Live Search has rudimentary turn-by-turn navigation and the voice recognition works pretty well when paired with my BlueAnt Z9 headset.
  • How disappointing... A new version and you STILL cannot actually search for a street address... Driving directions are totally pointless if you cannot actually set a street address as the start or destination..
  • I did the update. VZ Omnia - using BT GPS until VZ unlocks it. I have both Google Maps and Live Search Mobile. I like the features more on LSM but the map refresh is slow, I have good bars where I am, Pandora doesnt complain, but updating the map when we are moving, I ouwld be off the map before it refreshes. If I back out and go back in - BOOM there's the refreshed map.... Was hoping the update to fix that.....NO DICE - still happening.
  • THE FONT is finally LARGER for VGA devices!!!!! Not as clear but at least it's now readable. That's the ticket!
  • Was "Gas Prices" in the previous verison?
  • So far, Nextel1996 appears to have the, um, best answer. Gas prices have been there before, and we wrote a big piece on the last update which included the "Locate Me" service. Good hunting, though, everyone.
  • Hmm.. Appears that they changed something server side last night. You can actually search for street addresses again!
  • hrm. on my q9c the "recent locations" menu is no gone. You now have to go to "change location" then recent in order to just switch to another location. without GPS this is now a real pain. I probably won't use live search as much because of it. also, the categories icon is different. it now looks like a yellow pages phonebook.
  • I don't know if it is a new feature or that I never noticed it before, but I noticed that exit numbers now show on the interstates.
  • Something is wrong with this build. I have a Moto Q9h. When I try to do a search, it doesn't search - it changes my default location. I can not get it to search at all - via the search bar, via voice, via categories... I want the old build back!
  • I have the same problem. The default location does not stick, when type in a search keyword such as "buffet", it changes the location to "Buffet, France", instead of search for a buffet restaurant near the location. Kind of a stupid bug, someone fell asleep while working on this upgrade.
  • yes, dude, i've been having the same problem, which basically makes live search completely unusable. I'm using a sprint touch pro, on vzw. anyone have any solutions for this?