Between the holidays, CES and family commitments our #AskDanWindows series is back for 2016! I took your questions earlier in the week on Twitter and email and now I'll do my best to try and answer and give my opinion.

This week I talk about whether Windows 10 Mobile is finished, what I thought about Microsoft at CES, what's the best Ultrabook right now, and, of course, about those phones.

Here we go!

AskDanWindows Episode 17 Questions of the Week

  • Do you consider the CES a win, a lose or a draw for Microsoft? @Tolor_
  • What do you think is the best 13" Windows Ultrabook for productivity besides the Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro 4? @MarcoRaymond777
  • Successors to Lumia 950/950 XL this year or Surface Phone is the only flagship we can look forward to this year? @alprazolam_92
  • How can the windows community best promote the iOS bridge to #UWP to encourage iOS devs to take part? @DarrenSproat
  • Can MS mobile division remain viable if they can't get the market share over 3% & will they keep making phones @DylanChadderton
  • Do you think Windows 10 Mobile is finished? Will Microsoft add more features? @Jeriel_bc
  • Will #windows10 be able to send text MSG via phone, like Apples iMessage/text @krighaar
  • Any updated rumors of the "Surface Phone", that may/may not move away from the Nokia style design? @kwicktech
  • What happened with the enterprise peripherals like the mobile speakerphone for Skype? - @TheRealOddLotts
  • Would you recommend updating the Lumia Icon thru the Insider program and when to update? –Scott H.
  • Are the Mozo cases for Lumia 950/XL holding up to daily use since your first unboxing video? – Anthony F.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and as always, thanks for watching!

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