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April 2018 Update already on 50 percent on Windows 10 PCs, AdDuplex says

Surface Book 2 and Lenovo X1 Yoga
Surface Book 2 and Lenovo X1 Yoga (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

With each successive feature update to Windows 10, an observable pattern has emerged: Microsoft is getting faster at deploying them to users. With the April 2018 Update, that pattern has continued, with the update reaching 50 percent of Windows 10 PCs – at least according to AdDuplex's latest numbers.

With its latest monthly report for May, AdDuplex says that the April 2018 Update is now installed on exactly 50 percent of Windows 10 PCs. According to the firm's previous reports, it to the Fall Creators Update twice as long to hit that mark, and the Creators Update took three months to hit a similar share.

Windows 10 Coverage: May 2018

That surge mostly comes at the cost of the Fall Creators Update, which is now sitting at a 43 percent share. Meanwhile, the Creators Update is at 2.9 percent and the Anniversary Update is sitting at 2.8 percent. Things go down from there, with Windows 10 version 1511 still maintaining a grasp at 0.7 percent, and version 1507 landing at 0.4 percent.

In terms of manufacturer spread, Dell and MSI are in the lead with just over 60 percent of devices covered, with other manufacturers falling below the 50 percent mark. Microsoft's Surface devices, however, show many models above 50 percent coverage. In particular, the Surface Pro 3, Surface Book, and Surface Pro 4 are in the lead.

Windows 10 Surface coverage: May 2018

It's worth noting that AdDuplex's reports are based on a sample of data collected from 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use the company's SDK. Actual figures likely differ, but AdDuplex's monthly reports are handy for tracking trends. The results of the latest report were collected throughout the day of May 29.

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  • Of course... It's easier when you force your users to update.
  • shut up
  • 😂
  • Is it due to a force update? or was it do to people really interested in getting this particular update I mean it was heavily promoted. There was people downloading the ISO to do a clean install
  • Well, that escalated quickly 😂
  • I purposely installed it on all of my computers. 1 desktop, acer spin for my wife and a surface book 2 for myself. Works good everywhere for me. Edge is a little iffy loading pages now where it wasn't before though. Not always though which is strange. Seems to get triggered by scrolling with the wheel before fully loaded in causing it to restart the whole page again. I do like the timeline feature a lot. Especially between devices and my phone.
  • I've got 6 Windows 10 computers/tablets and none received it yet. I didn't force it anywhere like at fall I wait for it to come to me. Got some cumulative 1709 packs this month that's about it.
  • Well it washed over me same as before without a care to how it whacks you blind-sided. I spent 1 and 1/2 days trying to figure out why my computer would not make a network connection. Tech Support from my ISP Charter Spectrum was almost an hour wasted. Browsed some forums, ran some net commands without help. Read an old Microsoft support forum entry that mentioned turning off firewall. When I turned off Avast internet Security's firewall the computer made the network connection. I turned on Windows Defender Firewall. As soon as my subscription to Avast expires it gets my boot. Shame that they weren't smart enough to make needed changes that I'm sure Microsoft suggested.
  • So, 50% of business customers using RDP applications are pissed off then I take it? 1803 has an extremely annoying bug in the RDP protocol and it's driving enterprise customers absolutely crazy.
  • most all business users are still on 1709 or 15063
  • Is it a bug or a fix? It is most certainly the most annoying update for that 'feature' alone, but on the flip side has made us update all our servers, which can't be a bad thing.
  • 1803
  • I don't believe it for a minute. This is a bug filled release that no one needed, removing useful features, breaking many PC's. Our newest PC is on the Do Not Update list, and awful experiences with my home pc's on recent upgrades leave me to try and postpone the updates as long as possible. Even my standalone virtual PC needed to be reset affter getting this update.
  • It's OK if you don't believe it
    this is based on there ad network system
    and every PC/user experience is different I've updated 4 PCs with little issues
  • I've not noticed any bugs, a relatively minor issue with RDP which was easily circumvented until all the servers were fully updated, but that's all, every machine I've updated works better after this release, with the exception of several cheap 32GB tablets that can't install a big update, through lack of space :-)
  • 1507!! But why? Why?
  • So, since Windows 10 accounts for 47% of Windows PCs, the truth is that the April 2018 update is on 50% of 47% all Windows PCs. IOW, the "latest and greatest" version of Windows is on about 23% of Windows PCs worldwide.