Arabian Nights-inspired 'City of Brass' launches on Xbox One in May

Today, Uppercut Games announced that its Arabian Nights-inspired first-person adventure called City of Brass will launch on May 4, 2018 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game is already playable on Steam Early Access. Uppercut Games consists of BioShock veterans who are masters at creating deadly cities with numerous secrets.

According to the studio, City of Brass is set in a mythological metropolis undone by its love of gold. The game follows a cunning thief who wants to obtain a fabled treasure hidden in the heart of the opulent ruins. Armed with a bullwhip and blade, players will lash-and-slash their way through the legions of damned souls that haunt this legendary labyrinth while pilfering relics and other riches contained within its walls.

After every death, the streets shift to ensure that no two playthroughs are ever the same. The game features "rogue-lite" mechanics so after every playthrough you're just that much more experienced for the next run.

The whip is an important weapon because, not only is it used to disarm, trip and stun enemies, but it also allows you to swing to safety or capture objects that are out of reach. You can also use the whip to trigger traps. Let's say you see a Prince of Persia-like spike trap on the ground with an enemy close to it, you can hit it with the whip and instantly kill the foe.

City of Brass also features optional modifiers which can tweak everything from player health to damage output. This system also extends to Mixer where viewers can interact with streamers by griefing them with additional enemy spawns or helping them out with a gold drop or healing items.

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