The HTC 8X may well be starting to receive the Windows Phone 8.1 update, that's according to some reports from multiple regions. They follow Vodafone Australia stating the network will not be rolling out the update for 8X owners.

Windows Central member DNHill shared their updating experience on our forums:

"Well I have to now post, with complete stunning amazement and happiness that my 8X has just finally updated to 8.1 (8.10.14203.306) or as it puts it in the summary "Software: Windows Phone 8.1 Update". And now after all the apps have also updated (20 or so of them) I now finally have the capability to see all the various folders using pocket file manager, and to play stuff out via DLNA using AV remote. So I'm a very happy bunny tonight."

It's worth noting that this HTC 8X is on Vodafone in the UK and is not rocking the developer preview. Cortana was also spotted. We're interested to hear from other HTC 8X owners around the world and if their devices have prompted them to install Windows Phone 8.1.

Be sure to let us know in the comments should you be fully updated with Windows Phone 8.1 on your HTC 8X. Also, head to our forum to join in the discussion with other HTC 8X owners.