Another Q11 sighting, this time in Brazil

Here's another shot of the rumored Motorola Q11 (check out the first pics here), with this one reportedly spotted going through Brazil's regulatory process.

Everything Q writes that this one's likely destined for the ClubeCelular network, though with quad-band EDGE only and no 3G.

Lack of high-speed data for a foreign version of the device doesn't really worry us too much at this point. Remember that there are about 263 different Qs out there, and Motorola has appeared to be more than happy to trick them out per a carrier's requirements.

We're still not ready to elevate the Q11 to unreleased drool status yet, though the addition of WiFi and a 3MP camera is still a step in the right direction for the Q. But it's still going to take more to revive the struggling Moto.

WC Staff