Assassin's Creed Unity now available for pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One

Assassin's Creed Unity is now available to preorder and pre-download for Xbox One. You can either grab the Xbox One pre-order edition or the Xbox One gold pre-order edition. This year's version of Assassin's Creed features an entirely new engine just for next-gen consoles. It also adds co-op to the campaign which is a first in the franchise.

The Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One pre-order edition will cost you $59.99 and gives you the standard game as well as the Chemical Revolution Mission DLC. The Xbox One Gold pre-order edition goes for $89.99 and gives you what the standard pre-order edition does but adds a season pass to the mix.

In Assassin's Creed Unity, you play as Arno Dorian who was born to an Assassin father in Versailles. After your father is killed, you are taken in by a Templar Grandmaster. Once your Templar father is killed, you join the Brotherhood of Assassin's to avenge your father's death and take down the Templar Order. Assassin's Creed Unity lets you live in the French Revolution starting November 11.

  • Assassin's Creed Unity Pre-order Edition - Xbox One - 37.63 GB - $59.99 - Amazon (opens in new tab) - Xbox Store (opens in new tab)
  • Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Xbox One - 37.63 GB - $89.99 - Xbox Store (opens in new tab)
Jonathan Dollison
  • Cool
  • When I see the word Unity I think of the game engine.
  • Me too, I thought it was a F2P game for the longest time
  • No write up on the co-op missions? I'm curious about that
  • So how many of these are they going to make? What is the story now? The Berlin Wall Collapse? Jeez....
  • As someone who thoroughly loved the AC series and began to hate it, I'd have to admit that this one has me back on board. Just thinking of all the technicality to succeed a mission with friends has me very intrigued.
  • If there's nothing comparable to the pirating in the last one... Not really interested.
  • I honestly dreaded the pirating lol
  • It was the only thing that actually seemed new in the series.
  • Are you kidding me? That was the most amazing gaming expericence I had in a while... Navy battles, shark hunting, shanties, the graphics, the gameplay, everything was amazing!
  • This game drives me crazy.
  • Has anyone seen the sys req for the PC version? Holy mother of God.. It's minimum requirement is an i5 2500K with a HD 7970 or a gtx 680 and 6 gigs of ram... And that's minimum... I'm really surprised that it even runs on consoles... IMHO Ubisoft's going to shit if they continue to makes games like this...
  • This year's games will increase their min spec to be more in line of what the Xbox One / PS4 can produce (remember, PC has some overhead). It's not a coincidence that AC: Unity and CoD: AW both require ~6GB RAM.
  • Increasing min specs is okay.. It always happens as we get better at technology and hence better at visual graphics.. But this is outrageous! The RAM is okay, as most of us have 4-8 gigs of ram still 6 is a bit much. But a 7970? for minimum? That's drastically increasing the min specs.. I do notice most games right now require 4+ GB of RAM... Which is okay.. Hopefully they optimize it better in a future update...
  • Yeah, really crazy requirements... i remember Watch Dogs and the graphic downgrade that Ubisoft made it for the game in order to make the game playable in most PC's. Now with AC Unity hardware requirements it seems Ubisoft wants to make the opposite...
  • Look at the recommended specs! They are crazy as hell ;)
  • I know!! Hopefully GTA V doesn't do the same thing... GTA Online seems amazing!
  • Well... This game does have a buckload amount of NPC's that will be displayed spontaneously... Each with their own commands and things... It's French revolution... And it better be a great one... Sometimes I just feel that a city is not live enough with sparse amount of NPC... This one will fix that... (I'm also glad that they choose to push the boundary of the new Gen console too... It's good to be released from the shackles of last Gen console.)
  • Yeah well while that's good, still turning it down for lower hardware would've been nice... AC:IV was so nicely optimized... Why couldn't they do the same for AC:V? I get it, it looks great.. But maybe make it playable on lower end hardware as well? I'm not talking Intel graphics, but atleast a 550Ti... That's a good enough card to run now isn't it?
  • Cool not getting it yet. To many games. Where is far cry 4 preorder?
  • Why can there not be an assassins creed set in the future?
  • Since my PC qualifies, I will get it ;)
  • Is this version of assassin's creed going to available for PC ?
  • Yes why not? But there us one thing the AMD HD 7870GHZ e.d is the same as the 7970 with 2GB vram. I got the Club3D Joker card 7870GHZ e.d with up to 3GB of vram but is not in the support list? Damn strange:|
  • I 100% wished for this today! Was there not a way to get the 15000 points or $10 reward from MS, even for those that are going/buying digital? Please help me if so. Thank you.
  • Not gonna buy it. Haven't bought any since 2 or brotherhood. Played them all though, borrowed from friends. I have such a love hate relationship. I feel it's a chore to play, but I still have an urge to beat it.
  • Is this a universal game? I purchased this game on my phone, but I think I will have to buy it again on Xbox one.
  • Bought Forza Horizon not too long ago, pre-loaded Halo MCC, now AC, later GTAV and COD. My poor poor wallet is being gang banged...
  • I hear ya, and I just bought a Surface Pro 3 on Friday. I'll have to be more selective or go broke!
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