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Anova utensil allows you to precisely cook food with Windows Phone

Anova's sous vide Precision Cooker brings support to Windows Phone through an app, allowing you to precisely cook food. The utensil pairs with an app on your phone using Bluetooth, and the app will also provide you with recipes and instructions on how to prepare food the sous vide way. Bluetooth connectively means that your phone must be within range to get updates from your culinary creations, but at least you won't have to stand in front of the stove fretting all day.

Sous vide is a cooking method that requires food to be vacuum sealed and then immersed and cooked under a water bath at a precise temperature for a set period of time. With meats, this results in dishes that are evenly cooked so that the meat is moist, tender and retains the juices. The Anova utensil is immersed into the water bath and through the smartphone app, you can set start the cooking and the Precision Cooker will start to heat the water.

Updates in the cooking process are sent via Bluetooth, so you'll need to be within range to get the updates. If you're out of range, the Precision Cooker will log the data and then send it to your phone once you're within range again.

The Anova Precision Cooker is now available for pre-order at $179 and the company expects to ship in January 2015.

This is definitely a new way of cooking for many people, and it's nice to see Anova launching out of the gate with Windows Phone support in addition to apps for Android and iOS.

To learn more about the sous vide way of cooking, you can visit the Anova (opens in new tab) page.

Source: Anova (opens in new tab) via Techhive via WMPowerUser

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  • Now this, I truly need, far more than the Finnish Cyan.....uhm, just kidding.
  • Now I can have Cortana cook my dinner. Slowly replacing my girlfriend. After booting her up, I said "this is going to be the girl I marry." Then I got my girlfriend to buy a 1020, so now we share Cortana. It's pretty hot, sharing an OS, and all the guys are jealous.
  • You just reminded me of the movie Her.
  • I've been on this kick lately with Cortana. I watched that movie last night so now i can't shut up about it lol
  • Cortana's an app, a 1/100th of AI at best.
  • Very true. Though if OS1 was real, nobody would ever leave the house.
  • "sharing an OS." Is that code for foreplay?
  • Threesome lol
  • Still no affirmative sign of wearable smartech or internet of things by Microsoft. The google I/O made me jelly..
  • Get some peanut butter.
  • Just peanut butter, no jelly.
  • I cook the old fashioned way, but it would be great if this gadget led to healthier eating for those who like techno-cooking.
  • Unfortunately not. I have one of these, they are truly amazing! Because the food is vacuum sealed in bags there is no loss of flavour or moisture, however this also means the fat has nowhere to escape. So its actually unhealthier, but it tastes soooooo good!
  • I totally need one of these!
  • How about the fact that your food is being heated inside of a plastic bag? You're not even supposed to eat food off of plastic that's been microwaved. It's an interesting idea but I don't trust it.
  • I agree, I don't even like storing food in plastic for too long, but cooking in plastic--never.
  • Wow... An app for cooking!
  • Windows phones now can make you a coffee :D
  • So it's like boil in the bag food with a stop watch?
  • This is not at all like boil in the bag. Boiling in a bag would typically lead to food that would be very dry and very unappetizing. Sous vide is done at well below boiling temps. Cooking fish sous vide at 145 F means that the fish will be perfectly done and and cooked all the way through, but not overdone, even if it continues to cook after the internal temp of the fish is 145. There are many meat dishes where results will be fantastic if you nail the internal temp on the dot, but the results will be inferior if you are over or under by even a little bit. Sous vide makes it such that you nail it perfectly. Second, by vacuum sealing, you can marinate and get the marinade flavor incorporated in the food very, very quickly.
  • Thanks for the explanation. Was thinking "won't the plastic bag melt"? Lol
  • MSFT finally agreed that OOP is the thing of the future. We do live in a OOW (Object Oriented World) It is raining apps on WP. I love it. Thanks MSFT.
  • Huh?
  • Good progress for MS. These kind of things are needed to help WP awareness Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • lame... why would you need to hook thermometer to your phone? isn't it more simple to stear once in a while and use a timer (or even ditch a timer and just look, smell and taste once in a while)
  • Because some people really like to cook and care what and how they eat. It's a hobby and passion for them.
  • i like to cook too, but no real cooks use thermometer in their kitchen xD 
  • Thermometers are used very frequently in cooking, not just for sous vide, but also in barbecue where many chefs hook up two thermometers, one for the smoker temp, and one for the meat internal temp. There have been many automatic devices for 10 years that will bring down the smoker temp to the internal temp of the meat after it hits an internal temp target. That would also be a great use of a smart phone app.
  • I agree! That's the app we need, I prefer cooking with wood over water any day!
  • The biggest problem with this is the bluetooth connection. In many cases sous vide is done for many hours. What would make this more useful is 1) two thermometers, one for the water bath and one for the food, and 2) allow it to be connected by bluetooth to a nearby device with an internet connection, which would then allow you to monitor and control the cooking process from your phone app.
  • This is awesome. Would be good for small apartments I think
  • We have an immersion cooker (Sous Vide) similiar to this (but not smartphone controlled) and we got it specific for this reason. Being in an apartment, we werent able to grill meat except on the George Foreman Grill (which destroys meat). I am VERY impressed with this style of cooking... I don't think I have ever made a better steak!
  • Check out   Nathan Myrvold - - a Microsoft-softie   I raise 100% grass fed organic beef and lamb. Good food. Good fats. Sous vide is a good thing.  
  • Nice! I've always wanted to try sous vide. Now I have some motivation. Once I get the money that is.
  • I ordered one of these from kickstarter when it was $145 shipped.   Glad theyre releasing a windows app too!
  • I signed up during the Kickstarter. For two. Now I just need a Searzall by October to finish my sous vide dishes with. :P
  • How very random, but cool.
  • More reason for me to get one of these rather than a PolyScience unit!
  • Fantastic.  And the fact that the video mentions an SDK for devs, we can tell Cortana to "prepare the sous vide for my favourite lamb recipe" and stuff like that.
  • I'll buy this because of the Windows Phone support. Sure, I never cooked meat this way, but now I will ... with the help of my Windows Phone.
  • so there is 30 comments but 17 views...huh
  • I tried Sous Vide at a degustation ... very nice. So just placed an order for delivery to Australia. Hope they know they have WPCentral to thank!
  • Cortana make me dinner... :D
  • Oooh the techie Hannibal Lecter will love this.