Asphalt 7: Heat updated, reduces file size, now plays on 512MB devices

Graphically Asphalt 7: Heat is by far one of the most impressive games on Windows Phone. Gameplay is fun, visuals stunning, and the choice in cars should keep most gear heads happy. One big complaint about the game though is the amount of space it takes up in storage.

The game was 878M but required 4.7GB of free space. Ouch for users with limited storage – like the 8GB version of the HTC 8X. An update today knocks some of that space down.

If you update Asphalt 7: Heat you’ll see that the install went down from 878MB to 512MB. No word on how much extra space it takes up. But it’s better than nothing. In addition, devices like the Lumia 620 or 520 with a more limited 512MB of RAM can now download the app and play along...huzzah!

Playing around in the game we didn’t spot any other additions or differences. Your battery will still need to carry around a whistle for protection.

You can get Asphalt 7: Heat for $0.99 (free trial) for Windows Phone 8 devices right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Asphalt 7 Heat

Thanks for the tip @littledictator

Sam Sabri