Just a small heads up for you folks, two of our favorite apps have received some nice price drops in the last few days--no word if they're permanent or temporary.

First up is 'Broiled Earth', this projectile game is a throwback to the classic PC game 'Scorched Earth' and brings simple, yet fun turn-by-turn destruction to your phone. Plus, with the online multiplayer function, you can play up to three other people for hours of taunting explosions. The game was going for $2.99 but is now $1.99. Grab it here.

The other is 'Birdsong', one of the most feature-complete Twitter apps on the market with a snazzy UI. You can see our video-walkthrough here. Likewise, this app gets dropped from $1.99 to a more realistic $0.99 (we bet they see the competition looming). You can find it here in the Marketplace.

So if you've been hesitant to buy, these new prices may change your mind.