App Reinstaller updated to version 2.0, now works again with new features

We've covered Reinstaller before, but here's another app with similar functionality. App Reinstaller is by another Windows Phone developer, also offering consumers a way to quickly check, download and install apps. This is highly useful if you're moving to a new phone or had to wipe your current Windows Phone due to issues.

Version 2.0 of App Reinstaller has just been pushed to the store and reportedly contains multiple bug fixes, as well as patches for server connectivity.

Since a number of you have experienced problems with Reinstaller, we figured we'd give you a heads up on an alternative. Just like before, all that's required is a valid Microsoft account that you wish to check your device against. Once logged in, App Reinstaller will load all the apps that aren't installed on that handset, but have been downloaded in the past and are available (including previous purchases). It's magic.

App Reinstaller

It's quite neat as instead of hunting through the Windows Phone Store, all you need to do is scroll a single list to find what you're looking for. Filters are implemented so you can easily select and install all trials or just full versions of available apps. After you've selected which apps you wish to have reinstalled, hit the big red button and away you go.

A handful of settings are configurable, including hiding trial apps, limiting maximum apps to load and setting the purchase history size limit. There's not much else to it. You'll not be finding yourself spending a lot of time enjoying the simple UI because all the apps will be installed straight through the store and by tackling eah listing through use of the back button - quick and easy.

You can download App Reinstaller from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99, if you wish to support the developer. An ad-free trial is available and the app is listed for both Windows Phone 7 and 8. Thanks, Mark, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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