App update roundup: Camera360, Tapatalk, Awesome Lock and more get updated

This month is proving to be quite the period for developers to release and publish new versions of apps to the Windows Phone Store. Today, we're looking at a bunch of updates that have been pushed through for consumers to enjoy new features and more. We've got the likes of Camera360, Tapatalk and Awesome Lock, so pass the break for the details and download links.



If you're into photography on your Windows Phone, you'll definitely want to check out Camera360. The app itself has a Compass Tool that makes it easy to switch camera scenes/modes on the go, which is pretty handy for those who quickly hop between shoots. Whether you're an amateur wanting to take a few snaps of friends or a budding enthusiast of nature, Camera 360 is well worth the download.

Here's what's new in version

  • Sharing to wechat moments and friends is available
  • The shooting resolution is improved to 1936x2592 in some models
  • Faster and more stable

You can grab Camera360 from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Tapatalk Windows Phone


Are you a frequent user of community forums across the Internet? If so, Tapatalk is for you. The app enables you to connect to supporting bulletin board installations to receive a tailored experience. Our very own Windows Phone Community also supports Tapatalk, making it super easy to remain connected to members of that community. In this latest update, we've got the following:

  • Changed pivot navigation to page2page
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Fixed some forums not logging in users correctly and images not showing
  • Fixed crash on forums reported by users
  • Rewritten post viewer, improving memory usage and eliminate "crash to desktop" issues
  • Added Czech and Hebrew translations
  • Added ability to upload images to Tapatalk image server as inline images for posts
  • Added log in / sign up to Tapatalk account with Facebook

Download Tapatalk from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 7 & 8).

QR: Tapatalk

Awesome Lock

Awesome Lock

The lockscreen is an important part of the Windows Phone experience. The screen enables you to glance at data produced from installed apps without unlocking the phone and wasting precious seconds opening and/or closing said software. Awesome Lock expands on the functionality of the lockscreen itself to provide more features. The app has been updated to version, which includes:

  • Horoscope
  • Use Facebook pictures as background
  • Multi-line sticky note
  • Battery redesigned
  • Improved Simplified Chinese
  • Improved Hungarian
  • Offline updating mode
  • New application icon
  • Other fixes and improvements

Be sure to download Awesome Lock from the store for $0.99 (free version available).

Car Dash

Car Dash 2.2

Not only are we celebrating the release of an update for Car Dash, but the developer has made discounted the Car Dash Pro in-app upgrade from $1.50 to just 99 cents! Not familiar with the name? It's essentially a dashboard app for Windows Phone 8 that places a decent amount of functionality at your fingertips while on the road.

Here's what's new in version 2.2:

  • Add ability to select specific songs via voice commands or music selection UI (before the app was limited to choosing artists, albums, genres or playlists)
  • New app shortcuts (BringCast, I'm Here)
  • Play podcasts via voice commands with BringCast
  • German Translations
  • Bug Fixes

You can download Car Dash from the Windows Phone Store for free, and use the optional IAP to the Pro version for just 99 cents.

QR: Car Dash

Odds and ends​

As well as the superb collection of apps above, here are a few other noteworthy apps that also have updates, but no changelog listed. Let us know in comments if you notice anything and we'll add the changes to this very article.

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  • Camera 360 update ruules. The app is so fast to launch now. While there are lot of "filter apps" out there, Camera360 has some of the nicest out there, imo. Only Oggl rivals it. 
  • Best filters!!
    Love Camera360!!
    Love the whole design!!
  • Agree! Its the best camera app, I think!
  • Then, SophieLens HD and Camera 360. Which one should I choose? Recommend please cause I don't want too many lens app in my phone. One is enough and it should be the best imo.
  • For me it's SophieLens HD. The vintage filters are amazing.
  • SophieLens HD is fantastic too...
  • I just saw notifications for updates for VBA8 and Musixmatch as well.
  • The first picture looks like the 925 has mint-green tile colors. I know it's the viewing angle... but I'd love that color on my tiles! It's definitely time for 920 interop unlock to get a tile color wheel...
  • Camera360 is my main camera app lol. Funny since I have a 1520 and I always go to 360 for pics, mainly selfies :P
  • Also tapatalk is not good at all....i half the time can't even see images in threads
  • Dev Center app has been updated.
  • Minion Rush is also updated, but I can't install ti. I also tried to reinstall, but it didn't work. Wtf :(
  • Totally off the topic query. Even if my phone is on silent or Low volume, if I take Screen shot, it makes so loud click sound. Why? Anyone? L925
  • I haven't tried Camera360 for a long time, can it save to 16:9 photos already?
  • Ha?! Car dash pro still cost 1$, just like weather upgrade. Maybe just a discount?
  • The tapatalk icon is new. I think it looks much better.
  • Ditto. I like the new Tapatalk icon.
  • I have the L620 and find the standard camera performs and produces better images than C360. Also, when i pan my phone around using C360, the live image stutters...