#AskDanWindows Episode 10 – Will the new Lumia cameras fare well against the iPhone?

Before we head into berserker mode next week it's time for another episode of #AskDanWindows. See, we can be on schedule, sometimes.

This week I am fielding 10 more questions from you fine folks sent in over Twitter or email with many (not surprisingly) dealing with those new Lumias.

Let's get to it!

AskDanWindows Episode 10 Questions of the Week

  • Do you have any info or do u think Microsoft will release a Lumia 1020 successor? – Abhishek S.
  • When will you be receiving review versions of the Lumia 950/950XL? Will you be reviewing them before the official release? Jon L.
  • Do you think Microsoft will release more 'core games on the Windows 10 Store? – Tom F.
  • Is Microsoft following Windows Central or at least #AskDanWindows episodes? - Praha M.
  • Will those of us with the first Microsoft Band get a chance to trade in and upgrade for Band 2? - Samuel R
  • Are the other non-Lumia phones like the 8X/Samsung Ativ going to get Windows 10? - A. Andrei
  • If you are a Verizon customer with an 8X or an Icon, what would you do? - Ross
  • Does the Google Patent settlement help pave the way for Android apps on Windows phone quicker? – Larry K.
  • Will the Lumia 950/950xl have stylus pen support? – Terry M.
  • What do you think of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera quality compared to the current Lumias? How do you think new Lumias will fare against the iPhone? – Manu T.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and as always, thanks for watching!

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