Behind the scenes - Windows Central Office video tour

Windows Central Office
Windows Central Office (Image credit: Windows Central)

Back in 2007, this site kicked off under the banner of WMExperts. We later changed our name to Windows Phone Central and just last year to Windows Central to reflect our growth into all things Microsoft. Since starting eight years ago, we have expanded considerably and with that comes our very first full-time office here in Massachusetts, USA.

Currently, it employs me and Mark Guim our videographer. We'll likely add a third and maybe a fourth employee over due time as this space provides an appropriate studio environment for speedier and more cooperative work. Hopefully, it'll allow us to provide you with higher quality content!

The rest of the Windows Central contributors, including Paul, Seth, Jonathan, Jez, George, Mauro, John, Richard, Abhishek and Jason all work from home. (Due to location restrictions, we only have one office right now).

Many of you have been following Mark and me on Twitter and Instagram and have seen the office coming together. Today, we're ready to show the nearly completed setup as a fun behind the scenes look at how we run things every day.

Later, we'll be deep diving into some specific aspects of our hardware if interest warrants. For now we'll just list the details below, and you can watch the video to see it all in action! Let us know what you think.

Main PC – iBuyPower (opens in new tab)



Microsoft Posters and pillows (opens in new tab) - Search under Halo, Microsoft, etc.


Ikea furniture

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • nerds having orgasms now haha
  • Wow...too clean, neat and techy. This is techysm.
  • They are only just moving in. Give it a few weeks... ;-)
  • Im having orgasms! White Pc case with window looks cool! ^^
  • Nerdgasm!!! Oh wait! XD
  • LOL Nadella Picture Apple&Google first - cloud first
  • He didn't specifically say MS mobile or MS cloud first.
  • In 1996 ibm had brochures with "ibm Windows nt" logo....
    History repeating
  • Yep, he is an apple employee after all
  • I love the poster. Heil Satya!
  • Well...are they not currently the kings of mobile? lol =p
  • 7.8/10 not enough lights.
  • it sexier that way, are you not enticed to...enter..? =p
  • That lead photo explains so much...
  • We have the same desk. I loooove that desk.
  • It really is a great desk for the money. Very impressed as I still have a lot of room to work on it.
  • Is that the same desk you reviewed a while ago?
  • Nope, that was by Anthros. That desk is waaay better, with dual levels and better AC plug support, however it's like 4x the price too.
  • I could have sworn that was a gift by Mobile Nations for writting 10K words or something like that. In any event, both are pretty good.
  • Yes, ergonomically speaking, you should not be standing all day - half sitting (perhaps on a ball), half standing is better.  So desks that can go up and down (like mine) are helpful.
  • Hey dan, can you please tell me (or better link me) to those fancy lights you use? I mean the desk ones (blue and purple) Greatly appreciated ! Edit: Nvm, Found it in descrption
  • Wow, under $500 for sit/stand desk. I thought those babies were $2000+.
  • Gotta love the deified image of Satya Nadella
  • MiO sponsorship? :P
  • I wish we had sponsors. Mark just likes the color contract, I like the caffeine ;)
  • I like how comfortable the office looks
  • It is very cozy! Feels like a living room.
  • Nice setup. You do amazing work considering its just the 2 of you. Really enjoy using your wp 8.1 app on my Lumia 930. Keep up the good work. I use windows central everyday.
  • Agree and love using the WC W10 app on my Lumia 930 :)
  • I hope they will fix the forum part, is terrible
    Sorry :-(
  • Where in MA are you? Swing by the Staples Home office for coffee sometime! 
  • hah, near Marlborough. I know where that Home Office is, not too far!
  • Always wondered how Daniel and his team works and on what systems.. Thought there would be more people around..only two people..dat surely surprised the way good job Daniel better than the job we do (chem engg)..
  • Oh we have more staff: George, Paul, John, Seth, Jonathan, Jez, etc. But Mark and I are the 'full-timers' and John is part of Newsroom (works cross site, though he's full time too).
  • No Ringo? ;¬)
  • I guess he's still trying to master his skills!
  • And the Mio flavor of choice is?....
  • Huh..only two of you are employed? What's with other article writers? :D
  • Nah, only two of us are in this office ;) The rest all work from home, spread out across the US and UK.
  • That's interesting :D you guys live on distance but never wrote same article twice in same time XD and I'm still not getting email replies on comments here..
  • They probably have a system to make sure the same article doesn't get written and who covers what
  • Wicked sweet office setup! Gotta love the IPA's in the fridge. And that desk does indeed look awesome!!
  • U said Wicked. R u from Massachusetts?
  • Rhode Island. Just moved back to RI after living in FL way too long!
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  • N what about Harish and Abhishek...they are Indians I suppose..
  • Yup, Harish is actually Newsroom staff and Abhishek is for Windows Central; both in India.
  • Nice. For some reason I had aways thought that was your apartment. I'm a pretty big MS fan, but putting up a Satya Nadella poster at home is a bridge to far for me :) Also, Lagunitas IPA!
  • Like the setup. Nice going Daniel.
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