ASUS announces a slew of Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is just now getting warmed up and we are already seeing a nice presence with Windows 8 tablets. While ASUS may not be offering any Windows Phones, they have announced three impressive Windows 8 tablets and a nifty looking Ultrabook.

The ASUS VivoTab (pictured above) is a 10.1" tablet that features an Intel Atom Z2760 dual-core processor. The tablet is 9.7mm thin and weighs in at 580g. The display offers a 1366x768 HD resolution. Other features of note includes NFC support, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front facing camera and ASUS SonicMaster Audio. The VivoTab does have a TranSleeve Keyboard accessory that can pull extra duty as a tablet cover and stand.

The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is a convertible Ultrabook that can switch between an Ultrabook laptop and tablet by detaching the keyboard. The Transformer Book sports a Intel Core i7 processor with HD4000 graphics. The 13" Full HD display has a resolution of 1920x1080 with multi-touch capabilities.

Ass SSD and HDD storage, 4GB DDR3 Dual Channel RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0 and the Transformer Book will be a nice mobile computing option to consider.

The ASUS Tranformer AiO is for those who want more in their tablet than a 10" screen. The Transformer AiO is part tablet, part all-in-one computer that has an extended 18.4", 10 point touch, LED-backlit, IPS display. The computer/tablet is powered by a 3rd Generation Intel Core processor and for those inclined can seamlessly switch between Windows 8 and Android 4.1 while on the go.

Lastly, we have the ASUS TAICHI Ultrabook/Tablet. The TAICHI is offered in both 11.6" and 13.3" models that have double sided LED backlit, IPS/FHD displays. When closed, the outside lid plays the role of a Windows 8 tablet. When opened up, the TAICHI performs as an Ultrabook laptop computer.

No pricing, availability or specifics on memory were available at the time of release. ASUS is expect to roll these Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks out sometime this year.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • While these look very nice, and I always like what ASUS does in-terms of hardware, I hardly think that 3 devices constitutes a slew :P
  • Actually these were all announced last year at their October event. Disappointing they still dont have a solid date for any, especially the Transformer Book.
  • especially the Transformer Book
    I couldn't agree more.  Where the heck are these devices in market place?
  • So I'm confused. Does that last one mentioned have two screens?
  • Yes, two screens. I can't wait for pricing. Will fit my needs perfectly unless Nokia announces a tablet before hand. My Nokia Lumia 920 is beggin for one.
  • Damn that sounds unnecessary and cool.
  • Wow! That's beautiful! Almost as beautiful as the Surface!
  • "Ass SSD"?  Intriguing.
  • It's for butt storage. Latest technology.
  • I hope it includes compression and shaping technology. :)
  • Not a single product sounds affordable.  :( 
  • That first tab is $499 from tigerdirect via the catalog only. For some reason its not on the site.
  • Thats the Vivotab RT though, not the Cedartrail x86 one.
  • Gorgeous devices!!
  • I just feel in love with that VivoTab Keyboard. And the tablet.
  • while annoucing more tablets is nice im more concerned about golable availability
  • Oh wow, they look incredible, but can't see them being affordable. I really REALLY want to see what Nokia bring to the tablet table I want to support Nokia here and if they're devices have a keyboard ANYTHING like this I will be straight in.
  • I want pricing!  And the VivoTab - once I figure out the pricing!
  • ViVoTab without keyboard is listed here in the Netherlands for €499,00 Keyboard must be around a €100, so not bad altogether :-)
  • $499 in the US
  • Aren't those the prices for Vivo Tab RT model! The Atom version will be more expensive :(
  • No, it's the price for the Atom models. Black and White that is! Check out
  • Transformer Book! Holy moly! Awesome! I hope the price is right, then I'll get me one of those beauty's!
  • But we have already seen these before? Release them already dammit!
  • The Asus devices are nice but I like my Surface RT. Now all I need is a WPCentral App for it.
  • Asus really needs to get some prices and release dates out there. Not even a mention of the Zenbooks yet?? I'm waiting for a price and date on the Zenbook U500VZ. It'll probably end up costing way more than I want to pay, but I won't know until they tell us.
  • You know what I hate about computers? There's always something better coming soon!
    Now do I buy a Surface or wait even longer! Argh! ;)
  • The problem is that they keep showing the stuff on events but they never reach the freakin stores. I mean we saw these 6 months ago why on earth can we still not get our hands on them? To us techfreaks they will feel old when they finally are released.
  • Does anyone know if the Intel atom is simply incapable of running a 1920x1080 screen or is it just the hardware manufacturers saving a nice screen for the all around more expensive models?
  • Amazon has great deals for tablets at