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Asphalt 8: Airborne is now free on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a popular racing title available cross-platform, including both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The game was released on Microsoft's operating systems back in November of last year, but to kick off 2014 with a large burst of NOS, Gameloft have slashed the pricing of both listings to absolutely nothing. That's right, folks – you can now pick up the intense racer for free.

Whether you're a petrol head or simply enjoy hopping into the driver's seat every now and then, Asphalt 8: Airborne on your Windows 8 PC or Windows Phone device is a sweet experience indeed. The only downside to this superb title is the lack of Xbox Live support, but for a game which is now available for free, we're certainly not complaining.

You can grab Asphalt 8: Airborne from the Windows (opens in new tab) and Windows Phone stores. It requires to 2GB of RAM on your Windows 8 PC or just Windows Phone 8 if you're on your smartphone. Both games are now free. Thanks, Arpit, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Great game. Been playing on my 2520 even though it would close randomly.
  • No Xbox live support = weak sauce.
  • +3310
  • -3310
  • =0
  • Couldn't care less.
  • +928 Tanglewood
  • +920
  • A good game is still a good game, with or without Xbox Live support.
  • The Xbox game branding has been dead for a long time now. What was supposed to be MS's major incentive to switching to WP is now merely a dead excuse. And you wonder why WP isn't catching up to the competition? MS, great ideas, short on promises.
  • This x10000! MS really messed up and lost their opportunity on the mobile and pc gaming market.
  • Don't give up yet! Join the #SaveXboxWP movement. Fittingly, Asphalt 8 was the game that started it:
  • Could care less about XBL support.   BTW, I have annual subscriptions to both XBL and XBM and I see no problem if no XBL support means more games/updates on the platform!
  • Of course you could care less!
  • Lol perfect, Paul.
  • Indeed, No Xbox, No interest. Wish they'd make Asphalt 7 free instead. Probably giving away Asphalt 8 because it is not selling as well as 7 did, due to the lack of Xbox integration. #SaveXboxWP
  • bought it 2 weeks ago! at least it was only $0.99 lost and not something higher!
  • Me too...also bought it two weeks ago...on WP
    but now will play it on win8.
  • Me too, i bought it for Windows 8 two weeks ago. But now, I'll try on my windowsphone.
  • Its free only for today
  • Playing a video game without Xbox Live support feels like playing guitar by yourself instead in front of an audience.
  • Sweet !! Downloading now !!
  • Finally,thanks Gameloft.
  • Good news everyone! I really liked the demo of it. I considered purchasing it since its a really well made game. But due to the lack of Xbox Live support I decided to get Civilization Revolution instead. Does anyone know why they made it free?
  • You really liked the game, but since it didn't off 10 gamer score points for Xbox Live you didn't get it?
    I don't understand this Xbox Live obsession that so many have. What does Xbox Live give you other than a few meaningless achievement points?
  • Hunting for achievement is added fun/value. I liked the game but I liked other games as well. I don't game that often on my phone so I decided to only purchase one game. Xbox Live was part of my decision making.
  • Its free only for today
  • They probably made it free because it wasn't selling as well as the Xbox-enabled Asphalt 7. You made a wise decision getting Civilization Revolution instead: not only is it a great game, but it's Xbox Live-enabled. Good choice.
  • 2GB of RAM huh?
  • PC version
  • Yeah, if you're on WINDOWS PC... Pleaser read the article well.
  • Well, don't I feel like a boob for paying for it? Honestly, no I don't, because it's well worth every penny. Love this game.
  • #SaveXboxWP but, as it's free, I'll download it...Maybe they will update it with Xbox....yea right... Wish you could mark Windows 8 apps to download on another computer...Like you can for WP or Xbox...
  • It was a fun game. I already finished my goals with it though. Cool that it's free though
  • only free on wp8 for me, not w8 :/
  • same for me only on my lumia 1520 on my win 8.1 is not free  
  • same was for me, when i clicked buy then it installed it for free.
  • Just noticed the same
  • sama here :(
  • now its show for me free but the buy icon still is there u have to click on buy and its install for free its a store bug for me but its work now :D  
  • I changed Windows region to US and it's free now :)
  • tried to clear cache windows store using wsreset (run as administrator). it became free.
  • Not free on Windows 8 (uk)
    EDIT: Its free now (21.01.14)
  • Well finally. Without Xbox-Live one would have to be very silly to pay for this game when it was free on Android and iOS. That said...I'm still not downloading it. I only download Xbox-Live games as they at least offer me an incentive to play them - get those G points (this sounds awful...I'm sure the points have a name...I just can't remember it). Without's just a random game like any other. And since I already have the great Asphalt 7...there's nothing to make me waste time on this.
  • Same here but I will Download it though since it's free anyway. But I wouldn't spend any money on a non Xbox Live game. PS. It's called Achievements and Gamerscore.
  • Gamescore! That's the one I was looking for! Thanks ;D
  • One would have to be even more silly not buying a good game just because it doesn't have xbox achievments :) I like how it's not enough for xbl loving ppl to show their opinion in the first post about the game... and come in a topic like this and repeat themselves all over again... I wonder when will we see a clean thread without this xbox bulls**t
  • What Daniel said.
    What is so special about gamer score points?
    To not buy a game for simply not giving you a few points on you Xbox seems beyond ridiculous to me.
    I couldn't care less about Xbox live on WP games unless there is some sort interactivity between the games on my Xbox and my WP. Yet so many here, including Paul Acevado (or whatever) are absolutely obsessed with it.
  • Microsoft created the achievement and gamerscore system to give players incentive to replay games, compare scores with other gamer friends, etc. Kind of like a "leader board" but on a much more epic scale. I currently have over 100,000 and I am 10th on my current friends list. I have replayed several games in order to attain 100% completion, I have downloaded extra add-on content for this very reason. Now while it may be irrelevant to you (someone I can only assume invests their gaming time in strictly mobile - gaming only) it means alot to those of us that have put the time and effort into "achieving" things on xbox 360 consoles, Xbox one consoles, Windows 8, AND WP7 & 8 that casual phone gamers have not.
  • Its not just achievements so please stop underestimating what its demise would mean to the OS. There is what it currently does, friend list management, live notifications of when and what friends are playing online, ability to quickly send game invites to friends without having to rediscover them for each new game, quick access to game progression across your entire collection and your friends and there's the in system messaging. Now they may not seem important to you for one game but it is a point of difference between WP and all the other OS's and then there is the potential of what the system can become. Now I also understand that it can be hard for developers to incorporate but as a consumer I want what is the best experience for me and all I can do is let developers know I'm prepared to pay for the privilege and ignore games that don't meet my requirements or expectations. So yeah not all about the achievements.
  • Jombib well said. Add me: The Coolester
  • Jombib and Coolester, both of you: well said. Don't let these anti-Xbox bullies get you down. They're just patonizing ignoramuses that can't step outside their insular worlds to see that Xbox integration makes games better. No Xbox, No Interest. #SaveXboxWP
  • Good post man, this whole xbox thing is so much more and a lot of people fail to see this.
  • It's a good thing what you are talking about, but: most games already have friend management (in game, and social too), and they have invite system, achievments, cloud saving, etc etc...
    Xbox may be better at these but still, many games offer similar functionality....  Ppl are making too much of a drama about xbl.
  • But you have to create a new account for every game (every developer) and you have no idea who your friends are. If I get an Xbox game I instantly see which friends has the game too, and invite them.
  • Mr. Tanglewood, telling people who like collecting Xbox achievements that they're being "ridiculous" is condescending. They like Xbox Achievements, a lot. So what? Get over it and stop judging other people. The world is bigger than you.
  • Paying for a game that is exactly the same as in other platforms, but that in those platforms is stupid. Without the Xbox-Live features there's absolutely no reason why I should pay for this on WP when I can pick up an Android device and have the exact same game for free.
  • The game is free now, you don't have to pay. I don't know what you are talking about dude. It was NOT free on the other platforms when it was first released (or at least not on android....)
    Don't think that they get everything for free from the beginning...
  • Mr. Szabadi, there you go judging other people. Enough with that condescending crap. Some people love Xbox achievements. Telling t hem they're 'silly' for liking what they like is patronizing. Xbox Live makes games better and anyone that doesn't want to waste their time playing inferior versions of games sounds like a genius to me. But, if you want to enjoy the nerfed versions, that's totally fine too. Just stop bullying other people to think like you.
  • First of all: just stop talking to me.... I don't care about you, told you already in a previous thread.
    Our ideals and personalities differ that much, it's just not worth my time (and probably yours neither).
    So you can just ignore me. I'm talking to the others here not you. Second: As everyone has the right to spam threads with your xbox stuff, we (the other side) have the right to tell our opinions too... If you feel that is bullying that's your own problem... Your #savexboxblablabla is bullying too, for me. And third: I was called silly first, for buying a game without xbl... I just replied to that.
  • Well aren't you just a grump today. You hijacked someone else's thread. He expressed his opinion and you attacked him. I'm defending him. If you hadn't done that (like you've done repeatedly on this site), I woudln't have replied to you. I'm not bullying you; I'm standing up to you bullying someone else. I know you don't understand the obsession others have with Xbox achievements, but please try to understand that those are their interests and they're perfectly justified in having them. You're not silly for not being interested in them and they're not silly for being interested in them. To each his own. So stop picking on them and they'll stop picking on you.
  • Dude, I don't think they need YOU to stand for them. 
    They have an opinion and mouth (hands) too so they can just reply to me if they want to, and defend themselves.
    I didn't hijack anyone's thread. I did the same: expressed my opinion. And I will always do so. Cya
  • If that's your argument, then certainly you would have no problem with me replying to your posts and expressing my opinion, right? Glad we're in agreement. Wouldn't want you to come off as a hypocrite. Ciao.
  • Well, you can talk to me all you want, and also keep snooping into other's conversations as you usually do.
    Maybe you can save those poor guys from the bad ones like me lol :)
  • With no Xbox live, not interested even for free.
  • With attitude like this from you elitist xbots, i am glad that xbox on WP is fading away, atleast we will get faster game releases and updates.
  • How is it elitism when every WP has Xbox Live?
  • Yeah, tha'ts the spirt: then we'll just have sloppy seconds from iOS and Android. Hurray! Don't be obtuse: Xbox gaming on Windows Phone is the distinguishing gaming feature that sets it apart. These "Xbox elitists" that you speak of are awesome, and, as Jombib, it's not elitism when everyone on Windows Phone has an Xbox Games Hub.
  • Xbox integration definitely delays game releases as compared against the other two rivals but it, however is and has become, an essential part of WP. It's something that makes WP different and attracts interests of those having Xbox into WP...
  • ELITISTS UNITE! add me! Tag: The Coolester
  • Why would we need xbox support, apart from xbox achievements asphalt 8 offers game invites, you can compete with your friend ghost, check when he is online and your game data is saved on cloud, so you can restore it if you reinstall the game. And asphalt 8 also has achievements but not of xbox.
  • This thread explains why many people prefer Xbox features instead:
  • My patience finally paid off!! Lol
  • Awesome! I was totally confused whether to buy Asphalt 7 with XBox Live or Asphalt 8 as it is new. But since it's free now, makes it easier to decide :D
    I still wish it had XBL support though.
  • Wow!  Downloading it now on W8.1 and on a Lumia 520 (but will probably play it once I get my Lumia 1020). I don't care one iota that it is not XBox Live enabled.
  • And now I will get it on both platforms. I didn't consider it worth spending money on after they put the game up for the same price as its Xbox LIVE-carrying predecessor.
  • Me being patient pays off.
  • Free on Windows Phone, but not free on Win8.1? I'm in the UK though, so is this a US only thing for Win8.1?
  • its free in windows 8.1 too
  • Good deal, still no download for xbox live.
    Still cool for others.
  • CSB
  • Care to explain?
  • don't bother with tanglewood. He's a troll.
  • Phew! I was about to buy it just yesterday. Lucky us greedy bastards
  • You should buy a lottery ticket..
  • Great news .. Finally, just like my iFriends I can get good stuff for free. Downloading now ( big file size though)
  • Damn.....I paid good money for this game a month ago. Its the best racer game available. See you on the racetrack fellas
  • dollar fiddy is good money
  • Noooooooooooo i bought it nooooo
  • hahaha
  • Same with me... But good to hope now there'll be more online players availability....
  • i have 2.5 GB on lumia 520 and its says you have reached the storage limit. what should i do ? did a soft reset and doenst effect !
  •  install manually via sd card....
  • I have the same issue on my L521 with over 3GB of free space.
  • Go to an install it from there.
  • can somebody explain me how is it possible that games like this asphalt 8 ,dunger hunter 4 work smooth on 512mb but temple run 2 and subway surfers have many problems with 520/620/720 etc devices ?
  • Yes.
  • It's called optimisation, some developers ignore it.
  • It actually depends on what engine the games use in many cases. Unity has a hard time squeezing games down to the RAM constraints of 512 MB devices.
  • Anybody know how much memory is needed to install this game or how do you install on sd card, using lumia 820.
  • After install it takes 1.4 GB storage.
  • Do you have to format the sd card first to do this on not, cos im getting fed up with having to uninstall near enough every app or game to install a new one.
  • no you don't need,just follow the steps that microsoft gave us ...
  • Thanks I'll try it tomorrow, ive been under the illusion that you couldn't install apps to sd cards, but thankyou I'll try to do this, if it works ill be very happy
  • don't try, lol 
    you asked  "how to install on SD"
    and he replied "how to install from SD" 
    so it will be installed on your Phone Storage but won't use internet just from your SD
  • Does this sync progress between W8 and WP8?
  • Not free around here (PC version, WP is)... Wierd...
  • Bought it on my phone a couple of weeks ago, but I don't mind. I'll just get it free for my PC.
  • I payd for it noo
  • Thank god i did not buy it! :P
  • if you are on windows 8/8.1 just click buy the game and go on with the process, instead of taking the payment it just tells you the game is free. just go through the process like you was paying for the game but you actually don't pay for it. i believe its a store bug 
  • Great game, but sadly almost impossible to get very far without in app purchases :(
  • Awesome, thanks for the heads-up. Downloading now on Dell VP8
  • Asphalt 8 is NOT an Xbox Title: Let's Mobilize to Reverse the Trend. #SaveXboxWP:
  • Downloaded
  • I'm sure all the people who somehow couldn't spare £0.79 to play the best racing game on the platform will be happy. =P
  • can you play with a mouse and keyboard or is it strictly touch screen?
  • Yes u can
  • Like the first Windows 8 game (which we reviewed), Asphalt 8 supports mouse and keyboard, Xbox controllers, and touch screen.
  • Awesome!!
  • How many space do I need to download this game? Its 820 Mb or something I have 1.7G and I can't Download it still. I have only 7G of space total and this other bullshit takes like 800mb-1G of them.
  • It takes 1.4GB space when installed.
  • I can't even find it on my tablet
  • You just saved me 4$
  • Free? So what's the catch? Are they going to release Asphalt 9: Seaborne? LOL
  • Yuppyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Holy crap! Even with the keyboard play this game rocks!
  • People complaining about it costing money first now they're complaining about Xbox live, games are games and that's it when we die we can't take our gamerscore with us.
  • Well, when you die you can't take anything with you, so by that logic, what's the point of doing anything?
  • Not a fan of the series, but what the heck since it's free.
  • 3, 2, 1 Go!!!!
  • I have 2.93 gb free on my phone but when i hit the install button it says you've reached your storage limit :(:(:(
  • I heard that it takes 1.4 gb after install.try restarting ur phone.then again try downloading it
  • That's Asphalt 8. It actually occupies 1.7 - 2 GB depending on your resolution
  • I'd download it, but I don't want to show support for pulling XBL from games!
  • I love this game,im glad now its free,and i dont care about xbl support...
  • Can anyone explain what is xbox live and what are it's advantages over non Xbox Live games, since i am new this Xbox Live thing.?
  • Sure, this thread explains the benefits of Xbox Live:
  • Is this offer only for 1 day or now completely free ? I don't have any storage space left :( waiting for black update to flash the entire OS.
  • Yes only for today its free due to my app free
  • I just downloaded asphalt 8 game....but i am disappointed coz hardly there is oly 900mb of free space in my mob memory & 6 GB of space in my sd card....y don't nokia develops an app where v can get an option to save our apps n games in our sd card....i deleted almost all apps in my Lumia 720....plz guys i need ur support....v need thus option!!!!!!
  • Same here dude!!!
  • In WP8.1.
  • The game size too big
  • Why I can't find the game at all in the Windows 8 store when I typed "Asphalt 8"?? Windows store is so difficult to locate apps!
  • I have 2,7 GB of free space, but it still says there's not enough memory :( Oh well, guess I'll just have to play it on PC :D
  • How much free space do I need to install it on Lumia 520 . I already have 1.5 GB of free space but I can't install it yet .
  • Download the app via PC, free up 2.3-2.4 GB memory on your would install perfectly... I had to delete,my entire game collection to insta this:(
  • Bought it, played a few times, uninstalled it. Don't trust those 800mb. It takes a lot more space than that to actually play the game. Good game though, even if I suck at it.
  • I could agree the lack of xbl & the original price(iaps required to complete the game) is a tough sell. I guess at least it unofficially supports moga controllers
  • Downloaded for free
  • Today,i discovered that this game crashes everytime when i tap add ghost to race!!!
    gameloft plz fix it!!!
  • When I start The game it closes after its home screen. please help.
  • Same here. If I tap quickly enough, I can almost reach a race, but it usually crashes before then. Only a couple of weeks ago I could open it and race with no problems. Not sure why it crashes now (perhaps since installing GTA? I doubt any relation, but just saying for time reference)
  • How do we save our progression before uninstalling ?
  • I bought it December last year! BOUGHT! and now its free. DANG IT!
  • I installed it on my pc Win 8.1.
    How to start the season while I have 0 score.
    How to start while I don't have 1950 score/coins to buy a car and start the season 1.
    Kindly help...