Apple's new 'I'm a Mac' commercial exposed! (or something like that)

We try not to wade into the whole "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" thing because, frankly, while often entertaining, we don't believe they do much to further either platform.

What we will do, however, is tip our hats to MacJournals [via DF] for pointing out some shenanigans in the recent "Legal Copy" piece. Hey, we're all for a little back-and-forth, as our frenemies at The iPhone Blog know full well. But let's fight somewhat fair, shall we?

You folks get your flame on in the comments.

Phil Nickinson

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  • " wow! That's alot of legal copy! " haha well this one's pretty funny.
  • What a joke! Zzzzzzz......
  • Lol what? They left out Mac's "legal copy" and their freakin 80 MB weekly OS updates
  • True, all the disclaimers apply whether you're talking about OSX or Windows. So it's one-sided, but then again, isn't all advertising? I guess my opinion is that it's kind of unfair, but not out of line.
  • That legal copy is actually a really good guide on how to take care of just about any computer! MS should hire Apple to make a user manual for Windows. They did a good job. Obviously a little repetitive for filler, but even so, not a difficult read. Seriously, if people new and expected all of that stuff up front, they probably would not get into half the trouble they end up in.
  • Agree with Yums, great advice for newbies. Can't see what the deal is though. These commercials have always been this ludicrous. Anyone remember when MS finally came out with a commercial and they were blasted for spending money on advertising? How long had this Mac campaign been running by then? You know, it's funny that the machine for hippies plays the scare tactics, "WMD's, WMD's, WMD's!!", I mean "Viruses, Viruses, Viruses!!"