Anova Precision Cooker launches with support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Anova's sous vide Precision Cooker brings support to Windows Phone through an app, allowing you to precisely cook food. The utensil pairs with an app on your phone using Bluetooth, and the app will also provide you with recipes and instructions on how to prepare food the sous vide way. Bluetooth connectively means that your phone must be within range to get updates from your culinary creations, but at least you won't have to stand in front of the stove fretting all day.

Sous vide is a cooking method that requires food to be vacuum sealed and then immersed and cooked under a water bath at a precise temperature for a set period of time. With meats, this results in dishes that are evenly cooked so that the meat is moist, tender and retains the juices. The Anova utensil is immersed into the water bath and through the smartphone app, you can set start the cooking and the Precision Cooker will start to heat the water.

Updates in the cooking process are sent via Bluetooth, so you'll need to be within range to get the updates. If you're out of range, the Precision Cooker will log the data and then send it to your phone once you're within range again.

The Anova Precision Cooker is now available for pre-order at $179 and the company expects to ship in January 2015.

This is definitely a new way of cooking for many people, and it's nice to see Anova launching out of the gate with Windows Phone support in addition to apps for Android and iOS.

To learn more about the sous vide way of cooking, you can visit the Anova page.

Source: Anova via Techhive via WMPowerUser