#AskDanWindows 17 - Any successors to Lumia 950 this year, or just the Surface Phone?

Between the holidays, CES and family commitments our #AskDanWindows series is back for 2016! I took your questions earlier in the week on Twitter and email and now I'll do my best to try and answer and give my opinion.

This week I talk about whether Windows 10 Mobile is finished, what I thought about Microsoft at CES, what's the best Ultrabook right now, and, of course, about those phones.

Here we go!

AskDanWindows Episode 17 Questions of the Week

  • Do you consider the CES a win, a lose or a draw for Microsoft? @Tolor_
  • What do you think is the best 13" Windows Ultrabook for productivity besides the Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro 4? @MarcoRaymond777
  • Successors to Lumia 950/950 XL this year or Surface Phone is the only flagship we can look forward to this year? @alprazolam_92
  • How can the windows community best promote the iOS bridge to #UWP to encourage iOS devs to take part? @DarrenSproat
  • Can MS mobile division remain viable if they can't get the market share over 3% & will they keep making phones @DylanChadderton
  • Do you think Windows 10 Mobile is finished? Will Microsoft add more features? @Jeriel_bc
  • Will #windows10 be able to send text MSG via phone, like Apples iMessage/text @krighaar
  • Any updated rumors of the "Surface Phone", that may/may not move away from the Nokia style design? @kwicktech
  • What happened with the enterprise peripherals like the mobile speakerphone for Skype? - @TheRealOddLotts
  • Would you recommend updating the Lumia Icon thru the Insider program and when to update? –Scott H.
  • Are the Mozo cases for Lumia 950/XL holding up to daily use since your first unboxing video? – Anthony F.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and as always, thanks for watching!

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  • Disappointingly, my Mozo is losing colour on the metallic band, but the tan back still looks great. Although it should, I have only had it 1 month.
  • White stitching on brown leather has minor fray in one spot. One has to be careful of stains or water spots setting it down on semi-dirty surfaces. Makes me want to place it screen side down - mostly just for the awesome look though.
  • I'm glad I was hesitant on buying one of these. $50 seemed a bit steep...
  • Love my MOZO case You have to be careful with your stuff! Had my MOZO Brown case for my 950 XL now for over 6 weeks no problems! Only thing I didn't like was the $48. Euro € I paid with Canadian dollars'.
  • Thanks. This was one of my main concerns. In addition to, "How quickly will the leather scuff in everyday use?" I also wonder, since the bezel is plastic with a metallic coating, "How quickly will that coating polish off in your pocket?" I suppose you could always buy a replacement back after a while, but one month is not nearly long enough to justify the cost of (re)entry.
  • I still love the case, but disappointed with the edge. And I am mega careful with it, got an office job, so it doesn't get excessive hammer. The back is superb though, looks great.
  • So Microsoft will be like apple.
  • Actually there is a successor to the whole Lumia line, announced by Satya Nadella himself.. It's called iPhone Pro!
  • Running osx
  • Lumia is already iPhone! Only BIG difference between the two is the app gap! (app count, Quality of apps, support from big names like Supercell and major Banks support) Only if Lumia had iPhone 1.1 Million apps? I would be perfectly be happy if I could emulate both apps from iOS & Android on my Lumia 950 XL but unfortunately not yet but maybe future Redstone might emulate?
  • If you could get all your Microsoft apps on all platforms but needed to choose between IOS or android which one would you choose?
  • Android because it support's different hardware manufactures and not just like Apple is famous for them selves! I'm a be supporter of the IBM PC clone idea! Everyone should benefit.
  • Android Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android, but not with their laggy experience.
  • WP users are the only ones who call Android laggy, but they look for excuses to say bad things about it. Nobody else has a problem.
  • I have Android at this time, and I have to root and unlock the bootloader (which wastes time and warranty yet gaining experience, though) to get it buttery smooth and much more customization. On Windows (Phone), I don't have to do some tweaky things to get buttery smooth experience, even on the lowest end device like Lumia 620. Yeah, I missed that gorgeous device. On the other hand, Android has much more hardware choices than Windows (Phones) and iPhones.
  • low end windows phones seem not having the battery issues. only the high end models which are equipped with demanding hardware do.
  • Android all day cause you get a lot of hardware choice and you can do things like add expandable storage and have phones with removable backs and batteries on some phones. You're completely stuck with what you get on iPhone. And they charge you for extra storage. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Sending text messages from PC thru phone without Cortana is the feature I'm waiting for the most.
  • This is possible already! Just type "sms" into cortana on a Win10 PC... Cortana also notifies you on PC if you miss a call on mobile. You then can reply with sms via PC.
  • And how is that sending a text message WITHOUT Cortana?
  • Be happy.. You actually have Cortana
  • I agree, think it should be in the messaging app too. They also need to enable media attachments for skype in the messaging app... It would actually increase my skype usage massively
  • What's the point sending an sms message if you can't receive one?
  • Thats not work on my w10. I type sms and it show me folders and web search
  • Try "Send a text" - Do you have Cortana enabled and what OS version/build are you on?
  • This was first practised by Nokia for their S40 and S60 mobiles connected through Nokia PC Suite for Windows PC. That was good old days...Nokia was the king of Productivity.
  • ^ this..
  • This was available on wp8.0 gdr3 i think via bt but then MS ripped out support for it
  • I have a good question that a lot of peaple ask in the forum... what is the tecnicality behind the fact that a dual sim phone don't support the Visual voice mail??? for my part, I tink this is a software probleme and not a phone limitation... and there is any chance that will be fix???
  • a dual sim phone is something any carrier will forever hate
  • it look like there is a lot of strange bug with a dual sim  I use one with only one sim, I set my usage limit in the seting , I never use any sim in slot 2 and par of my usage is calculated on sim 2 ???
  • Using two carries the same time in one device! (AT&T SIM & TELUS mobility SIM cards from both network's the same time! Example) Good for traveling or business people!
  • At the same time? So, are you using AT&T while in Canada or using Telus while in America ?
  • lol keyboard
  • Projected keyboard with kinect like input?
  • Fake SPhone goodness... Check this fan art!
  • The design was good... except for its specs. I'd prefer having a 4K display with 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820, and others may follow ;)
  • Daniel ,I've a question for you. And that is, when you are going to update windows central app for windows 10 mobile?
  • Not even a mention of it in this "ask Dan". Considering he mentioned it in the previous one as coming in a week I find it a bit pathetic that he never even said sorry for it not being available. Even if he just said we have run into some problems will update you soon. Would have been better than just ignoring the subject. I'd be surprised if that wasn't one of the most asked question's. Instead he answered 2 question about the rumoured Surface Phone that is all pretty much just speculation atm.
  • You have a really low threshold for categorizing something as pathetic.
  • This app really need an update! For some reason it takes almost five seconds to open the and then another couple of seconds of black screens when clicking on a article.
  • The Android app got an update just two weeks back. In keeping with Microsofts policy of competitors first. Posted from my Note 5
  • So Surface Phone with keyboard = 6,3" screen, kickstand, Surface Touch cover and Surface pen to match :D
  • *6.3"
  • In this multilingual forum , = .
  • Surface display size:
    - 14" Surface Book
    - 12" Surface 4 Pro
    - 10" Surface 4
    - 8" Surface Mini
    - 6" Surface Phone All use Surface Pen!
    Surface Phone vs Note 6 Makes sense to me!
  • ^This. We need a 6" Surface Phone.
  • Calling a surface phone a surface phone. Is not a good idea. Better be like 1550 in surface design style is good. The surface brand is for high performing tablets.
  • Not all Surface tablets are high performances machines... They are all high quality products. Just like a Surface Phone would be a high quality product. Giving a phone a detachable touch keyboard cover would make it a perfect 2-1 phablet that fits the 2-1 Surface line
  • - 15.6" Surface 5 Pro "Art Board" This is the one that would get my attention.
  • 5" Surface Phone P. (P for practical)
  • Still no OTG, i am a Head-fier and want to use my WP/W10m as my portable DAP with an external DAC(chord mojo) to get the best out of my music on the go. I don't want to touch android so should I expect a Line Out to a DAC (LOD) from W10M?else i'll go to the dedicated player route which only means carrying an extra device on my pocket.
  • Otg is on 950/ xl it's firmware helps do this...
  • WM10 Supports more than OTG.
  • Have you tried using an external Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) in your 950s? Android/iOS have this feature long time ago.
  • How about Continuum that's exclusive only on Windows 10 Mobile that's not exist on Android?
  • do we need continuum to go HIFI music?i don't have a need for continuum for now.
  • http://forums.windowscentral.com/microsoft-lumia-950/406202-external-amp...
  • thanks for the link bro, hope that this feature will be enabled via firmware update on the 1520
  • Me too. In the meantime you can use analog out. So a 3mm cable out to an amp of your choice. This is enough for me now while we wait for usb interfaces to work in W10M.
  • .....or just the Surface Phone LOL
  • Hmm. Not related. But Dan ! Wallpaper link !
  • Windows 10 Mobile "future" ? My question is...will "Redstone" Windows 10.1 Mobile have 64-bit support? Would be nice to have a 64-bit OS in my new 64-bit hardware MS Lumia 950 XL, even if it only has 3GB of RAM, iPhone 6s Plus is doing just fine with only 2GB of RAM. Win10M is only 32-bit OS! iOS9 & Android 6 are both are 64-bit OS!
  • Wasn't there a report about 64 bit?
  • Snapdragon 810 & 808 are both 64-bit! There not the first 64-bit from Qualcomm. So both Lumia 950 XL & 950 are "64-bit Ready"! 64-bit is the future! The future is 2016
  • Yes, WM10 Redstone is rumored to be 64-bit
  • Not just their phones and tablets, there will be the desktop-based with ARM64 in Windows 10 Redstone. Yippie! :D
  • Problem: Surface isn't worldwide.
  • It's becoming worldwide starting from the latest Surface line. It'll attract consumers for sure but it wouldn't achieve the acceptance due to its price point.
  • That's the point, they are competing on the high end, not the low or middle.
  • They will not compete on high end. High end hardware need software. Surface tablet has high-end professional software - it is a high end product Surface Phone will not have basic features - it won't be high end, no matter what brand name MS will drop on it.
  • Dan, is Microsoft making a surface phone that is compatible with/can power oculus?.. If they are not making any, I guess they should make one(it might be difficult) ,since VR is the next big thing. That would make phone a big hit.
  • Don't you think that's a long shot? Hololens will go for sale to normal ppl only after 4 years from now.
  • Lol vr is like 3d just a gimmick that never lives up to the hype
  • Even the newest Mobile processor's from 2016 don't even have 1/8 needed for proper processing power needed for VR. - Atom "Goldmont"
    - Snapdragon 820
    - Exynos 8890
    - A10 All the best second generation 14nm of 2016. Maybe 10nm generation of processor's will be closer?
  • @martinsesezobor. Power oculus? Lol You should check out the recommended specs for the oculus rift :P.
  • as always it was a treat to watch you... take care everybody ;-)
  • A powerful, fast, fluid, elegant and capable L1020 successor is what I'm waiting for. The 950 is OK. Kind of disappointing how half the photo experience is all about waiting.
  • I'm still on the 1020.
  • While on 1020 is about waiting alot and draining the battery right away. It can be done but the problem is for people to buy it enough to cover the investment. Even the SD800 should've had the power for a 1030, compared to the dual core from the 1020
  • Oh, so no rumor mill about 950/XL successors, which is a bummer. Would have loved to see some successors with Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM with 64bit support and a better design with curved metal rims and front facing stereo speakers. Oh well! As for Surface Phone, that news about keyboard accessory makes me excited. Personally I'd love a blackberry priv esque design for its keyboard with rest of the bells and whistles of Surface brand like thin all metal design, gorgeous display, powerful internals, precision craftsmanship. Oh, and it must must must come with a surface pen out of the box. I'd be so disappointed if it didn't.
  • Windows on phones is dead. No more Lumias and they will probably kill the Surface Phone this fall. Like with McLaren, they won't have anything special and will just kill it instead of releasing more mediocre devices. Time to give up on Windows. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Did you read that bs before you pressed send
  • You can consider the new device a successor of the 950, it will still be a flagship device. We will see what other devices will show up considering this generation will be complete with the 650
  • Where's the WC Universal App? Its been a month now when you said they're almost ready to be launched.
  • It will be ready when it's ready.
  • Activist MSFT shareholders will force Nadella to shutter Xbox and mobile by Easter.
  • No evidence for such a thing, in fact, investors are thrilled with MS right now.
  • They won't do that with Xbox. As for Microsoft Mobile, Nadella doesn't need activist shareholders to get rid of it. He has been doing it himself. Were it for him and the deal Ballmer made would have never existed.
  • The keyboard thing is just a rumor at this point, but with support for Bluetooth, I think I would just use a wireless keyboard if I really needed something with physical keys. Perhaps there will be a magnetic latch like on Surface/Pro for the keyboard cover, which can potentially also lock to a simple screen protector and other accessories (as originally intended for Surface). A second screen would be awesome, as doubling the available screen real estate would really allow full on tablet functionality of a Surface (non-Pro) on the phone. I could see a base phone that costs in the flagship range, but a second screen accessory that can be added for maybe $200 that would allow it to be a neo-flip-phone that while thicker and more expensive than iPhone and Android flagships, can be a true "PC in your pocket." Stylus input, naturally. Okay, so that's even less than rumor--merely a wish--but if it comes to be, you read it here first :)
  • Where is that windows central update???
    Didn't they say a couple of weeks a few weeks back???
  • I need an upgrade to my 1520:( srly...
  • Daniel I have a question, when is the app going to work fully? So much $hit needs to be fixed. Kthnxbye
  • I want to know if should go on the insider with an ATT 950 cuz it looks like it'll be forever before I even get the .63 update
  • Anxiously awaiting that Surface Phone.
  • Lumia line will be discontinued?
    After all my courage on Lumia.
  • Microsoft ate Nokia's Lumia line and shat them out. Just like the rest of the Nokia devices and services stuff. They only wanted a quick and easy way into the mobile world
  • Nokia will shine again with Android. Offering quality devices we Nokia Fans are waiting for, with all the Apps we want. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Having no Lumia flagship follow up might mean MS is willing to give up even more markets, as in the past at least Surface line products have not been, afaik, very widely available around the world. But maybe they this time can/will ramp up capacity, add markets and shorten the time it takes to get to those markets. Will be really interesting to see how MS will price and position the Surface phone. Phone market is even tougher than the tablet market, and muchmore saturated with a gazillion other good options and no OS share to build on.. will be yet another interesting year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • All this talk about new phones and crap. Fix your damn app store before coming out with expensive phones. The phones look nice, but what is it really for when it doesnt have any good apps?? And I'm not talking about the bootlegged ones
  • there is nothing to "fix" with the store. blame developers for not caring. also, "good" apps is an opinion. I have many "good" apps installed on my phone. and what exactly do you mean by bootlegged? if you mean 3rd party app alternatives, then similar apps exist and are popular on other platforms as well. it's about choice. if the original app dev doesn't care about windows phone, at least we still get options, some of which are better than the native versions.   so, mind trolling somewhere else?
  • i think Daniel may have missed an interesting table at the Qualcomm booth at CES...Besides the 950 XL and Jade Primo showing off continuum, there were 4-5 "no-name" Windows 10 Mobile phones and 3 7-8 inch tablets running Windows 10 Mobile, at least 1 with an earpiece speaker.   kinda wish i took a pic.
  • 500 million in one year lets see if this is true.
  • as for me i don't mind about the name be it Lumia or surface but what i look for are the features and usability and of cause durability.  instead of demanding a name change from lumia to surface, lets say out what we want the phone to be like, the materials used etc I wonder when Microsoft is going to make editable Contact labels? i am sick and tired of these mobile1, mobile 2. i want to put my own labels there that makes me remember 
  • my Aunty Brianna just got a great Lexus IS F Sedan just by some parttime working online with a macbook…
  • I get the impression from this ask Dan that it's especially the software that needs a lot of catching up to do for whole year. The hardware is practically waiting on the shelves to be used accordingly. I'm getting a kind of ironic realization about the term productivity device. What do we consider a "good productivity" device? Are thinness and beauty the main arguments for this?
  • I wish there was a sold option for Verizon coming up.... WIth the 950Xl being a gobal and AT&T exlusive our options are weak at best on the largest carrier....Even the HTC WP device is ok but, the ICON is a better phone when it comes to support and camera.... Sigh, being a Verizon customer sucks if you like Windows Phone...
  • Very nice Dan.  There are other mids coming to the market like the very interesting looking Coship Moly X and the Acer Jade. I hope that once the final Lumia 650 gets its formal introduction, that we can get reviews on those other models.
  • I remember Dan predicted that Surface Phone is coming in the first half of 2016 and was discouraging people from bying 950 and 950 XL cause Surface Phone is just behing the corner. If that's not happening, I'm assuming his "sources" are worse than my tech-knowledge based assumptions.