Another WinMo phone flirting with Android

Oh, for crying out loud. We shoulda known that once the boys and girls at XDA Developers got hold of the Android OS, hijinx would ensue. First they got Android up and running on the Tilt, and then the HTC Touch. Now it

WC Staff
  • Definitely, i was just saying that to a friend over the weekend. I'm not particularly interested in Android, but definitely give me a call when they get WM on the g1, then we'll have our first capacitive touch screen WM device :) The Ultimate would be WM on the iphone, though the Touch HD has kind of negated that (how i want a Touch HD...)
  • Hm... now that's an interesting thought. WM (like Palm OS) is designed mostly for precision-tapping, so using it with a capacitive touchscreen would be a nightmare. The screen would be very sensitive to the touch... but the finger is a low-resolution signal and the screen is a low-resolution sensor. The same goes for putting WM on an iPhone. So... no. I'm quite happy with Android on the G1. It's so easy to use because the software is centered around capacitive touch, and the few actions that require precision can be handled with the trackball. But Android works mostly alright with resistive touchscreens because the higher resolution really isn't a problem.