Are you playing Elden Ring on Xbox or PC?

Elden Ring
Elden Ring (Image credit: Windows Central)

It's time to discuss Elden Ring and the great question of our time: Whether to play on PC or console.

To get everyone up to speed: FromSoftware has graced gamers with its latest creation and, by Jove, it's raking in perfect scores all over the place. Our very own Miles Dompier gave Elden Ring a whopping five out of five stars, signaling it's an excellent experience that not only lives up to FromSoftware's standards but sets a new bar for them. The game was praised for its compelling gameplay, distinct art direction, and lavish character customization capabilities.

In short, there's little reason for you not to be giving Elden Ring a shot, hence why so many of you are likely already knee-deep in the game. The question we have is: Where are you playing it? Console, or PC?

While we figure a lot of you are on Xbox, that still leaves three distinct options for where you choose to play. We also know a lot of you have PlayStations, which is another platform choice for Elden Ring. And don't forget PC, a beloved pick by many. However, on the topic of the game's PC availability, it's worth noting that even though console framerates haven't been perfectly stable for Elden Ring across the board, the PC problems have been substantially worse, to the point where Bandai Namco Entertainment has had to publicly comment on the matter.

Still, there's an argument to be had for playing on PC. Past FromSoftware games have enjoyed great mods on the platform, offering a little extra fun that consoles aren't included in. Though, consoles are armed with the benefit of not being included in various launch window performance nightmares, so, there's that.

Wherever you play, let us know, and drop your reasoning in the comments if you feel compelled to share.

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