AOL search is now powered by Bing, in case you were still using it

Microsoft has officially added AOL to its list of company that use its Bing engine to power its search features on both its web and mobile properties. The agreement was first announced in 2015 but officially went live on January 1, 2016.

Microsoft says:

All major Bing Ads ad products are enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide to provide marketers with additional high-quality volume and ways to reach their desired audience. Our partnership with AOL brings additional scale and opportunity to advertisers and marketers. Today, 1 in 5 searches happen on, and by providing Bing search results for the number 3 (Yahoo) and 5 (AOL) search providers in the US, Bing powers close to one-third of US PC web searches.

In 2015, Microsoft and Yahoo signed off on a revised search contract, which allows Yahoo to use Bing for 51% of its search results, rather than 100%.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Everyone laughs at me at work (a software company) because i use Bing.
  • People usually laugh at eccentric geniuses..and you my friend are one
  • I use bing at work and some laugh, but I laugh when I get rewards ;)
  • Nobody laughs at my work place (India)...they acknowledge gets the job done...but people prefer Google if they need to dig in deep...
  • 10 minutes ago, I searched for skypesetupfull.exe on google, it just found junk. When I searched on bing, it provided me the direct download link. I just clicked it and downloaded skype on winXP. You can try it right now.
  • Same here, my friend. I used to be a Google guy, but after trying out Bing, I saw how much nicer it was.
  • I suggested Bing to a co-worker after googles human checker CAPTCHA kicked in and that generated a laugh. I use Bing 95% of the time and laugh all the way to bank when I cash in my Bing points. Got the Xbox one elite controller for $140 and a bunch of other stuff over the years
  • Same here... I've been using and loving Bing ever since I knew it existed. But I do not personally know any other person who does as well at my work place (also a software company)
  • And we are so sad because it's US only.
  • THIS! I searched for a regional song with Bing. Google gave me what i needed..not Bing.
  • Yeah seriously.. Google is better, but still I use Bing.. To make sure I don't aid Google's
  • You're right! In Lithuania (Eastern EU), it basically gives me middle finger instead of any results at all. It's somewhat useful if you search for something in US, but if you try to find anything in my region it just fails miserably, unlike Google, which I'm forced to use now. I can't understand why all WP goodies have to be US-only or available in like 7 biggest countries ? Why can't we use UK or US versions (talking about Cortana here) while we get proper version for our region ?
  • Even the Bing home page is awesome. Google's is childish.
  • I use whatever works now. Bing for adult/uncensored searches and Google for everything else. Google removes too many searches now and their image search sucks.
  • Yea Bing is only good when I'm searching for porn. Otherwise google kicks it's ass still.
  • bing is only good for academic purpsopeses
  • +1 for english search (90% of my research) I use bing, for local ones I use google
  • Does it still use keywords
  • AOL? I remember them, they used to do internet gubbins last century....
  • There are probably entire landfills full of all those AOL installation CDs they used to send in the snail mail. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • *looks at AOL installation disc* the question is: Do they still work?
  • AOL is killing the planet..
  • They make for good coasters!  :-)  
  • The floppies or the CDs?
  • actually the plattern in a hard disk drive 
  • Except now, AOL properties include Engadget, HuffingtonPost, and TechCrunch.    
  • I love telling my iPhone peeps that ridicule me for using Bing, that they do too, via Siri.
  • Another way Microsoft is getting them and they don't realize it... Owned by Microsoft... World domination at it finest... Hehehe
  • So Cortana, Siri (Apple), Yahoo & now AOL are all powered by Bing. Any others?
  • Bing is powered by Bing lol
  • I never would have guessed!
  • LOL
  • 2.1 million: That's how many people still use AOL's dial-up service. 
  • Whaaaaa... There still is dialup.. Omg.... Please help them...
  • But that doesn't include Engadget, HuffingtonPost, TechCrunch which AOL owns. Those websites will also use Bing search.
  • Let me grab my aol dial up installer cd!
  • Ned Ryerson. Needle nose Ned. Ned the head.
  • Hummm... Bing = rewards.... Saves me money all the time... Need a quick app that cost money or need a quick gift... Use Bing rewards and you are safe...
  • Daniel Rubino, you see that Bing is doing great? There was no need to publish that article about letting Cortana search with Google. That was blasphemy. LOL. Oh and according to 80% of searchers not coming from Bing, this article and many more now shows that Bing has about 40% of all searches. Boo yah. Bing rocks
  • I use Bing for everything. When people ask me to go google something I either say You mean Bing something? Or I say, What's Google? With a blank stare bahahaha
  • Same as you.
  • Nothing wrong with informing people of their options.
  • I remember the amount of AOL and freeserve cds we used to get in the post... We use to use them as coasters for drinks lol.
  • Bing really needs a marketing push to get SEOs, businesses, schools, etc to keep their listings updated in Bing. This is probably the biggest hole I find as a default Bing user. Local businesses are always careful to log in and give Google all their info, but the data on Bing is not as up to date or complete. If business owners realized how many searches go through Bing, they would probably go to the effort.
  • Agreed.
  • I bought my Surface 3 at a Microsoft Store.  When I asked a question the sales guy couldn't answer, he said "give me a minute, I'll Google it". It's like saying Kleenex for tissue or Xerox for copying. Google is now considered a verb.  
  • Somebody explain why we still can't have searches with a custom date range with Bing?
  • Same here, it's a dealbreaker for me, it actually makes me go back to Google
  • Yeah, its not a dealbreaker for me because I dont do it often, but this is one of the things that I will switch to Google for from time to time.
  • There should be a change. Bing search must be changed to MSN SEARCH or Microsoft Live Search powered by Bing engine. I think this will be better for many people to realize that it's actually a product from world's greatest software company, Microsoft. In India many of my friend still asks me what's Bing after using Windows 10 and enjoying Windows 10. They somewhat love Microsoft but can't recognize the Microsoft products due to their naming and google's internet dominance here.
  • I still use aol 8.0 on my laptop witch is a Compaq Presario 2500 and it runs windows XP sp1 with norten antivirus 2003 works fine use office 2003 with a floppy when I work so I can transfer it to other computers with floppys
  • I use AOL to download stuff from oldapps otherwise I'm using IE 6.0
  • Bing in India has become very good. Bing team is customizing a lot for India now. We just need live traffic features and rewards.
  • The UK has a bing which is coming to the same line as the USA version of bing but we still have no rewards :'(
  • AOL is still a thing? Haha
  • Bing's nice but still not like Google, both in the good and bad side. I use bing anyway and I also use google, just to get from both. But, bing's growing. This move should make it more wide for users now. Good work Microsoft.
  • I am actually not satisfied with Bing in any way..but still, I don't want to be part of Google, so I avoid it. I don't find other search engines even stand anywhere near these two giants!
  • Have you tried Duck Duck Go? Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • LOL, I like the article's title..
  • Me too