Are you hot or are you not? Hot or Not will tell, now on Windows Phone

Hot or Not is a service which works in a similar way to how Facebook was managed some time ago before being used by millions of people worldwide. You load up the app, sign in with either Facebook or your email and you're good to go. What you do from here is upload the "best" photos of yourself, connect with other people, rating them and becoming "hot". That's essentially Hot or Not in a nutshell, and now an official Windows Phone app is available on the store.

When checking another Hot or Not user out, you're provided with two options. These determine whether you find that person hot or not (surprisingly). Accumulating said selections from the vast array of users reflects in an overall score. The reason behind using the app is to see how popular you are, as well as your friends. It's also possible to see a list of hottest people located nearby your current location – perfect for festivals, college campus, or simply hanging out in the city. So long as you want to do so with people whom the world have deemed to be hot.

Hot or Not

It's possible to browse profiles, build on popularity and even connect with people. So it's not simply a rating app, but a social network built on that concept. To help everyone get along, the developers have implemented a messaging system, perfect for those on the move who need to leave a quick reply. It's worth checking out if you want to meet new people with similar interests, or just wish to boost your ego.

Download Hot or Not from the Windows Phone Store for free. It appears the app requires Facebook to create an account and function. That's worth considering when looking at the app.

Hot or Not QR code

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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