Thanks to PC Game Pass, I'll probably never buy an Xbox again

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Microsoft has really stepped up its gaming, er, game in recent years. It went from being the company that awkwardly released Halo 5 on the middling Xbox One to the winner putting Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and other all-stars on Game Pass and PC day one. It has proven it understands gaming, so much so that it has done its darndest to deter me from ever bothering with an Xbox Series X or Xbox console in general. And it has succeeded! I haven't bought an Xbox since the 360 days, and if Microsoft keeps crushing it, I'll never have to.

Between Game Pass, the Xbox brand's newfound love for PCs, and Microsoft's massive investments in titans such as Activision Blizzard, the company knows how to meet gamers where they are. If that means never investing in a console again, so be it. Xbox's console loss is Windows 11's gain.

The golden era of Xbox

Xbox 360

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There was a time when owning an Xbox was a good value proposition for gaming. That time was the 360 era. Games were still ambitious, experimental, and worth their console-tier price tags, devoid of Steam sales or deep discounts. We had bangers like Vanquish, Bayonetta, Dishonored, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And best of all, we had Kinect, otherwise known as completely optional but absolutely delightful innovation from the same mind that brought the world HoloLens.

Many of those great games were console exclusive or better optimized for consoles. Microsoft's wild motion sensor gave people a unique reason to invest in Xbox hardware as opposed to a gaming PC. And barring the egregious $60 per year online paywall Microsoft instituted via Xbox Live Gold, the overall value of the system was still pretty aggressive compared to what PCs could manage at the time.

The copper era of Xbox

Xbox One Family

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Things got real dark for a bit with Xbox when the Xbox One put the 360 out to pasture. Between the mandatory Kinect inclusion jacking up the console's price, Don Mattrick tarnishing the brand right as the One was debuting, the always-online requirements, Microsoft's (at the time) anti-used-game philosophy, and the fact the box itself looked like a fat VHS player, the thing was just a misfire on all fronts out of the gate.

It was at this point PC gaming started to look pretty cool to a lot of people. No Xbox Live Gold tax, no wasting money on hardware additions you didn't want, there were insane Steam sales to counter the no-used-games nature of the PC platform, and most all of the arbitrary limitations of the Xbox were absent.

As we all know now, Phil Spencer and co. quickly turned the ship around and helped save the Xbox One from being an unmitigated disaster. The greedy used game policy got reversed and was never brought up again, for starters. The same cycle happened for the One's online requirements and Microsoft's obsession with Kinect.

But by that point, many people had already chosen PC gaming or PlayStation as their generational investment. So when Game Pass came along and reaffirmed that those on PC would never have a real reason to buy an Xbox again, the question was: Why would someone forsake their massive Steam library, free online play, better discounts, and superior hardware to go back to the Xbox experience if it was already coming to them?

The platinum era of Xbox

Rich's Gaming PC

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That brings us to today. Every major Xbox exclusive comes to PC and Game Pass provides unprecedented value, making it even easier to justify foregoing an Xbox Series X for those who have already invested in their PCs. One could argue the upfront cost is cheaper, but when you factor in your Ultimate or Gold sub, as well as the inflated costs of console games, you're still losing long-term on the value front — unless you're a diehard value seeker who plays exclusively through Game Pass.

And Microsoft knows this. It fully recognizes its Xboxes are no longer a selling point in and of themselves; they're simply a vessel for the best Game Pass games and the overall Xbox ecosystem. That's why PC gamers are now considered first-class citizens. Thus, we've entered the platinum era of Xbox, where the best platform gets virtually all the benefits of its console counterpart.

So, just as Microsoft wants, it will keep me in its PC enclosure, knowing full well it probably never would've convinced me to go back to a physical Xbox anyway. This way, it at least manages to make some money off me rather than none. Well, except for the bit where I pay for Game Pass exclusively through Microsoft Rewards and don't actually pay a penny.

Robert Carnevale

Robert Carnevale is the News Editor for Windows Central. He's a big fan of Kinect (it lives on in his heart), Sonic the Hedgehog, and the legendary intersection of those two titans, Sonic Free Riders. He is the author of Cold War 2395. Have a useful tip? Send it to

  • I can see your point with PC only gaming if you're a single player. Xbox console is great for families and visitors as it's more convenient to play from the couch rather than sitting around a PC. I have both and love PC gaming, but use Xbox series S for local duel playing.
  • My gaming PC is the center of our living room controlling our 90 inch wall mounted screen. Wireless keyboard and mouse on the couch for me and Bluetooth controller for the wife and kids.
  • You sound pretty proud of that lmao. Kind of goofy.
  • I have the same setup and it's awesome
  • Keyboard and Mouse on a wall mounted TV has always sounded like a pain to use, on especially a huge TV.
  • You aren't using a keyboard and mouse on a wall mounted TV. You are using a keyboard and mouse on a PC and have a wall mounted monitor. Back in the good old days of Media Center PC, I even had an HP PC that looked every bit like a Denon or Onkyo receiver. Fit right in to the entertainment system. Even had a tuner that handled OTA or cable, back when cable wasn't all encrypted so you have to rent their box. Take a look at this media center keyboard designed especially for the couch or recliner.
  • Did you really correct something so obvious? 🤦 Of course I meant using them on a PC and not as TV inputs and it doesn't matter if you are using a TV or a Monitor (doubt seriously they have a 90 inch monitor) as they are essentially the same thing as far as using it. it still seems like a pain in the butt to me. I used to do the same thing back in the day (not wall mounted) and it was not enjoyable. I can't imagine using it to game. Besides, isn't the point of PC gaming is to be right in the action at a desk with an ultra wide monitor a few inches from your face?
  • It’s true that PC gaming is not well optimized for the living room. Steam’s Big Picture Mode tried to do this well, but it had a way of never taking its own concept seriously. I’ve been collaborating with the developer of JoyToKey to create a Big Picture Mode alternative, and I’m looking forward to making it public in 2023.
  • Ooh, that sounds really interesting.
  • The click Bait is strong with this one
  • Huh, how so?
  • How many articles here get over forty comments?
  • You use Game Pass as a reason to never need and Xbox, and then use it as a reason why a console potentially could cost more. What kind of logic is that? If GP will count as a price increase against Xbox ...and GP is the reason you no longer need a Xbox does it not also increase the cost of the even more expensive PC?
  • Yeah his money arguments are absurd. The case for it being cheaper was not convincing in the least and does not pass the smell test as presented
  • Hardware :-
    Its cause desktops are upgradable, vs consoles are "limited" in terms of hardware and upgradability so overall you'd be spending just as much as you'd spend on a high end pc within the same time period of a "relevant" high end PC. life time :-
    Where as in long term, PC users would be getting more out of the investment on their PC cause its capable doing much more than just gaming or entertainment and would be capable of running most games without issue for at least a minimum of 5 years without much upgrades(faster SSD/more RAM), hence cost less than purchasing a new console. Practicality :-
    any console would have this issue, one of my friends who had a PS4 gave up on playing a certain game due to a new engine update that made him in capable of playing it on his version, where as my pc(6 years old now) can still play it on med settings while leaving most of the 3d textures/res at high, a simple example of what it is. consoles are meant to be cheap but as cheap as they come, they aren't meant to last.
  • I bought an Xbox One in 2014 when Forza Horizon 2 came out. I just bought a series X two months ago because I got tired of load times for FH5. That's eight years out of one console. PC gaming is a money sink because you are never satisfied. By the time you feel like you're set a new GPU/CPU/SSD/RAM comes out and just like that your PC is now archaic. Your PC is far less likely to last than my Xbox and since everything is starting to head to cloud gaming anyway your PC's longevity is moot.
  • As long as you don't chase the tech, those mid tier PC from 8 years ago still give you decent fps today. Games that has a console version are designed to run on console, which has similar spec of a mid tier PC. A PC from 8 years ago will just run as well as when it release. It's about how long the hardware can last. And if Xbox can have cloud gaming, why can't PC have it? The argument on which hardware is superior and last longer without talking about the value is meaningless.
  • PC I built is a little over a decade old. Still runs strong and I'm still buying new games for it. Steam has been using cloud gaming since 2008. I think the longevity of a PC is what you put into it from the start. I've only added two more sticks of RAM to total it out. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to run Stafield once it's released.
  • Nope. With cryptomining and many still working from home plus chip shortages, upgrading a pc has never been more expensive.
  • Ultimate costs more than standard GP, and that's the only way you're getting Gold bundled in. Console online MP taxes ftw
  • And a PC costs at least twice as much as a console for comparable quality. Plus you will be upgrading a PC before you upgrade a console increasing the costs even further. You can argue the benefits of PC gaming over console, that's fine. But value is not one of them, and it never will be. It will ALWAYS be cheaper to game on console than PC.
  • @Sin Ogaris Not quite always, if there were steep discounts for digital console games like you can get on Steam for instance. Then yup, console gaming will be the sure winner here - always. Prior to the pandemic and you could have built a decent gaming rig for £500. Heck, I built one for a relative for £500 and that includes a RX 580 nitro+ 8gb (Ryzen 5 first gen, 16 gb ram b dies) last year during lockdowns - bought before the prices went all skewy for 580s. Right now? A person is better off buying a console and getting pre-owned games from xbox backwards compatibility catalog. If Intel hadn't throttled core counts then pcs built prior crypto boom would be still holding their own at 1080p today. What is done is and nothing can change that. Around 2023 presuming current trends continue then PC gaming should become alot more affordable for most folks. Otherwise, it would probably be around 2025 when the new fabs are in full swing. But, that all depends on cost per waifer, inflation and a whole host of factors.
  • You actually might wanna revise that. We are now in the “Golden era”! While, 360 were good ol’ days. The amount of convenience and services in this era ARE UNMATCHED. And in the “golden era” as you say, Bill Gates coined the phrase, “Xbox Live Anywhere”! In today’s golden era, we have everything Bill Gates dream’t of and then some. Phil Spencer and team Xbox have done an excellent job making this so and then some. I’d say, in 6-8 years from now when the next quasi-generation starts, THAT will be the “DIAMOND ERA”! Every cog that Team Xbox and Phil having going on(Cross-buy, Xbox Play Anwhere, GP, Xcloud on every device, 30+ studio’s etc will be running smoothly and @ full steam! We are in the cusp of the best era not only of Xbox, but gaming as a whole! The ability just bring you’re controller with you and just play and you’re gaming identity(games, saves, profile) is there and works. Along with games of every category at you’re fingertips? On a monthly basis from AAA+ studios, yearly and every one who wants too can play. This’ll^ be the Diamond Era. Right now it’s golden because of Halo Infinite’s live service, Starfield as a live service, Blizzard finally being able to be Blizzard again, Hell Blade II. All of this is happening now, 360 doesn’t compare to what we have now and coming in the next year!!
  • It's astonishing how everyone has to constantly be acting like they are involved in some type of personal sacrifice instead of just admitting that things are pretty incredible (as far as gaming is concerned, I mean). To argue that gaming now isn't the best it's ever been is delusional. Yes, there are so beyond annoying monetization schemes out there but just the experiences we have access to for free are pretty amazing. I am sick and tired of every single thing being sensationalized and blown way out of proportion. All of these serious issues that face us are overlooked while the most asinine inconveniences are treated like a world-ending issue.
  • First world problems aren't even real first world problems anymore
  • I recently built a PC and still just purchased a Series X. I can game on a PC, but i still enjoy the console experience.
  • Same here. I have a 5800x, 32 gigs of DDR4 and a 3080ti FTW3 Ultra but I still play games I have installed on my PC on the Xbox too. Sometimes it's just less hassle...way less hassle, plus quick resume is nice. I can also manage my library with it off whether that's install something or uninstall something. Can't do that on my PC. People will also need to consider that an Xbox series x will run games better than the hardware would suggest. Microsoft's plan is actually pretty genius... Buy some big time ip and studios. Get people on PC/Xbox to join gamepass then release the game on other consoles too. So people in the MS ecosystem get the game for "free" in day 1 or maybe a month early. Then people on PlayStation would get the game but it would cost the ps5 standard $70. Btw am I the only one who knew about the $10 difference? I found out because I finally snagged a ps5 q couple weeks ago and saw that games were $70! The same games on series x are $60. I had no idea but I've also never seen anyone talk about it and I find the fact that in comparisons and reviews it's not mentioned. Also Sony has started pulling game cards out of stores. Figures they did it the week I started buying games. I was hoping to find some discounted 1st party titles at target, best buy and walmart's websites. All you can find now is the money cards
  • Nobody says anything about Sony's various anti-consumer moves because Sony = good and MS = bad.
  • I am a day 1 Game Pass adopter. I purchased the PS5 for certain exclusives (Horizon Forbidden West being a big one) but primarily game on my Xbox. I do not see Sony or MS as inherently good or bad. All that said, I don't see the increase in price to $70 as a big deal at all. Adjusted for inflation back to 2013, $60 then is worth $72 today, so price is ~ the same in constant currency. They are cheaper now than at any point in gaming history. They seem like a big deal because unlike the cost of most goods you don't see incremental price changes on a quarterly or annual basis, they happen all at once typically every 5 - 10 years.
  • I remember paying $34.99 COD for "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" via mail order because I couldn't get it any other way.
  • You could always find cheaper ways to acquire games, but the MSRP or standard AAA release prices have gone down, again adjusted for inflation, going back to the Atari days. Ars Technica wrote a great article on it a few years back, I could hunt it down if you're interested.
  • aethereal, you're comparing a time delta with a brand delta: Sony adds $10 more to the cost of individual game purchases on PS than MS does for the same games on Xbox. A game that is $60 on Xbox is $70 on PS. That's clearly an benefit to Xbox owners.
  • I think I did a poor job of explaining my argument. I'm not commenting on value of Xbox vs PS here, only that a price increase in general to $70 I don' think is that big of a deal. I do (and will continue to), however, buy most of my 3rd party non-exclusive games on Xbox, and price is a contributing factor. Had Microsoft been in a better position coming out of the Xbox One generation and if their focus was on individual game sales instead of its Games as a Service model I think it would have done the same.
  • Microsoft games are $60 because Microsoft don't want you to buy their games for $60 and so don't care about their pricing, they want you to pay $15 a month for GPU.
  • Rational people don't but rationality is rare.
  • I agree, I think both console and pc can be enjoyed in different ways. However, I can see the argument of people finding they need the Xbox less and less. That kind of happened to me. I primarily had ns Xbox for multiplayer games like halo to play with friends, but now I can play on pc (still with friends) and haven't purchased an Xbox Series X as I was originally planning on (not that I could have with the chip shortages anyways)
  • PC gaming next gen games requires a pc that costs at least 2k to get over 30 frames with a moderate graphics setup. Even with scalpers it is cheaper to buy an Xbox series X. If you want a PC to run with same frames and graphics as an X you will need to spend even more to get the same experience at 4K. Not mention a 4K monitor, keyboard, etc will end up costing upwards of 3.5k -4K. Most people are not willing to invest that money into a pc for casual gaming when you can use the same amount of money to buy a car.
  • Just wondering how much your pc cost?
  • If truth be told, you have all the PlayStations up to PS5
  • Really bad take. The Xbox provides so much more value than a gaming pc
  • You're delusional, that's not even up for debate. I spent about the same as a console at release for my PC and it does more than a console ever could, will last longer than the life of any console, and has access to more games than any console. I don't know what your definition of "value" is, but me upgrading a couple parts every 10 years for less than the cost of a console seems far more of a value to spending a stupid amount of money for something that will be obsolete after that decade. People that overspend for gaming PCs are questionable because they care more about minimal increases in visuals than they do about practicality. You can get a middle-high end gaming PC for relatively cheap and pull 100-200 FPS for the decade. You simply don't need more than that.
  • Sark gets it.
  • Sark, you cannot keep up with console pricing for less than a console, especially if you are looking early in the console's generation (when the tech is still fairly new). A PC does more, so your definitely fair to say the PC may be a better overall value (depends on your use), but if all you're doing is gaming, console is more cost effective. This should not be surprising: When you buy a PC you're paying for a bunch of stuff that you don't need to game, which is what gains you all the versatility of a PC, including things like a keyboard, a Windows license, support for SATA drives, an internal speaker, etc. If you buy a console, it's subsidized hardware that is focused on doing 1 thing well: playing games. Microsoft pays for part of the purchase for you. Plus, while not universal, most people connect the console to a TV, versus a monitor for a PC. There was no way you could buy a PC for the price of a Series X that has anywhere near the gaming performance of a Series X when the Series X launched. As the console generation ages, that will become less and less true, of course, but console prices will probably also come down over that time.
  • A GPU alone, that would be required to hit the frame rates you are referencing, would cost more than an Xbox Series X.
  • What in the world did I just read? The best thing about Xbox as a platform is that you have the flexibility to use what works best for you. Some people will only game on PC, true, but being able to take your game across Xbox and PC is a boon. I have a gaming PC, a Series X, and multiple Xbox Ones for the other TVs in my house. Why? I like taking my games between the Xbox and PC and, hopefully soon, the Steam Deck. My husband however prefers playing on the console only, even though he also has a gaming laptop. Our kids play on the Xboxes elsewhere in the house and there is no way in the world I would let them on my gaming PC. Point is, the Xbox isn't becoming obsolete. It's just another option to play games in a larger ecosystem that encompasses other devices. If you opt for PC, Microsoft still sees that as an extension of the Xbox platform and they also thank you for doing your part to keep Windows as the primary OS for desktop.
  • You just read yet another "journalist" bringing the console vs. PC argument into the modern era. It's just ridiculous at this point.
  • I love how your last graf summarizes the article's thesis (both intro and outro) then pretends it's not copying exactly what was written. Lova ya 😂
  • That seems like an incredibly rude, undeserved comment to make to one of your readers.
  • That seems like an incredibly silly reply to my comment! I'm not here to indulge, just to engage.
  • If your readers misunderstand your argument, that is your failure as an author not theirs as the reader. To quote you, "there was a time when owning an Xbox was a good value proposition for gaming. That time was the 360 era." The implication here is that owning an Xbox is not a good value proposition for gaming, and that it hasn't been since at least 2013. You didn't qualify this to apply to yourself, or even a subset of gamers that prefer PC. This was an absolute indictment on the value of owning an Xbox. The person you, quite rudely, responded to provided the reasoning as to why they find value in owning not one, but multiple Xbox systems. You may both agree that Microsoft is making a smart investment for both PC and console users, however you differ your perceived value of the Xbox console itself and its future. Personally, I think it's all irrelevant. I think MS sees the future in Games as a Service with physical hardware beyond a television and a controller being unnecessary except for a niche group of gamers that want greater graphical fidelity. Hopefully then we can put this console vs PC nonsense to rest once and for all.
  • Cry about it.
    If you've never got a newer Xbox than the 360 then you're not the one to talk this nonsense, and what's up with the money argument!?
  • You don't need to buy dirt to recognize dirt, Thijs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Not saying that's a 1:1 for the Xbox, just saying that direct ownership is not an indicator of familiarity. But I'm sure you realize that.
  • I have to agree Microsoft is the MAIN REASON my Xbox One X may be my last Xbox.
    Reason not the cost if Kinect, but the abandonment of Kinect. Why did I buy the Xbox 360? Kinect. What did I need to buy before I bought One X, an adapter for Kinect. Kinect games were abandoned even though they were the most fun for the family.
    Now I game in my office on a PC.
  • I'm sorry to hear that you, too, have become disillusioned with Xbox due to the loss of Kinect (I feel your pain). PC for life, it seems.
  • These arguments about why PC is somehow more affordable in the long run is old hat from 360/early xbone days when steam sales were actually cheap and PC hardware was significantly more powerful for maybe double the price of a console. The one x helped put that argument to rest and series x sealed it. Steam sales havnt been great since early xbone and you can get similar prices on console digi sales now. PC games are now 60 just like console and not 50 like they used to be. Not having to pay for Xbl gold doesnt even come close to the huge price difference between series x and a PC where you'll actually see a difference in visual quality over sx and why even buy a PC if it's not high end when you can get similar to mid tier quality from consoles now. Xbl gold only costs me 5$ a month now that it's part of gamepass. This price argument hasn't been valid for a decade. If you want the best possible visuals it's gonna cost you a hell of a lot more than a sx, Xbl gold and whatever measly discounts you get from steam sales now. In 2011 not only would I have agreed but I was on PC then when it was actually worth it and the quality difference was clear as day. Not so much anymore, not sure why people still try and push this. Having said all that MS doesn't give a f if you buy an Xbox or not, they still have their shaft in you because gamepass is too good to pass up even for Xbox hating PC elitists which is low key what this article was about. It would take 10 years to make up the price difference on a high end PC in the ways this claims which is easily 2500$+ now. Gamepass is f great though and you can thank Xbox gamers for making it popular enough to come to PC. PC's are simply not worth the extra money anymore over the new gens unless you feel like spending 3k for relatively minor enhancements
  • No thanks to so-called "fans" like the author who repeat false statements like the Xbox One being against used games, when it had, in fact, a policy allowing for sale of used DIGITAL games, which we still don't have even today. Had people not lied about it then, we would be in an even better place now than we currently are.
  • If you could only see my "Shocked Face". We bought the original Xbox One with Kinect because it represented FINALLY having an entertainment nexus that used voice and visual commands. We don't do console gaming. Then Microsoft killed off virtually every aspect that was of any use to us. The Xbox One was both the first and the last console we'll ever buy. They offer nothing of value to us.
  • That's an argument that Microsoft should not have killed off the Kinect altogether, not that it was right to make it a requirement with the Xbox One. Many people think that it was a mistake to force people to pay the extra for a peripheral that many didn't want but that that mistake was compounded by giving up on the Kinect altogether instead of simply making it the optional add-on that it should have always been.
  • Perfectly said, John. 100% agree with the sequence of mistakes.
  • I'd take my Series X over a PC any day, thanks to features like Quick Resume. Also, Halo 5 > Infinite and isn't on PC. And Kinect games are a blast and aren't on PC either.
  • The author totally lost my interest when they mentioned the Kinect. That was a major stumbling block of the 360. I totally get the PC take, but hello are you not upgrading your GPU as well from the 360 days? Hell even the Xbox Series S would be a huge improvement.
  • Haha the thing you forget to mention is the cost of a pc that does what the series x can do, I'll never buy a pc cause I can't afford a good one with the right specs so my games runs fine, this is not the case with the series x as it runs all my games fine, my $2000 hp spectra i5 laptop will not even run forza horizon 4 but my $750 xbox series x sure can run it fine plus every other game...
  • Never mind the SX...
    All those games run fine on the Series S, currently at $265 and rushing to $250 by E3.
  • I like modding and collecting trading cards and profile pictures on PC.
  • If you choose to build a gaming PC, has the price of Windows dropped from ~$99-150...? IF not, THEN --> Series X vs PC; that immediately places your Hardware Budget at ~$350-400. So, add a respectable gpu, & your Hardware Budget drops to –$1000....?! So, a SeriesX vs a GPU & Windows cost recap thus far:
    $499.99 vs ~$1500...(?)
    The Series X is already 1/3 the price of a PC build that's just at windows & a gpu......(?) ......How's that PC become cheaper than a Series X there again....?
  • Who even buy Windows ? Kind of retarded and if you insist to throw money at M$, you can always buy some cheap $10 OEM keys on Ebay
  • I just upgraded my Xbox One from 2014 that I bought for Forza Horizon 2 to a Series X because I got tired of load times on FH5. That's eight years I got out of the original One and the One is going in the breakfast nook for the kids. Know what I don't have to put up with? Cheaters. I have cross play turned off on my Series X because the PC dudes modding Forza Horizon 5 ruin races and the leader boards are meaningless as a result of their actions. I'm happy for you discovering PC gaming, but don't try to validate your decision for going all in on the PC.
  • You are totally missing the mark here with consoles.
    Even if all games are on Xbox and PCs , the people buying xbox are usually someone that wants to press a button and be ready to go. They dont want to mess with windows updates, or GPU drivers, or X amount of settings for their games.
  • I don't think it's just me, I went to Reddit and everyone seemed to agree that the Gamepass app on PC is just dysfunctional. I run launchers/apps from Steam, Epic, even GOG without issues and I couldn't get Gamepass during free trial to download/install a single game (plenty of hard drive storage, tried a few games) - that was ridiculous. On an Omen gaming PC. Also, the app keeps a huge lock on games, no modding or save file transfer, requires Linux tools to reallocate the storage.
    No thanks! My Gamepass experience was an epic fail.
  • PC plebs like the pea-brained author have to ”research” their sh1tty build. Assemble like the f’ing cretins they are, just to troubleshoot games available on console decades ago. Not to mention that their sh1tty overpriced build will be soon obsolete and won't even play current gen console games. PC spergs truly are ret*rded. If only their disappointed fathers wore a condom.
  • I thought you console fanboys were supposed to have a High IQ, according to the amazing lucas anyway. Then you create a hate filled comment like that which shows you up for what you are 🤦‍♂️
  • Every community has their fair share of people with 'hate filled comments'. Xbots and Sony Ponies alike.
  • I think that the article misses the point of the console just being another way to play. Xbox is now a platform that encompasses both PC and mobile as well as a box that sits under your TV.
  • Wait a bit: XBOX will also be an app that lives in newer TVs.
  • This is an advertisement for windows 11, Xbox one, series S and X, Xbox as a Brand, Game Pass, and The Microsoft Rewards program disguised as an article where in the Author expresses his opinions on Microsoft/Xbox and the current state of the companies affairs. Also, PC gaming would be cheaper, but there's one big problem even I sometimes ignore as a gamer, and that problem is; My original Xbox plays Halo 1 just like the day I bought it, Where's a perfectly well taken care of computer from 2003 can not run halo 1 like the day I bought it. After over 2 decades of researching and slowly compiling evidence, The average lifespan of a gaming computer tends to be 3-5 years on average. My Xbox 360 and others still plays fallout 3 exactly the same as it did 10 years ago on average, But on the average gamers computer, You will have had to turn down the graphics in order to maintain playability after just 3-5 years of average usage. I've seen my buddy spend 1,300 dollars building a custom PC, only to have to spend another 500 dollars on it 4 years later, just so his graphics card could continue playing the same game with the same settings enabled. My atari 2600 and irs controllers still work, but my computer from 1978? Oh dear God....
  • Without opening up the hardware degradation can of worms (a worthy discussion, but a bit too nuanced to be adequately explored exclusively through comments), thank you! You are one of the only commenters who managed to read and logically interpret the pretty plain-jane content of this article. Very cool, Jacob.
  • I guess that's one take on it. Definitely not my take.
  • Nor would I expect it to be; there's a reason Xboxes still sell. It's just not one I personally indulge. But power to you if you're enjoying yours!
  • Have to agree with the majority on here that Xbox Series X shows that consoles are far from dead. I have a very "nice" gaming PC (a relatively meager RTX 2080) so I think performance-wise it's about on-par with a Series X. The main reason I use it for more gaming than my Series X is because of the ultrawide monitor which is a bit more immersive for me. The second reason is being able to hook it up to the Oculus Quest 2. Both of those could, in theory, be solved by MS at any time, at least the monitor support could be. But that PC cost me a hell of a lot more than $500 and you can't buy a video card that comes close to the performance of the Series X right now that is both in-stock and less than, what, $800-1000? This is really the best time in gaming that I can think of and I absolutely love that my games are available, with a great experience, on both sets of hardware giving me the choice as to how and where I want to play my game. Well done, MS.
  • Is this the same guy that wrote the article on why Microsoft buying ABK was bad for gaming? I'm starting to see a trend here...
  • Indeed he is. Designated contrarian. 😇
  • I see that WindowsCentral is degrading step by step. What is this article? I was PC gaming player mostly. I tried console, I always had several PCs for work, 6700XT for games and my primary gaming device is still Xbox. Still Xbox is the cheapest gaming device even combined with laptop and PC monitor for work.
    If you have family then Xbox is the obvious choice. If you have no sufficient space for gaming on big screen then yes, PC is better option, but it is not the reason for you.
    Guy does not know about PC costs and speculating without proper arguments. BS article.
  • I think a lot of commenters may be missing the point here. Most of us have PCs already, it's why we read windows Central. And I would argue that many of us being enthusiasts have desktop PCs with decent specs already. So the argument about price is not (cost to build a new gaming pc from scratch =cost of an Xbox series x) because obviously the PC costs more! The comparison is between using a capable PC that you already have to play game pass games with the addition of maybe a better GPU or some RAM vs. buying a new Xbox series X to do the same thing. The point is, if you already have the capable PC, at what point does it become unnecessary or redundant to also purchase an Xbox to do essentially the same things? For some people it still works out to have both. We have an Xbox One S on the bedroom TV and to be honest, the first time I did any real gaming on it for the last couple of years was the two weeks I was recovering from covid and in bed most of the time. Other than that I basically do all my gaming on my Pc. Really I have no incentive to upgrade to series X other than shorter loading times for something I hardly game on, One S already has the Blu-ray player as well as all the entertainment apps. My wife likes to play Nintendo stuff so she has her switch and doesn't use the Xbox for gaming either.
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zachary. Glad you were able to get something out of this piece! And glad to hear you recovered.
  • The way I see it, many are looking at the here and now. Tunnel vision so to speak. Microsoft goal has always been to allow gamers to play anywhere and on any device they want. So the future of gaming is going to be xCloud which means you will never have to download a game again. This means no matter what device you have, console, PC, Phone, tablet, laptop, etc. will be a moot point, because the games will have to be played from the cloud where you will be limited to how fast your ISP/Wireless provider is. The writing is already on the wall. If you have old hard copy media you like to play then your console/PC will still be able to play it, but any future games in 5-10 years will all be cloud based. This could be another Always on situation that maybe make gamers mad. Many gamers already go the DRM route vs hard copy so transitioning to cloud only probably won't bother too many gamers.
  • My sons Xbox won’t load at all won’t go to start up saying reset it or usb idk what to do
  • I bought the Series X. Have noticed myself playing on PC anymore. Console is kinda redundant. Keep crushing it Game Pass
  • Console is still a good value for gaming, for the simple reason that you pay the lowest entry price (can't really build a decent gaming PC for $500) and get a plug and play device that works flawlessly out of the box (Series X/S takes 5 minutes to set up). It fits in your living room and you can sit on the couch and play. Today's prices for PC components will drive the price of a decent gaming PC over $500. Xbox live annual discounts can still be had through retailers, bringing that cost down, too. Some people, even those who are adept at building PCs, don't want to be bothered with a computer for gaming.
  • Hard disagree on the gaming PC price theory there, but for sure, convenience is a big get (I won't pretend I haven't encountered a fair share of tech hiccups in my PC gaming experience). I'm just of the mindset that, generally speaking, ignorance of basic computing knowledge isn't a big enough excuse to tilt the overall argument in favor of consoles. Though, maybe I overestimate the masses' willingness to learn on the PC front. It ain't hard to set up a PC in your living room, use an Xbox controller and treat it as a superior Xbox.
  • Uh, how much gaming PC can you get for $250?
    Or $25 a month for two years, including Game Pass? You already have a gaming PC? Great for you. Have fun.
    Ditto for X|S or XB1X owners.
    Or Sony or Nintendo fans.
    Few PC gamers are going to switch platforms over game pass. Or XBOX, Sony P, or Nintendo gamers. Evangelizing platforms is fruitless; nobody is going to jump ship. Debate the platform merits all you want, if It floats your boat but MS isn't doing gamepass for any of you. And gamepass doesn't depend on anybody already gaming before it came out. Gamepass may save you money but it didn't bring you into gaming. If it goes away, you'll keep on as you always did. It's no life changer for you. Gamepass is about bringing in folks that have none of the above. Familes that can't justify $500 for *any* gaming capable platform. Or $400.
    Who can barely scrounge up enough for a smartphone and play ad-supported free to play games. If at all. All the PC and Console guys are doing is giving MS the critical mass (and free advertising) to justify to the COO that investing $89B in 20+ studios and tons of IP is a way to mint money comparable to Offce 365. It is the low end aspirational gamers that MS really wants on gamepass. Because they are legion.
  • All good points here. Clearly, choices are a matter of personal preference across multiple axes. Here are mine: I used to game exclusively on PC. I used to think of consoles as having equivalent graphics to old, weakly powered PC's, so why would I lower myself to play on console when I can play with better graphics on a PC? Growing up with PC and arcade gaming in the 80's, I only played on NES or SNES or PS2 while visiting friends. Their graphic quality and game depth just couldn't come close to my generic PC that I also used for programming and writing. Consoles just couldn't handle the kind of giant deep PC games we had back then). But now I game almost exclusively on console. Why the change? It started with PS3 and its Blu-Ray disk -- cheapest way to get a Blu-Ray player, which I needed anyway for watching HD movies. Also, the graphics, while not as good as PC, were getting close. And they finally had the CPU and RAM to run big, in-depth PC-style games, like Oblivion and Fallout 3. I still mostly gamed on PC at this point, with complicated cabling to put it on the big screen TV (but back then, unlike now, my desk PC was close enough to the family room, this was at least possible, now, with a dedicated home office, no way to do this). The headaches were starting to exceed the benefits. Ultimately, the simplicity and comfort concurrent with graphics power of Xbox One -> One X -> Series X have steadily grown relative to PC. I have multiple, nice big monitors on my PC, but those sit on my desk, because for typing and work, sitting at a desk is more productive and comfortable than lounging on a couch. But it's anti-social and not as comfortable for gaming. I have a much bigger TV in our family room. We can all sit around the TV on the couch, floor, whatever. It's a family experience we can all do together in one room. Relaxing on a couch by my wife and kids with a controller is so much more comfortable for gaming than sitting in my still nice Secret Lab gaming chair at my desk. If gaming on a console meant playing with gimped graphics compared to PC, like it was up until about the Xbox 360 and PS3 period, then I'd probably build an additional gaming + HTPC for that room, but by now, with the Series X, I'd have to spend well over $1,000 for a more complicated, less pleasant experience. Bottom line for me: for the gaming quality, the Xbox Series X (and PS5 too, to be fair) destroy PCs in terms of gaming power for the price (this may change when the current chip shortage ends and RTX 2070 cards are old enough to drop below $200), while delivering a simpler gaming experience, with more comfort and social time with the family. Slam dunk for console. The biggest thing I've had to master on moving from gaming on PC to console is the controller. I was used to mouse, keyboard, and full-sized joysticks with Happ controls or PC flight sticks. Thumb sticks on a controller have taken me a long time to get good with. There's a reason FPS players prefer playing with a mouse.
  • ...And they'd thank you if they knew who you were... The Xbox is a loss leader - they'd take massive losses on the console to get it into homes. Now that you're more than willing to buy the games without their console, you're doing them a favor
  • Don't be so sure that, generation-wide, console hardware is a loss leader. For all the hype over launch windows, the bulk of boxes moves out later in the generation when tbe consoles have been cost-reduced.
    It is this reality that lies behind the Series S which is designed to sell for as low as $199, as reported pre-release.
    Do note that the XB1 generation saw the OneX maintain its price point throughout its entire life because of tbe OneS occupying the low end. No need to lower the price of tbe premium model after it gets cost-reduced. Sony faces a different proposition because their low end entry is the PS4 but MS is more likely to introduce a mid range model at $350 (say a 6TF Series V with 1TB SSD) than lower the SeriesX price anytime soon. In fact, the mid-life boost for Series X is most likely just a 2TB SSD. Any cost-cutting wiol be on the expansion card sign. Consoles as lossleaders is only true at launch but it's a useful myth to justify game sale prices.
  • Microsoft lost my business of being a 20 years customer spending a $1000.00 @ year in games and accessories. Being a senior of gaming with no kids in my house games started showing up on my charge card that I never heard of. Microsoft refused to refund and remove the games and was adamant my kids downloaded them. What kids? . So so I didn't renew my account now going on 5 years and went to playing games online. When you have unlimited money you don't care about your customers being more important having control and power
  • That's hard to believe: if there were charges you hadn't made, MS would be eager to work with you to fix them (because they're probably fraudulent). Worst case scenario, you tell your credit card company you didn't make the charges, problem solved.
  • Reading this was just pointless, we get it, you're a PC gamer. I'm not knocking the fact that you play on PC, I play on PC as well and on Xbox, but you could been play Xbox games on since windows 8. This is nothing new, that's because Microsoft owns Windows. That why anything releasing on Xbox only is also releasing on windows. I mean you tried, the only reason why I play on both, and PS is because I'm not a fan boy finding a reason to complain on the internet...
  • Used to be a PC gamer back in the 360 days but am no longer, got sick of upgrading, the upfront cost, generally bugginess of PC games compared to console and I enjoy couch gaming on my TV without having to have my PC near my TV, I also prefer to use a controller and not all PC games are compatible. I still sometimes play RTS's on my PC as they need a keyboard but not often as it reminds me of work when I engage gaming on a PC.
    For me it's just more convenient on console, plug play and go, Gamepass has just made it more convenient too and I only buy a couple of games outside of Gamepass.
    There is literally no reason for me to go back to PC gaming and I shudder at the thought, but all power to you if it floats your boat, everyone is different.
  • To answer your question: "Why would someone forsake their massive Steam library, free online play, better discounts, and superior hardware to go back to the Xbox experience if it was already coming to them?" They aren't supposed make one switch to the other. Microsoft owns windows, you know that right? The UI xbox runs on is loosely based on windows. They both can be/are used for gaming. Why not bring it to both rather than just one when in the long run it still is a net profit?
  • From a pure profit standpoint, Microsoft takes a license fee on every Xbox game unit sold as well as a 30% cut (might be outdated) of all digital sales on it's store platform, which is the exclusive place to purchase games digitally. On the PC side, Microsoft earns revenue off only initial Windows sales and games it publishes and/or develops only. All that said, I don't think Microsoft cares. They see Games as a Service as the future, and I suspect they are looking to exit the console hardware business. If they do continue to develop new consoles I expect they will no longer be treated as loss leaders and instead a niche product for a more hardcore gamer segment looking for better graphical fidelity.
  • I understood your point and I agree with that, but your way of write sounded like this is a bad thing. Today We can basically choose which way We want to play. Even PC getting great games from Xbox and doesn't needing to pay to play online, I still like to play on a console and that's fine if anyone else wants to play on pc.
  • Nah, I'm framin' it as a fun thing. That's why it's the platinum era, yeah? We're on the same page, lucascz.
  • I think Microsoft knows thats some gamers just dont want to fool with a $1k+ PC setup. I haven't used a PC for gaming since my 2011 XPS and that thing cost me a small fortune at the time. With a console, there are no fancy cards or wires to change out. No RGB fans. No science project. Just turn the console on and play whats in the drive. I have Xbox 1, PS4, and Switch OLED, and my iPhone does any web browsing I need it to, and can always cast from my phone directory to the TV. I have virtually no need for PC and haven't in a while. At this point if a game publisher went only PC, it would just mean Id never play it. I do get the point of the article being xbox is making its console obsolete, but only if you’re already a die-hard computer person, and a lot of us are not.
  • So says windowscentral who makes their money off pc news. Nothing biased there is there.
  • The Xbox is Microsoft's true gaming machine, it's not the PC. There are many benefits to consoles over the PC. Even just booting up directly to all your games, no stupid hardware drivers to hassle you, or viruses. No hackers like ALL PC games have. Games can also be full optimized for consoles, unlike the PC which has a zillion different hardware configurations. I used to be a total PC fanboy with a high end pc the time, until I got my Xbox. I have the Series X now. I'll never go back to PC games. I also use Microsoft rewards for searches and it pays for my gamepass ultimate every 3 months. You can also game share with one other console, unlike the PC, which makes the games half price, unlike the PC.
  • Becomes a Game Pass and includes in others systems ?
  • Consoles are better at providing a “right-brained experience” that’s not overly fixated on managing numbers, configurations, and dragging windows off to the sides. PCs have more capabilities (like, MUCH wider controller support) and are more indie-friendly, but they also suffer from a more “left-brained experience.” It’s possible that PCs could become more right-brained. Win10 made that more difficult, especially when it forced users to look at spinning circles, and pictures of a coastline from inside a cave. PCs can do better than this. I have been fighting for that outcome for the last five years. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer.
  • Nowadays I....
    @ home: XSX + LG C1.
    @ home office: X1X or gaming PC running XPA or xCloud. (I work for a major AAA)
    On an airplane: Alienware, Surface or Aya Neo running XPA.
    On a shinkansen: Surface or Aya Neo running XPA.
    On a subway: Aya Neo running XPA.
    On the street or in a restaurant waiting: Aya Neo running XPA or xCloud. I game on Xboxes cus it's the simplest way to enjoy newest tech in the living room (how many people PC gaming in their living room? Isn't that the reason why Steam Link's dead?). Also, Xbox has Quick Resume and better-than-PC BC/FC support (the main reason I gave up consoles in 2013, then gave up Steam in 2016 and went for Xbox Store).
    Destiny 2 on PC sometimes freeze (my guess is due to loading), that has never happened on a Xbox cus it's better optimized.
    And there's no guarantee every latest game will run on your PC on day 1. AMD CPU compatibility for example? New World incident? An outta support game might stop running on the latest OS, API or hardware due to software deprecation (no robust FC == not worth my time and money. It's a simple if-else). PC GamePass... too bad, xCloud is using Xbox SKU. So, Xbox is my main, PC gaming is sub, it's an extension to my Xbox gaming.