Motorola 'Atila' Revealed

It's not just the Alexander that Motorola is cooking up, we're also getting the 'Atila.' BGR (natch) just dropped the news, it should be a WM 6.1 Pro/Touchscreen device sans physical keyboard. Other goodness includes full Quad Band Edge / Tri-band 3G, WiFi, GPS, 1130 mAh battery, Qualcomm 7201a chipset, and a size of 80mm x 109 mm x 13.75mm. That last, friends, makes it comparable to the HTC Touch.

It's not all goodness, sadly: we're looking at a 240x320 screen resolution. Offset that with what looks like a geniune trackball (yeah, we're a little jealous of the BlackBerry's trackball lately, sue us) and maybe it's not so bad.

The Atila isn't going to revolutionize anything, but it should be a cute little phone. Release it, Motorola, and release it soon.

WC Staff